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  1. Thank you all! We're only on day 2, and it's so hard for her. She's really not feeling good, and keeps having weird symptoms (orange light appearing when she closes her eyes; pain down the back of her head into her spinal cord) I appreciate your experience, especially about staying "down" until she is really recovered.
  2. So dd15 whacked her head on her bedpost Monday night. At co-op yesterday she complained of headache, confusion, sensitivity to loud noises, eyes hurting. . . . .this morning Dr. diagnosed her with a concussion, put her on 48 hours of physical and mental rest. FUN! (not) Dr. said that her recovery shouldn't be terribly long, but depends on how she responds to the rest and how well she rests. Anyone with experience want to share their experience? What can we expect? What should we watch out for? She's already bored out of her mind, and it's not even been 12 hours of rest. (Side
  3. I'm no help - we went from a Chrysler T&C (great storage!) to a Honda Accord. I call it my vroom vroom :) :auto: We were thinking Subaru Outback for a while - that would fit your AWD needs. How about a Nissan Murano? I like the RAV4, but the back seat was too "squishy" according to my 11-year old. We occasionally need to fit 3 back there. I was also seriously tempted by the CR-V, but it really doesn't have the cargo space a minivan has, and again the "squish" factor. The Accord has a bigger back seat, but it won't haul plywood. We decided just to do rentals for the rare times we need
  4. 1. Drink coffee. It is the great tragedy of my adult life. (And don't tell me add cream and sugar. I can't.) 2. Squish a mosquito with my bare hands. :shudder: 3. Eat green peas without gagging. Childhood trauma.
  5. OK, that's what I'm going for: Anyone got recommendations? How safe/secure is it?
  6. Help Hive! So, I run a few small businesses, but my main one has about a gazillion receipts for supplies. (I run summer camps) I feel like every tax season I'm swimming in receipts! I'm really decent at "organizing" them, but it's so 1990s. I take the paper receipt, enter it into my spreadsheet, and put a check mark if it's entered. Then I stuff all the receipts in a folder. It's just such a MESS to keep them all! Anyone got a good, painless, FREE way to manage these receipts for 2016? Or do I just keep on partying like it's 1999. . . . . . HELP!
  7. As someone who juggles 5 part-time jobs; you KNOW I'm praying for you. :grouphug:
  8. For those of you keeping score at home, we spent the extra $$$ and went with the low mileage Accord. We now own a shiny NEW car! We were tempted to add on the extended warranty, but then didn't. Anyone ever done that? Anyway, thanks for the perspective :)
  9. You got it! I'm up with the *&!% dog, so praying now :)
  10. Yeah, she was talking about the middle back seat. She'd be the only one who had to sit there, and then only occasionally. We brought her with us and made her sit there with dh next to her, so she could feel it. And really - dd 17 will be out of the house sooner rather than later. . . . . so honestly the days of us needing to squeeze 3 in a back seat are rapidly coming to a close.
  11. No, I'm not using a backup camera now. But when you have a friend whose daughter was killed in a back-up accident. . . .well. . .I can always install one, right? Dh & I just had the thought; we've got kids to help move places - college, apartment, etc. The CR-V might be a better bet. Still processing, though. Next factor: Dh has taken a job starting in the fall as a college professor. Read= not a great salary. But the lower payment could be offset by more need for repairs. . . . . . I need to get this over with!
  12. For those of you who remember this thread, we've narrowed it down. (This is all pending mechanical inspections Monday) Option #1: 2011 Honda CR-V. 75,000 miles. Basic model. Comes in about 3000 under budget for us, which means we'd have $$ extra to give to ds to help him buy something. Pros: Cargo space. Less expensive. Handles well. Cons: Dd11 says the back seat is "squishy but manageable". Higher miles. Older car. Not sure about timing belt, may need replacing. Option #2: 2013 Honda Accord. 36,000 miles. Basic model. Pros: Drives great. Great gas mileage. More comfy back sea
  13. Oh, so THAT'S what I used to have! I used to get an itching/tingling reaction to fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe. Then I turned 30 and had dd4, and it went away. Still don't know if it was pregnancy or age, but so glad to eat those again.
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