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  1. I didn't read all the replies yet but I have always felt that kids are not in school to socialize but to learn. So many social opportunities outside of school. My girls have co-op, church, activities, neighborhood friends etc. I think they honestly get more social time than a student in a class room of 30+ kids. I used to get in trouble for talking in class lol.
  2. We rarely exchange gifts as its hard to just cover the kids. I'd be super happy with gift cards to hobby lobby and joanns so I can make some gifts. I want them early though lol. My birthday is in a little over a week and I got a ton of scentsy stuff on the way with holiday scents so im counting that as a Cmas gift too!
  3. My older girls have co-op today so its just me and 4yo & 2yo daycare baby get kids up and out for co-op feed little ones breakfast Monitor my grand opening for my online store finish off custom santa set order figure out dinner clean out shed and put some summer stuff away get old dryer out of my dinning room and into the shed deep clean dinning room and get leaf back in table clean master bath
  4. do you crochet? or knit? I have made a few pairs holding two strands of yarn together makes them super warm. only draw back is I have huge feet and they seem to take forever to make lol
  5. It's all a balancing act. I have 4 (3 are school aged) I also have 1 daycare baby and my home Biz. I also have older children though who can help out with meals and cleaning. I don't have my daycare baby on weekends so we do more school on the weekends and my husband only works 4 days a week Fri-Mon. so it works out good for us. I could not successfully homeschool and work a full time job outside of the home. I do however have to help out as my husbands income isn't enough for the lavish lifestyle I have grown accustom too (please read the sarcasm in that lol) Also, my kids go to a full day co-op once a week and my husband is also off on that day so he tends to the babies and I tend to the home. AND I have a love affair with my crock pot ;)
  6. I did this last week with a shirt my dd loves I just find it ugly and can't stand it lol
  7. totally found a piece of chocolate in my chair today... well someone else saw it first I totally didn't yell dibs and run into my bathroom and eat it. It was mine I had lost it and blamed the kids it was still perfectly wrapped lol
  8. my wiggle worm sat on a yoga ball for grades 2-5th it required her to focus so she didn't fall off. This is her first year not using it (because we moved and didn't bring it) She is doing ok but I'd rather have it back lol.
  9. the flowers obviously need the ends weaved in and the headband finished. great way to use up scrap yarn
  10. I am working on a crochet toddler head band with flowers you can change based on your outfit (the flowers will attach around a button) I just made 4 flowers and waiting on the measurements to finish the headband part.
  11. I have a schedule and do moderate cleaning 4 days a week and 3 days off ( and by off I mean I still vacuum, do dishes, laundry and spot clean the bathrooms) and my house can get trashed quickly with my 4 kids and 2-3 daycare kids a day. I'm extremely nit picky and pick up as I go about the day to so nothing gets "piled up" Sundays is my only daycare free day and hubby chips in to do the deeper cleaning with me.
  12. We have a community pool in our subdivision. My kids bring toys and floaties if they leave them laying around kids will take them. Personally I find it rude because I teach my kids not to touch/take things that don't belong to them. Some kids will ask me if they can play with something I tell them which child it belongs to and to ask them. We have had some issues due to language barriers (our area is heavily Hispanic) I also don't allow the children to bring personal/special toys that they can not live without. We have dive sticks, squirt guns, floats etc.
  13. I like to switch it up. For quick fixes cereal, oatmeal. Muffins (I pre make and freeze) Recently I have been doing crockpot oats, even egg dishes etc. it's nice to wake up to breakfast already made. I need high protein personally, I like whole grain wheat bread toasted with almond butter and a side of cottage cheese.
  14. Dd14 is a lefty and the only hardship she has had is using can openers and one of these days I will buy her a lefty can opener. My older brother (he is 35) was going to be a lefty but my parents/school used to force him to use his right hand. He can use both now and was an amazing lefty batter...funny his batting didn't bother my parents but heaven forbid he write with his left hand lol. My parents where not mean or abusive by any stretch they followed the advice of our family doctor and the school we attended. I do believe they tied his hand or tapped it up.
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