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  1. I unearthed this thread so that I could ask one question about the i-book, and after reading all of your posts, I think i know the answer. I don't suppose it's possible to print pages from the i-book, is it? I'd like the added bonuses of the digital version, but I'd like for my students to be able to write their answers on paper. Can anyone comment on that? Thanks!
  2. *anj*

    Bju Spanish 2


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    Used, decent condition, some shelf-wear, strong spine. PayPal accepted, shipping will cost about $3.



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    The Book of Virtues for Young People $8 The Gift of Peace $3 Swallows and Amazons $8 A Dream of Freedom $10 (2 copies available) Tensions in the Gulf $10 Mission Control, This is Apollo $10 24/7 War in Iraq $3 Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt $3 Popular Culture 1900-1919 $5 The Scopes Trial $2 Women's Right to Vote $2 The following have been replaced by other titles because they are out of print, but they are still useful and depending on your version, you may have curriculum pages for them: 10,000 Days of Thunder $20 Joseph Stalin (Haugen) $15 Our Living Constitution $5 Fearon's Our Century: $10 each 1950-1960 1960-1970 1970-1980 1980-1990 All copies are in good or very good condition. Non-smoking home. Paypal accepted. Shipping is not included, but I'll offer a credit for bulk orders. Thanks for looking!



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    $15 Gently used, no writing. PayPal, $3 extra for Media Mail shipping.



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    This item has been sold.



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    For Sale: Apologia Biology, 2nd edition. This book is in decent condition. The binding is strong, but it has minor shelf wear and some highlighting. This book sells for $65 new on CBD, and I am asking for $25 plus postage. Non-smoking home, PayPal accepted.



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  8. I'm so sorry to hear of this, Joanne. You're in my prayers.
  9. This is the form letter that my friend received: << Thank you for your email below. We understand that homeschool moms are waiting patiently as we develop the new user friendly upgrade to the software, however, there are currently over 2,000 users daily using the existing software. As of September 2013, the product has been fully functional for creating and assigning lesson plan as well as grading. We are working diligently to get the new interface up, and we have graciously extended a free year to everyone who signed up last year, even though the purchase price was as little as $40. HEDUA has gone above and beyond to make our customers happy and at this point, we ask that you patiently wait, as we are making sure the upgrade performs well.>>
  10. One of the customers who purchased the software last year asked them if they would give her a discount on the print planner so that she could use that while she waited for the software to be repaired. They refused to give it to her, saying that subscribers were being given an additional free year of service, not a discount for the hard copy. Not long after that, they ran a big promo, offering 30% discounts to all NEW customers who bought the print version. Unreal.
  11. Another disgruntled user told me that she tried to warn people on the message board she frequents, and it seemed that they had a hard time believing her because of their positive impressions of the company and its products. It didn't sound like any of them had tried using the electronic planner, and they were pleased with the print version. :sigh:
  12. True, but when I read the post you quoted, I didn't think she was saying that it was beyond their control. I took it to mean that she thought it was sad to see a company with so much potential be destroyed due to their own lack of wisdom and business sense. It is very obvious that they are not the victims here.
  13. They are probably aware of this thread. I would imagine that a few of the people who still support them might check this forum. The owner even has an account here, although she has only posted once, I think.
  14. I don't think we'll ever get our money back. I think that eventually they may produce a useable product, but I want nothing to do with it because of this debacle. I will not do business with them, and I will discourage others from doing so as well. If you go and just read through some of the long threads you'll see that there was a progression of frustration. In early August a lot of us were still trying to reason with them, asking for a firm release date, trying to be gracious. We warned them that in the homeschool world businesses succeed and fail based upon word of mouth. We asked repeatedly for the owners of the company to come forward and give their side of the story. No response, none. They've left the moderator of the FB page to fend for herself. When she is asked direct questions, she most often replies that she doesn't know and that we should send our questions to customer service or tech support. I did receive one answer from customer service, telling me that they were waiting for the software to be just right before releasing it again. This whole situation makes me believe all the more that we are dealing with a narcissist. The Great and Powerful Oz is really just a woman whose overinflated ego has convinced her that her business will survive and even flourish in the wake of this fiasco. Pull back the curtain, and there she is.
  15. I am so glad to see this thread! I paid cash for my subscription in June of 2012. This program has never worked properly, and was always a disappointment. Early on when we alerted them to the issues, they begged us to be patient while they worked out the kinks. After all, it was still in Beta at that point. When many of us were still within the 30-day window, we decided to be merciful and patient, and to wait. We thought that if they could iron out the wrinkles, this would be a great program, and indeed it would. Unfortunately, whoever is doing the programming seems woefully ill-equipped to do that job, and the wrinkles have remained for an unacceptable period of time. Now if any of us ask for a refund they tell us that that window closed a long time ago, and we are stuck. A few people have pushed for refunds, and received them, minus a restocking fee. Yes, a restocking fee for web-based software! The last time they published an update on their website was in November, 2012. And now they ban people who complain on their FB page. I agree that people should join together and start a FB group for disgruntled users, specifically for the purpose of taking legal action. My theory is that they don't have the money to give refunds, and that they themselves are the "new tech team." You'd think that a family-based business would offer better customer service, but this is the worst I've ever experienced.
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