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  1. Are there any printables for the Apologia Biology (2nd Ed.) module summaries? I need to use the text for other children and do not want my son to write his answers in the book. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Janet. Shamefully, dictation is something I never gave a lot of priority to in the early years. Maybe I should have! I'll check out that book. ETA: For anyone interested, here is a link to the book.
  3. My 15 yo son needs help with spelling. He scored low according to his expectations (average for everyone else) on his standardized test. We are heading into 10th grade in the fall. At this level I don't know where to begin to help get him up to speed and increase his confidence in spelling. Any suggestions?
  4. Just call teaching textbooks. They will walk you through the problem over the phone.
  5. I am curious about the time involved as well. Considering it for my 3rd and 6th grader.
  6. Thanks everyone for your remarks. I tried real hard not to take any of them personally. I knew I was putting myself out there when I posted this. :) I do want to say, when I used the word "normal" I really should have said just your basic scissors that you buy at walmart or staples, of course made for right hands. Sorry, I may have offended some of you with using that term. Why have I not bought him lefty scissors before now, because it really hasn't been an issue for him, I never knew lefty scissors existed until recently and I'm just your basic terrible mom. :tongue_smilie: Thank you for the links and for the tips. We'll try the lefty scissors as well as cutting downward as one poster suggested. And it has been encouraging to know that even with the right tools some of you lefties still have challenges cutting. Thanks again.
  7. My almost 10 year is left-handed. His writing is fine, but he cannot cut w/scissors without the paper ending up all jagged and withrough edges. The scissors that say for both left and right hand do not work for him. I haven't purchased a pair specifically for left hand because 1) I can't find any locally and 2) I feel like he should really know how to use a normal pair. I mean when he goes to church (or to work one day), they normal fiskars scissors. Has anyone had this problem? I am right-handed and I was able to teach him how to tie his shoes, but I just don't know how to teach him how to cut. Am I stressing over nothing?
  8. Oh thanks, we'll see how it goes. Thanks! Thanks for you encouragement. I was starting to feel quite inadequate.
  9. Thanks. I was just googling, trying to weed through and find something that actually teaches me so that I can teach my son. Love the simplicity of the examples in the link you gave me, but still feel like I'm studying a foreign language and not english! Feeling overwhelmed... :confused:
  10. At the risk of sounding like an absolute moron, I never did sentence diagramming in school. My children have never had it in their LA curriculum either. I just received CLE's Language Arts 7 for my 8th grader. It looks great, but Lesson 2 has stumped me with diagramming. Please help! I'm sure there are books out there, but if you know of a good online resource I could use to familiarize myself with this technique I'd so much appreciate it. I really want to get going on this. Thanks!
  11. If your order is over $100, call customer service and they'll give you a code for free shipping. You have to wait about 10 minutes to use it.
  12. This was the law that got laid down after the incident! :)
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