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  1. I have a small kitchen table set up in my family room that I use to do puzzles. My husband cut off the side of a large cardboard box that I put the puzzle together on. Then if I need to use the table for another purposes, I can just move the cardboard.
  2. There have been a lot of ambulance calls in my county (heart problem, difficulty breathing, chest pain, abdominal pain, falls...). Even with a snow blower, my husband is only clearing the driveway a little at a time. He has been out twice now and it is still a work in progress.
  3. I am in south central PA. I think we are at the 2' mark.
  4. I have one boy, age 11, who loves for me to read to him at bedtime. We recently finished The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles. I am now reading The Trumpet of the Swan.
  5. I have taken my husband to Men's Wearhouse in Harrisburg and was please with the customer service there.
  6. I pronounce the "l" in Pennsylvania and I also do not recalled ever hearing it pronounced out the "l".
  7. I enjoyed that list! I am from south central PA. I love it here!
  9. Have fun gals! Maybe next time I will be able to join you. Is anyone located on the east side of the Susquehanna?
  10. Unfortunately, health issues (chemo). I would absolutely bring Doodle if I could attend. He would love it.
  11. Sounds like fun, but I will not be able to attend. I am home bound until the spring.
  12. I saw the kindergarten bus go by today, so I guess our public schools were open. We had school and a snow fun day. This was day 110. :thumbup1: I count and keep track even though Doodle is not yet reporting age.
  13. Hi there. We are also located in South Central PA. :D
  14. WOW! Closed!? When I was a kid, school almost never closed. A 2 hour delay was rarely, if ever, used. At most we had 1 hour delays. Times have surely changed. We're on school day 107, so maybe I'll close our school too and not worry about it!:D
  15. We're having a 2 hour school delay this morning. I just finished shoveling the driveway. I'm pooped. They do a really great job here of getting the streets cleaned. When I woke up, the road was already cleared.:thumbup:
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