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  1. We use and love the YoLife yogurt maker. I love it that we can either use the little cups that come with it, or larger mason jars, depending on how much yogurt we want/need at the time. My yogurt is slightly runny because I'm lazy and do not take the time to bring the milk up to a near boil before cooling it down to incubating temp. I just pop about 4 cups of 2% milk in the microwave for 1 minute. Stir. Microwave again for 1 minute. Add the starter (we use yogourmet) to a small amount of the warm milk to dissolve- dump in to the rest of the warm milk, stir. Pour into the cups/mason jars, put in the YoLife and leave it for 8-12 hours. Easy, works great. We can add whatever we want to flavor it, or use it plain instead of sour cream for some meals, etc. (We actually use a lot of it as an ingredient in home made banana muffins... Found the recipe on allrecipes and it is delish.) We consume all the yogurt we make weekly... The YoLife has earned a permanent spot on the counter since we do use it at least once/week. I probably wouldn't use it as much if I took the time to make it so it would thicken up more, though, lol.
  2. I traded my van in for a used Honda Fit. (Actually got the car plus a check for the balance!) For a subcompact car, it has tons of storage space. All 5 of us do fit in there (and my 3 kids are adult sized now) but its a squeeze in the back seat. My van averaged around 20 mpg. The Fit gets a consistent 34 mpg. Up to 40 mpg if I do a lot more freeway driving. Would have loved a Prius, but the Fit was the most economical option overall.
  3. LOL- I am listening to Cracker on the radio right now. Just had to pop in to say these guys are working hard touring and staying relevant. (Am I right that they have gone indie, too?). I don't have any good answers to fix the music industry. :-/
  4. This reminds me of something I read (not sure where...) Paraphrasing: Athiest to monotheist: You and I are not so very different after all. It's just that I believe in one fewer god than you do. (Gently pointing out that since monotheists don't believe in multiple gods, or in other words, *most* of the gods, it's not too difficult to catch a glimpse of what atheism is.)
  5. I like the way you said that. :) That helps me put some things that have been bothering me lately into a better perspective, personally. Thanks!
  6. Yes, I agree. Nature vs. nurture questions usually seem to have elements of both when we're talking about human behavior (psychology, sociology, anthropology).
  7. I think it boils down to simple empathy, which does allow us to get along with each other and form social bonds and social groups. We are a social species. We rely on each other to survive. Not sure if having a conscience and ability to love is necessarily tied to "the need for a higher power", though.
  8. I haven't read *all* the replies yet... So I don't know if this distinction has been brought up. Although I currently identify as agnostic (don't know *and* I'm comfortable with not knowing... I'm not searching for a religious fit, or spiritual answers, or anything), I participate on another discussion board elsewhere on the Internet that in part consists of a large group of vocal atheists. :) I have seen some replies here that seem to indicate that atheism = a belief that there is no god. I used to think that was the case as well! (Very recently, in fact!). Many of the athiests on the other discussion board I'm part of would have a problem with that definition, however. Atheism, as defined by them and the actual meaning of the word, simply means "without theism". In other words, atheism isn't a positive belief that no god exists, it is simply the lack of belief in any god/s. It is not a belief. It is a lack of belief. Defined that way, I may be closer to athiest than agnostic, even though I do not hold a positive belief that "no god exists", kwim? Some athiests can, and do, also hold a belief that no god exists, but that belief is beyond the initial atheism. (I am married to one of those, lol.)
  9. Another Contigo style with an easy to clean lid... These have handles if that makes a difference. http://www.amazon.com/Contigo-Autoseal-Randolph-Stainless-Insulated/dp/B0081F08U8/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1369342075&sr=8-15&keywords=contigo+travel+mug The seals in the lids can easily open for thorough cleaning in the dishwasher. We're very pleased with them at my house.
  10. Does your ds like the guitar otherwise? Replacing a pickup isn't really that hard. Lots of people replace or upgrade pickups for various reasons. (I've never heard of a guitar tech unwilling to do that!). Aside from that, yeah, I think it's the seller's responsibility to make things right. Maybe ask for a refund in the amount of having a new pickup installed.
  11. My first thought was also a small musical instrument... But since one can knit in code, one can also certainly write music in code, or commit sensitive information to memory with music.
  12. I have not read all the responses, so forgive me if someone has already brought this up. Regarding Prop 8 in California. Under the state's *legal definition of marriage*, gay couples were allowed to marry (for a short time.) Those unions were legal under the existing definition of marriage at the time. It took proposition 8 to *change* the legal definition of marriage in order to stop marriage equality. It was not just a matter of preventing gay marriage. It was a matter of taking away an existing right. Who is guilty of changing the definition of marriage in this particular case?
  13. Oh, I like them! Listening to their iTunes tracks right now. I'm going to buy their album and will look forward to the new one... Wow, that's a lot of recording they've been doing. First album released in July, and then back in the studio in January. (That is quite an investment of both time and money.) That pickpunch Lara linked to is pretty awesome, lol.
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