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  1. I'm sorry but I posted on your thread by accident. I was reading different messages and without realizing it, I posted my question on yours.! Sorry, my bad!!
  2. We are getting ready to make a hugh across country move. Currently, my boys attend a small Christian school here in Illinois but we are moving to a large public school in North Carolina. I homeschooled the boys thru 8th for my youngest and 9th for the oldest. When we entered this school, I simply took my list of textbooks and subjects to them, no problem. I didn't have anything formal that I submitted other than our yearly test scores. So, I contacted the school the other day and they told me if I give them the list of classes, etc that my oldest had for 9th grade that they would type a le
  3. We have always homeschooled up until this last year...now that the boys have been in private Christian school, they do not want to go back to homeschooling for the rest of the high school years. Can you tell me high schools that you know of that are out in a rural area...they currently go to a school of approximately 125 students. We realize that this is probably not possible in a public school but we would love to move far enough outside of Raleigh that they could go to a smaller high school that would allow them to connect with kids their last years of high school. This move is killing my
  4. please give me your brother-in-law's name....our main concern is that we would like for the boys to go to a small school. We are now having second thoughts about Wake Christian. Our thoughts are that we might be able to find a house with more property and like we want in a smaller town out from Raleigh. My husband's new office is going to be located on Wesvill Court which I think is on the west side of Raleigh. He and I are considering him having a longer commute if we could find a small town with a good school out a ways...any thoughts? Please send me his realtor's site if he has one so
  5. Do you have any comments to offer on the Fuquay or Harnett Central...possibly schools around Jordan Lake....saw some homes on Realtor.com that we might be interested in that were located there. We have always homeschooled up until this year and the boys are currently at a small(approx. 125 total students)Christian school. We drive about 35-40 minutes to school now so we thought if we did find a home in a town further out that the boys might consider going to a public school...my problem is finding someone that might be able to offer any comments about those schools...good quality schools,
  6. Cheryl, I see that you live in Cary so you should know the area and schools for sure...if we are considering looking PAST Wake County public schools and maybe even considering the boys not going to Wake Christian Academy, is there a particular town or county that you would recommend for public schools? We realize the size of the schools will be much larger than Wake Christian but if we could find a small town out about 30-40 minute commute for my husband, then we might consider a public school. My husband's new office I think will be on the west/southwest side of Raleigh...Wesvill Court is
  7. Jenn, What high school would the kids go to if we found a place in Willow Spring or even Angier? I am having second thoughts about Wake Christian and wondering if we should consider a public school if we should have to look further out. We currently have a 30-40 minute drive to school and my youngest son wants to have a shorter drive so he can be more involved. We have been told that the public schools in Wake County are sort of a nightmare but are do these towns have their own public schools? Would you recommend them? We are STILL waiting to hear if they will approve our request to stay
  8. does anyone know about the high school that someone in Angier would attend? I think that it said the high school was Johnston county? Is it a good school? It is an area mentioned to us and there are couple of houses on realtor.com that I found that might be worth taking a look at if we should have to take the position. My husband did turn in his request to step back from the promotion but we haven't heard if it will be accepted. We have mixed feelings about the situation as there are trade offs to staying here in southern Illinois vs. moving east. We all love being that close to the beac
  9. Jenn, my husband met a guy yesterday that mentioned Willow Springs. Unfortunately, this entire upcoming move/promotion has been such a strain on our family for right at a year in May. The branch of gov't he works in takes a long time to get things rolling with promotions and relocations. The process of it all has taken its toll on us all. If only we had been able to move last August before the kids started this school they are attending this year. He spoke to his supervisor yesterday morning and asked to stay here rather than put us through any more stress. The two districts are now in
  10. Several months ago, I posted that my husband accepted a position in Raleigh. The move is supposed to take place at the end of this school year for my children(9th and 10th graders) and myself. My husband will go over in early May. He and I have been over to Raleigh since January looking for houses and unfortunately, we haven't found anything like we are looking for in our price range. Our kids are not happy about moving at this point in their lives and leaving our house we have. We live on a 7 acre lake and have room to hit golf balls in front yard, play with our dogs and fish, ride our f
  11. I'm sorry that I don't know her level/grade. When my kids were in elementary, we used "How to Read in 100 Easy Lessons", Wordly Wise and in Easy Grammar in upper elementary. I am thinking that she wants to go with more of a literature approach and not textbook/workbooks like they have in school.
  12. My husband's co-worker and his wife have recently began homeschooling their daughter. She is early elementary age. His wife is wanting me to recommend curriculum for learning English, reading comprehension through literature. She has her teaching degree and she substituted at the elementary school before she starting homeschooling. Her husband told me that she did not want to use "basal" readers...a term I don't know! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Well, my husband and I are extremely disappointed in the school. The principal never called us today regarding the matter...but he did leave us a message returning a phone call my husband had given his office secretary regarding tuition balance! My son said his day was uneventful as far as the "bullies"...he said he tried to fly under the radar. We discussed going back to homeschooling and he said that he wants to try being more outspoken and standing up for himself but he is not sure how. A friend told him that the boys would stop calling him "gay" IF he showed more interest in the girls
  14. We have a call in to the principal...my husband talked with the director of advancement at the school and he said the principal would be calling us so we are waiting. He was appalled at what my husband told him.
  15. My kids do not want us to go to the school grounds to speak with the principal as they are afraid it will cause even more focus on my son so we are going to deal with by phonecalls. Would any of you be able to recommend a good book that my family can read regarding bullying? We are considering seeking a counselor of some sort but we live in a small town and we will probably have to go to Belleville, IL which is the closest town of any size(about an hour away). Also my husband did hear from one of the adminstrators at the school this morning regarding one of the boys...he is a transfer stude
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