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  1. Thanks for the replies. He currently takes zinc, fish oil, ginko, b6, and magnesium. He's been taking them for concentration, and they're working. Now I need to work on the poor kids stress. Every little thing stresses him out. I try to be understanding, but I get fed up. Maybe I will find a homeopathy in the area.
  2. My 10 yr. old ds is REALLY struggling with anxiety/stress. I would understand if they were huge stressors, but it's seemingly small things that he stresses about. I really don't want to put him on prescription meds, if I can avoid it. I'm sure there are others out there that have dealt with anxiety in their children. What would you recommend?
  3. Once again I'm jumping in late, but my ds11 was in ps for 2nd grade and the most "writing" they did was a daily journal where the teacher never corrected grammar OR spelling. Now we're hsing and he's in 5th grade. For *me* writing is an essantial for him. He does a good job, so I really expect a lot out of him. That said, I have different expectations for his younger brother b/c there are other issues with him. We don't work on it like I do with my oldest ds. Mainly, for younger ds, it's an issue of just getting through the day at this point. We'll work on writing in later years wh
  4. I'm interested in learning more about ToG and this thread is a benefit to me. Thanks!
  5. I don't know anything about the Luverne group, but I am active with the Marshall group. I'm so glad that I found them. They are a wonderful group of ladies...really, they are! Here I was worried about finding a group and I shouldn't have been. I don't know how far Luverne is from Marshall though. I know that there *is* a group because I know someone that used to belong to it before she decided it was too far of a drive for her. Maybe she'd have a contact person for you? I could ask...
  6. Wow, this is a long thread. It looks like we're *ALL* in good company <ha ha>. Ok, my turn! MFW K. We paid over $100 (can't remember off the top of my head) for the deluxe version. The bad news is, the curriculum didn't work for us. The GOOD news is, we can still use all of the deluxe items. So, while not a *total* bust, I ended up losing about $98 because I can't see the K basic part of it. Maybe someday, eh? Also, MUS. Turns out my ds7 only likes playing with the blocks (you know, building things, lol) and can't stand the dvd. So, I watch the dvd when needed with hel
  7. :iagree::iagree::iagree:Honey, I think you make perfect sense!! How do I know? I have one of those children who DOES NOT fit the mold. He is my challenge and I am amazed by him constantly! Is he learning many things the way "everybody" else is? NO! Is he learning? HECK YES! It's so funny because I have one boy (ds9) who learns very traditionally. I have another boy (ds7) his totally blows traditional out of the water. I HS Ds7 very differently than ds9. It's just how it is. I struggled all last year with it and started struggling this year too. Then a light went on and it's chan
  8. Well, I will address the preschool age child part. I HS all three of my kiddos. Oldest is 4th grade, middle is 2nd grade and youngest is pre/k. When anyone talks to dd4 about going to school soon or are you in preschool, etc, she says, "I homeschool!" It's true, she does. I don't force her by any means, she asks to do school. So, we do HOP and ETC and crafts, cooking, reading good books, talking about everything, parks, field trips, lots of outside time, etc. She loves it and is very happy to proclaim her education:D. I'm not sure if that answer is what you're looking for, but
  9. We just moved in June. So far we've been put on TWO HS Co-Op mailing lists, lol. I have meet very few ppl from either one though, but the ones that I have met seem nice. We were part of two groups at our previous house too. One was WAY more active than the other.
  10. Ok, I back to this, lol. About David Hazel...I got the pleasure of listening to him speak twice last April at our convention here in MN. I loved what he had to say and his booth was always jam-packed with ppl. It was one of the busiest booths there (between MFW and Rainbow Resource). Anyway, he did come across as...ummm...intimadating to me. BUT, during lunch on the last day he was sitting with-in ear shot of us. Two things impressed me. First, he received a phone call and at the beginning of it (ok, I was *kind of* ease dropping lol) he asked the person how he could pray for them.
  11. I want to come back to this, but right now, I'm off to cuddle with dh:001_smile:. TMI...sorry, lol!
  12. Ugh! No.there.YET! I'm still deciding on Art and Handwriting (cursive for my 2nd grader and more remedial for my 4th grader). Oh, plus I'm looking for cool science stuff (they want to...disect...eeewww, lol.
  13. Nothing to add. Just watching as my youngest ds sounds similar to your oldest!
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