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    I'm not sure if I can list this here as a freebie, but I have the complete set of 19 Black Stallion books, most of them from my childhood. I'd like to pass them on to someone else who'd love them :) Send me a PM (I'm not on the forums much anymore - no longer homeschooling).


  2. Dating around when I was in high school meant you were loose. There was no casual dating - although you could go out in groups. But if a guy was taking you out, he wanted something like Simka said - either a longer relationship or something physical. My stepmom would always try to encourage me to "date around" back then, and I just couldn't get her to understand that wasn't really a good option. . .
  3. We got ours from a drawing at dh's work a couple of years ago at Christmas. I wouldn't have purchased one. It was a huge hit at first, then wore off. Dh bought a few more games, those got played a bunch and then the dc tired of those, and it didn't get played. I did purchase the Wii Active Life Explorer after Christmas this year because at least it looked more active, and they have really enjoyed it, but it goes in spurts. They only get so much screen time per day, and have recently been choosing to watch movies or play games on their PCs.
  4. I had NEM but after all the rave reviews about AOPS, I bought Algebra I and Intro to Counting and Probability. We started into the Algebra I this fall, but ds really hated it. I'm not sure what exactly was setting him off, but he thought it was difficult (this is my child that tends to fall to pieces if he can't get things right fairly easily - we've been struggling trying to teach him to actually *work* at things because he is bright). So I switched him to NEM (we'd used Singapore all the way before that), and he instantly liked it much better. I'm still waiting to see if I'll try to add
  5. I really dislike camping (might go even so far as hate). When we go to Yellowstone, we like to stay at Old Faithful in the old rooms (with the bathrooms down the hall). I haven't checked the rates this year, but the older rooms w/o a private bath are reasonable (IMO) and they have a few rooms that have 3 queen beds that are on one of the balconies, which is a good option for a family and less expensive than the suites in the Inn.
  6. You may just end up w/ crunchy carrots. . .I've ended up precooking my carrots now if I make potpie because they just don't seem to cook enough while the pie is baking.
  7. Is the slide removable? How much room is it going to take up? I think it might be fun if you have the room for it, but it might also cause trouble with the 2yo wanting to play on it and not being able to. And if the slide isn't detachable, then you're stuck with it and don't have any other option. The second bed might be more functional.
  8. I've used Flea Fix successfully - it's a growth inhibitor and much less toxic than many of the alternatives. I just did a search, and they do have a fogger available now - the product I used was diluted in water and then sprayed all over the house/furniture. It can last up to 7 months. http://www.e-bug.net/info/fleas/fleafixfogger.html
  9. I didn't vote - we get our fruits/veggies from a coop, but I do buy grass fed beef and chickens at 2 different Farmer's Markets here.
  10. I voted over 80 - my dc have *way* too many. . .Ds collects Legos and dd has tons of My Little Ponies and Littlest Pet Shop (and other stuff). I've gone as far as having dd put a bunch of her toys in bins in the basement because she was having too much trouble keeping her room picked up and in some semblance of neat (and that's used very loosely). I'd love for ds to do the same (I think he has put a couple bins downstairs). And I would love to downsize, but I don't think I could convince either one of them to do that at this point.
  11. You might look into the book The Explosive Child. It deals with kids with low frustration thresholds and low frustration tolerances. My ds fits that - he's 11 now, but we had tons of issues when he was younger with school and anything that would put him over the edge of his frustration level (which was very very low). We were using a token based economy up until this summer (based on Transforming the Difficult Child, which has many good ideas), but I was still hitting a wall with him in school. Last school year, I found The Explosive Child book and that seemed to be the key issue with him
  12. I had overactive letdown and it would produce similar results in my dc when they tried to nurse. What finally worked well for me was to only nurse on one side for a longer period of time (4-6 hours). So I'd nurse on one side for the morning, switch sides for the afternoon, switch again for evening, and once more for middle of the night.
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