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  1. This reminds me of something I read (not sure where...) Paraphrasing: Athiest to monotheist: You and I are not so very different after all. It's just that I believe in one fewer god than you do. (Gently pointing out that since monotheists don't believe in multiple gods, or in other words, *most* of the gods, it's not too difficult to catch a glimpse of what atheism is.)
  2. I like the way you said that. :) That helps me put some things that have been bothering me lately into a better perspective, personally. Thanks!
  3. Yes, I agree. Nature vs. nurture questions usually seem to have elements of both when we're talking about human behavior (psychology, sociology, anthropology).
  4. I think it boils down to simple empathy, which does allow us to get along with each other and form social bonds and social groups. We are a social species. We rely on each other to survive. Not sure if having a conscience and ability to love is necessarily tied to "the need for a higher power", though.
  5. I haven't read *all* the replies yet... So I don't know if this distinction has been brought up. Although I currently identify as agnostic (don't know *and* I'm comfortable with not knowing... I'm not searching for a religious fit, or spiritual answers, or anything), I participate on another discussion board elsewhere on the Internet that in part consists of a large group of vocal atheists. :) I have seen some replies here that seem to indicate that atheism = a belief that there is no god. I used to think that was the case as well! (Very recently, in fact!). Many of the athiests on the other discussion board I'm part of would have a problem with that definition, however. Atheism, as defined by them and the actual meaning of the word, simply means "without theism". In other words, atheism isn't a positive belief that no god exists, it is simply the lack of belief in any god/s. It is not a belief. It is a lack of belief. Defined that way, I may be closer to athiest than agnostic, even though I do not hold a positive belief that "no god exists", kwim? Some athiests can, and do, also hold a belief that no god exists, but that belief is beyond the initial atheism. (I am married to one of those, lol.)
  6. I liked what you had to say in the "DOOZY" thread. I am not Christian but I am a feminist and sometimes am made (by other women) to feel like I have somehow "sold out" because I choose to be a SAHM and take on a "traditional" role. So I could really relate to your thoughts in that thread. And you expressed them much better than I could have! :)

  7. Hee hee, I am also saying Thank You for the Thanksgiving cartoon! Very cute! It was nice to find it waiting for me. :-) Hope you had a good one!

  8. I really liked your answer to the how many heathens question. Was going to respond with my best impression of Craig Ferguson, "I know!!"

  9. Waving hello. Your profile picture is beautiful! You don't look anything like that horse. ;)

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