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  1. Haven't been here in a while and just wanted to check in. It's great to see the hs community thriving and doing well!

  2. Wow!! This is a great idea, MomOfOneFunOne! I really like your suggestion here and am going to explore more ideas along those lines. Blessings, Lucinda
  3. Hi back, OhElizabeth! Thanks for popping in. I like your suggestions, AK_Mom4. Thanks for sharing. Bring on some more, folks! I'd love to use this little crock pot for more than keeping canned soup warm. Blessings, Lucinda
  4. It's been a long time since I was here, but since I'm about to ask for crockpot ideas I knew where to go for advice!! But rather than ideas for the whole family, I need help just for me for lunches. You see, I'm working more hours as an art teacher at a school now and for Christmas I got a little 2-qt. crockpot, a small ladle and a matching Corningware mug. They are sooooooo cute, but I haven't come up with any healthy ideas that would be good for me during a work day. I'd love to stay low carb, so that limits a lot already. Can anyone throw out some suggestions? Thanks so much. Bl
  5. Thank you for suggesting this book, JustKate! I just perused it over on Amazon and am thrilled. It's a little spendy, but if it helps one gain health then it will pay for itself in no time. I'm like the OP in that I know I need to improve my lifestyle, but haven't been able to sort through all the plans that are out there. I've already made some very positive changes to what I eat, but there is certainly room to grow. I rarely eat junk food, drink sodas once in a blue moon, don't smoke, and I do eat whole grains and less white bread and pasta. Yet I am challenged to stay consistent on the
  6. Thank you both for your input. I think that the one course I'd choose from the elementary level is on anatomy, but after reading your posts I think I should compare the anatomy for grammar stage with the high school level anatomy and physiology books side by side. I'll also take a look at BJU to see what they have, but as you can see my major interest in science is the human body. I'm just fascinated by God's design and how our bodies function! Anatomy specifically in addition to biology would be wonderful. I don't know how far I'd want to go since I'd need a microscope and lab area in additi
  7. After hs'ing for six years, I'm going to be sending my dd off to high school now. It's occurred to me recently that I can actually take some time for my own self-education now, and although I'm very passionate about the arts, I'm also very interested in literature, history and some areas of science. I'm looking around to see what choices there are for me and have discovered that there really aren't many options for a creation based science course for an adult that's already been to college and graduated with an art degree. :huh: So I've been thinking about going back to hs elementary courses,
  8. :lurk5: I own the book and have it sitting right here next to me on the couch as I've been reading this thread. Your discussion makes me want to move forward, so thank you! My dd is going to school next year after 6 years with me at home. One thing I've discovered lately is how much I've loved the hs journey and how much I've gotten from it personally. I've come to the conclusion that I should move on into a self directed continuing education path. Literature and science are areas of interest for me to pursue, so I think I'll get the reading plan from WEM and also buy an Apologia Science t
  9. Selling curriculum, but not buying any this year. Weird!


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    Introduction to Formal Logic by Classical Academic Press. This set includes the Teacher's Edition and student text. Purchased BRAND new last year and used by one student/teacher. Student text has some minimal erased pencil on some pages of the first three chapters from light pencil writing, but over 95% of the book is completely unused. TE has very slight wear on front cover. This is a very good deal on excellent curriculum. Price includes USPS Media Rate postage



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    Nice condition. Algebra I Homeschool Packet. This set was purchased one year ago brand new and has been gently used by one student. Includes student text, answer key and test forms. Price also includes USPS Media Rate postage. E-mail or PM if interested.



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    Nice condition. Instructional dvd set titled ''Mastering Algebra John Saxon's Way'' - taught by Art Reed. Purchased new and used by one student. Excellent teaching for Saxon Algebra. Price includes USPS Media Rate postage. Send PM or e-mail if interested.


  13. Packing away 8th grade records. Our hs journey is over and I feel so conflicted...

    1. amyco


      I hear you. In the same boat here.

    2. Tress


      Hugs for you both!

  14. Did you grow GOLDEN beets? They are fantastic -- especially roasted. Around here they aren't that readily available unless you're with an organic CSA like we are, eat at upscale restaurants or grow them yourself. Blessings, Lucinda
  15. This is what I do too, and I never parboil them first. I peel them and chop into chunks then toss with the desired oil and herbs. When they are roasted this way it caramelizes the edges and they become sweet. We love our roasted beets either hot or cold. I've even tried a variety of herbs added to the olive oil and salt and they are so delicious. If you're adventuresome -- try them with curry. Deeelish! You can also shred the peeled, raw beets, and add egg, flour and salt and pepper. Form this mixture into small patties and fry them in oil until golden brown. Blot with a paper towel and s
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