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  1. Doran stole 132 cookies!


    Rules of the game: if you find this (anyone except the cookie thief themselves) then post here to say "I caught the cookie thief! BUT... someone else took 133 cookies from the cookie jar!" That way we know this player has been caught and we'll look on another profile. Next, copy this entire post and paste it onto someone else's profile (player must have more than 100 posts and must have been active in the last month.) Lastly, change the numbers so each increase by one. It will be easier to track that way. Please post your findings in the thread entitled SOMEONE STOLE A COOKIE! Forum Game. Have Fun!

  2. Well, hey, girlfriend! What a coinky-dinky, running into you here. I seldom stop by; you seldom stop by. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Things here are....hmmm...the same. Be that as it may. ;-D xoxo

  3. Hey Colleen. I popped in on WTM today (11/22) and came across your photo where once there was only a landscape as your avatar. So nice to see your face!!! Hope all is well. ~Doran

  4. Thanks for the Christmas Peanuts cartoon!! So nice to have that happy "feeling" in my messages. Same to you, dear.

  5. Aw, Sweetpeach. I heart you, too! :-)

  6. I'm glad that your 9th grader is doing well in high school. Thanks for sharing.

  7. BTW, how ARE you? Last time we were dancing on the keyboard simultaneously you were in a pretty tricky place in your life. Hoping things are looking up.

  8. Ha! Somehow the ham residue kind of killed the fuzzy drink idea for me. It's nice to BE around, and to find some threads I actually feel joyfully able to contribute to. I've missed you, too. :-D

  9. What??!!??? No thought of Pina Coladas?? :eek:


    It's nice to see you around, Doran!! You've been missed.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving!


  11. Hi Doran,

    I have another chicken question. I have a chicken that the vet thinks has Mareks. We're giving her thiamine in case she has a deficiency but I'm thinking ahead to what we should do if this doesn't work. Should I have her put down? She's in the house right now but I'm not sure how long she'll live and if laying in a box isn't a cruel way for her life to end. Any advice??

  12. Awww, (((Doran))). Thanks for this. You're a peach.

  13. Colleen, I just read a post of yours and thought to myself (again) how much I appreciate your point of view here. Thanks for sticking around, girl! :D

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