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  1. I wear the least amount of clothing I can get away with since I live in south Florida....and I am very thin and small chested....so the cleavage...isn't an issue, LOL! .
  2. I know many people wouldn't....but it is the way I feel about marriage! .
  3. The same you said here.....they have too much stuff....and would prefer your 'time' this year (like taking them to the zoo, etc). Tell them you are trying to scale back all the 'toys'.... .
  4. Yes....and sometimes you just simply grow apart....and I don't think anything is wrong with that. I think everyone deserves to be happy....and if you are not happy with your mate....then move on. .
  5. I agree! Life changes....people change....it is tough to remain together 'forever'! .
  6. I just LOVE spaghetti. Although I could eat it everyday.....my kids would probably tire of it, LOL. .
  7. I don't think a 12yo has the emotional stability to handle such a thing. .
  8. Wow....I am getting over strep right now too (must be going around, LOL). I had it pretty bad.....after 4 days of meds....my throat, just this morning, started feeling better although my glands in my neck are HUGE! I am curious....what kind (dosage) of meds did your dr. give you. Mine gave me 875 mg amoxicillion twice a day. I think if your kids are not running a fever.....the tests might not pick it up just yet on your kids. Are they running a fever yet? .
  9. cleaning freaks on this board (you know....those that have to clean their houses all day long, and do about 5 loads of laundry each day, LOL). Fortunately....I am not one of those people, LOL! No offense to you cleaning freaks.....I just wish I was more of one, LOL! .
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