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  1. She is getting speech therapy and will continue to get it when she is discharged from inpatient rehab. I am trying to work out how we are going to handle her education once we get back home. We will not be able to do what we were doing before the stroke.
  2. Is there anyone on this board with a kid who has suffered a traumatic brain injury? My 11 y.o. dd had a stroke on Jan 6 and we are looking at being discharged from rehab in the next month. I am looking for suggestions and strategies for teaching a child with pretty severe aphasia. TIA, Brigitte
  3. I have the Whirlpool basic front loaders that are stackable. When I bought them, I had them stacked to give me more room in the laundry closet. The height was not a problem for me (5'5") and my kids used a stool for getting things out of the dryer. I did end up unstacking them, because I realized that with the front loaders I could put a counter top over them, and I would have plenty of space for folding, storing laundry supplies, etc. That arrangement works better for me.
  4. She is fortunate to have such a great friend as you. I hope she makes it back to your area, because having a wonderful friend as support through tough times is a true blessing. Hugs and prayers for you both.
  5. :iagree: You really do have to read the labels of all yogurt. There is so much junk in most of them. My dd who is lactose intolerant can eat Greek yogurt without any ill effects. So, it is all I buy now. Sam's Club sells the Chobani in 12 packs for just under $12. That is a good buy for around here.
  6. Will do. My dh's car has the same problem. He is procrastinating taking it in. He probably thinks the problem will go away on its own. :-P
  7. Are you going to be gone just for the day or will you be there several days? If it is just Thanksgiving day, I would make do with the garage and walking him or tethering him. If it is several days, I would find a place to board him (if you don't have another family member who lives near your sister who would keep the dog for you).
  8. We heat with natural gas and our highest bills in the winter are about $100. We heat a total of 2000 sqft on three floors. It is much cheaper than a heat pump or oil. I would suggest the OP get an energy evaluation for the home. Our electric company helps with those and will help offset the cost of modifications that are made to increase the energy efficiency of the home. Also, I would suggest the oil filled space heaters (the ones that look like radiators). I found them to be good sources of heat; they turn off when the room has reached to temp setting; and they don't have an exposed heat source.
  9. My twins were born 12.5 weeks early and are now 11. Instead of a late September birthday, which would have them as 5th graders this year, the have a July 1 birthday, putting them in 6th grade. Academically, they are fine doing 6th grade work. Intellectually, there are times that they are better suited to 5th grade. Socially, they are definitely 5th graders, even the one who has hit puberty. If I were to send them to school, I would give very serious consideration to putting them behind a year from what we are currently doing. I don't think you should feel any shame in doing the same. I don't think people realize how big an impact the early birth has beyond age 2 or 3. I say, go with your gut and not with the arbitrary line in the sand drawn by school systems.
  10. I would take it to a dealer and see what they will give you for the car as a trade-in. If it pays off the loan and puts something toward a replacement, I would go for it. We have two aging cars (dh's is in pitiful shape because he doesn't maintain it) and have the bills to prove it. I just spent $575 on a 120,000 mile service and putting in a new theromstat. It was a lot of money to spend, but the car runs well and has a lot of life left in it. Runs like a top now. That being said, earlier this year I spent a lot of money on repairs and I was beginning to think that the time was coming for a new car (car payments might have been cheaper than what I was spending on repairs). Part of the problem was that my mechanic was using after market parts and the parts were defective. He wasn't taking the time to research the problem and he was not that familiar with Saabs. If you are having repeat problems, you might consider taking the car to another mechanic. A new set of eyes might see something different.
  11. We live on the VA/TN boarder. Most of our trees have most of their leaves. We are on the boarder of "just a few inches" and 12+ inches. I am hoping for a dusting. Our elevation is about 1600-1700 feet. I think the higher elevations will see a lot more snow than we do, but their trees are pretty much bare by now.
  12. I would get a day bed with a pop-up trundle. Then you have two twins that you can keep apart or put together, but save the most room when you have no guests.
  13. I would ask her for her insurance information. I would also get estimates for the repairs and hand her a copy.
  14. I imagine you are feeling much the same way my mother felt when I signed on the dotted line for the Navy Reserves in 1986, two months before I graduated from high school. I went to D L I for French, too. It will work out. (((Betty)))
  15. Another thing to consider is how much you would pay in rent for something comparable. The rent would be close to or, more likely higher, than the mortgage payment. After 30 years of paying rent, what do you have ? Nothing. After 30 years of paying a mortgage what do you have? A house and the land it sits on.
  16. Just before I left there the SEALS took over the PT program for the rest of the sailors. It was almost worse than bootcamp. :tongue_smilie:
  17. Oh My WORD! Memories....I was engaged just before leaving DLI. I was "Miss Navy" on the Navy float in the Fiesta Del Concho parade in San Angelo. We swore up and down the AF purposely made sure the a/c in the Navy dorm would quit working on the weekends. Married one year after Goodfellow....divorced shortly after he had his second trip to Goodfellow (after his first tour elsewhere, I was reserves after the first trip to Goodfellow).
  18. Thanks, Shawna. That looks about perfect. I like the 4GB of memory.
  19. I managed to spill an entire cup of hot coffee on my netbook this morning. I need to get a replacement asap, but don't really know what to get. The netbooks are very cheap, but I wouldn't mind a slightly larger screen. 11 or 13 inch screens would be fine, but the 15 inchers start to get bigger and heavier than I want to tote around. I thought about an iPad, but I don't think it will need to do what I need for work (I am a Realtor and need to be able to edit pictures etc.). The MacBook Air is very tempting, but too pricey. I would really like to keep this purchase under $500, since this was not something I was planning on spending money on anytime soon. I have a desktop, so I don't need anything with tons of memory, storage or computing power. The stores I have nearby are Sam's Club, Walmart, BestBuy, Target, and Office Depot. Suggestions?
  20. I think that if you are capable of reading that list and seeing some of it in yourself, you don't have NPD. Someone with NPD would never honestly admit to fitting any of the criteria.
  21. I would go with either a high end laminate (Wilsonart makes some that looks like granite from a distance) or granite tiles. Both will look fresh and up to date. Ceramic tiles looks dated quickly and the grout can be a pain.
  22. I am a landlord. Do NOT feel badly for holding her to the terms of your lease. I do without heat and a/c before my tenant does and never would I ask a tenant to do projects for the upkeep of the house. She has some nerve.
  23. You have now sealed it for me. No matter what my dad offers, I am NOT moving to WI.
  24. I have always found Krups and Braun to be reliable coffemakers and they brew a pretty good cup of coffee. Some of the very cheap models heat the water too hot and it burns the grounds.
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