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  1. It's a job for me in that I do continuing ed for myself as a parent. Really. :)
  2. I just realized it's been almost ten years since my first read through The Well-Trained Mind. How about you? What are your favorite parts? I loved the premise as soon as I cracked the book, though I did wonder if I was insane to think of doing ALL THAT. Ha! What hooked me, though, was the discussion of religion at the different stages. I'm such a geek. :D
  3. I've just finished a spelling test with my 14yo - and, um, well... Most days she doesn't need to argue like this. :tongue_smilie: My mom had one of these and while he was a pain to raise, he's been ever so rock-solid as an ethical engineer. Kids like this are more likely to lead groups *away* from drugs, etc., and be otherwise unaffected by negative peer pressure. Perhaps we could get that on a wall hanging 'specially for these times? :D
  4. Doran, dahling, you made me cry. TYVM... ;)
  5. I'll repost this: "[C]aregivers for those with special needs are facing such a gigantic reduction in circumstances that, for instance, obtaining a winter coat is no longer a priority. Access to medications and other life-saving services are top priority. We look for those people who are on the knife’s edge of poverty and provide them with gently used quality clothing. Each wardrobe is tailored to meet their specific needs. Clothing services often turn into opportunities to connect hardworking but isolated caregivers with other resources that can strengthen them and their families. Please help those who sacrifice so much for others." Thanks for your vote and for encouraging other to do the same! :)
  6. #31!! If you haven't voted yet, we sure would appreciate your help!! :)
  7. #40! Thanks you guys!!! Only eighteen hours left... This is our first foray into grant writing territory - it would be completely awesome to finish high. Even more awesome to take it!!! Many thanks for voting. :)
  8. And with you! I can't help but think how much my kids have all grown - wishing for family photos of all the "oldtimers." ;)
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