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  1. I have a question - is their an app for the iPad like the one on the Kindle "FreeTime" that allows parents to set which apps kids are able to use or set a time limit? I admit I struggle with giving DS the iPad, then I go off to do my own thing (laundry, or dinner, or dishes, etc) and then I realize way more time has passed than I intended for him to spend on the device. I would also be interested if anyone has seen a good thread of education "kid-friendly" apps on the ipad. Thanks in advance! (P.S. I wish they had some sort of "Wish List" feature for apps so I could find an app I like and make a note of why I like it - I don't always have funds to buy apps, but I struggle remembering which ones I wanted to get!)
  2. It is sad that law enforcement can't objectively question the girl-- she's obviously involved on some level. But, law enforcement has a "shoot first" ask questions later...which unfortunately seems to cause them to push cases under a rug to avoid public scrutiny. "I doubt she's a danger to others" why? because her mother and brother are dead? She says she was knocked out for almost 21 hours, then there have video surveillance of her awake (and smiling) at a checkpoint in the vehicle with her "captor" ... add to that she was asking him to fire a gun into the air "for help" (from what?) Plus... the whole issue of motive.... obviously this family had no issue with the "captor"being alone with this girl, so he had no *NEED* to abduct/murder the wife and son. This was personal... on a whole different level.
  3. My DS will be five in January, and DH and I are considering buying him an acoustic guitar for Christmas. We went to a music store to check out a few guitars, but we are still looking around. I originally wanted the kids to start on piano first, but I don't think we can afford lessons, and/or justify the purchase of the piano. (We also may be moving in the next year or so, and I'm not sure I want to try and move a piano twice) My DH can play guitar well (we have several acoustic and electric guitars), and is more than willing (and interested) to sit down with DS to give him lessons on guitar, but we are not so sure about age-appropriate/engaging material. The kids have already gotten exposure to DH playing guitar, and they "play" along with him, so I think this is the next best step for now... I am about as non-musical as people come, so I am looking for suggestions (or curriculum) for teaching guitar. Maybe I can get DH to sit down and teach me - haha! I'll also need to find a "Dummies Guide to Buying a Piano" at some point because I am in wayy over my head!
  4. A.Balaban

    A Start

    Thank you for the suggestion! I have been trying to make some "playlists" of Videos for the kids based on different topics. I should def. look at the nursery rhymes. They really like some of them and want to play them constantly.
  5. A.Balaban

    A Start

    My DS is four. At three, I wanted to start some Pre-K but he was very resistant, so I backed off. We didn't even get through one page in OPGTR. I've mentioned before on this forum how much I have struggled with him, learning to say his name, learning to count to five, it has been a very uphill battle. I was worried I had wasted money, not cut out for this, and was considering putting my son in Preschool. The other night, after dinner, I pulled out OPGTR and sat down with both kids. My DS went through the entire lesson perfect, went through a 2-page spread in ETC, and I had him recite a prayer line by line after me. My DD ended up running off after about 2 minutes, but somehow she already knows most of her letters and the sounds. Last three days, we've gone over a lesson of OPGTR a day and it feels like a huge success. So, I am enjoying this small victory... even though he's only on lesson 3 of OPGTR. I think both of us are really enjoying "school" On a side note- my two year old wants to "do school" Well, she turns 3 in 3 weeks. She is very bright, but I need to keep her "busy" so she can focus. For example, I can show her the letter "A" card from OPGTR and she knows that is the letter "A", and then I ask her what sound that makes she can say "ah!" but she doesn't seem to be able to recite the little poem even if I break it up -- should I just give her a picture of an "A" to color? She is so enthusiastic I feel like I should try something with her - but I am not sure what.
  6. I decided to go ahead and laminate them - Completely forgot about the contact paper I bought! It's been very time consuming so far, and I have about half done. But they look so nice! :)
  7. I bought the flashcards for OPGTR, but I am debating on whether or not I should laminate them. I am worried about them getting bent, spilled on, ripped, colored on, and I want to use them for 2+ kids. My kids are very destructive and we are still trying to teach them how to take care of items. I should probably just bite the bullet and laminate them, huh? I will kick myself when they get ruined and I have to replace them.
  8. DS is 4 and cannot count. I count for him daily, point out things for him to count and work with him using manipulatives and number worksheets. After 45-min yesterday I could not get him to count to 3. He knows his numbers, but they normally go like 'one, two, six, eight, three' I think he gets confused and starts to doubt himself. So, Dh held up two fingers and DS says, 'one... I don't know what that one is' so we tell him to try.... And he asks for the answer. So, we help him and say 'two' then have him go back to one. He struggles to remember the number two. He likes 'doing school' but I am having this issue teaching him to count so it makes it very frustrating and I do not want to discourage him. I do not get upset with DS, and I keep asking him to try again when he gets it wrong, but after a couple times I will give him the answer. Is that wrong? I am going to tape some big numbers to the floor today and play number hopscotch.... Lets hope the kids like it.
  9. My DD (2 1/2) has picked up a lot of Spanish on her own - she can count to fifteen in Spanish, say hello and good-bye, some commands, and says please and thank you. We are not a Spanish-speaking household.... I was thinking since she picks it up so easily to maybe do something fun and informal but would help *me* guide her -- I haven't taken Spanish since High School. I was planning on teaching my kids Latin with Song School Latin in a couple years, but I was wondering if maybe Song School Spanish could be adjusted to be done orally? Or is it still too much? I tried renting Little Pim from the library a while back, and they didn't seem interested in the videos (but maybe it's worth a try again?) Any other suggestions or recommendations?
  10. The preschool would be for August. I am hoping we can figure this out before then.
  11. I took a break from the internet for a couple months... slowly coming back. My son (4 y/o) is still not potty-trained, and he is becoming more defiant by the day. Last fall he was almost potty-trained, but then he went to visit his BD (biodad) and apparently his dad didn't realize because I sent him *underwear* that he should use those, and instead, bought him diapers. Months of work... gone. Ever since then, it has been like pulling teeth. I don't know. My idea was to make a potty chart and give him a gummy bear for every time he sat on the potty, and then maybe another gummy bear if he actually does anything. Meanwhile, my 2 and a half year old is constantly asking to use the potty. Will that work? Is it worth the effort? We're going cold turkey and cutting him off diapers next week (except at night) and so I could use any encouragement or ideas. Everyone is just getting over this last bout of sickness, so I wanted to start "on the best foot" The last couple months I have been feeling overwhelmed with DS, and considering putting him in preschool next year to get him out of the house a couple hours a day. His BD was willing to pay for it, so it's not a financial issue. I was thinking of a preschool they have around that is 3x/week and includes a 45-min gymnastics class, but they already have a wait list going for next school year. My church recently sent me some information on their preschool -- which is close enough that I could walk to drop DS off. (We only have 1 car, so my DH has it most days for work) Not having the second car in the winter has really made the winter blah's so much worse - I can't just get out with the kids during the day and we're stuck inside. So, welcome back me. =P
  12. I finally broke down and got an IPad too! Next on my debate is the iPhone. :D Thanks for the app suggestions.
  13. .... Did you guys really expect I would get a refund? Obviously, the refund hasn't shown up yet. I called Sears again today and now they want me to fax in another credit card statement for "further research" (and so they can prove I didn't get the refund I guess) which would take another 3-5 days for them to "research" and then another 3-5 days to get the "refund" and then another delay and another delay..... So i called my bank. I'm disputing the charge and I'm done with Sears. :svengo:
  14. :boxing_smiley: I was hoping to be able to end the saga today. Earlier today I got an email that says "a refund credit has been issued in the amount of $X and will be issued within 48 hours. It should be view-able by your financial institution in an additional 72 hours" .... So.... :glare: they told me ALMOST week ago that the refund had been issued... and I get the email today?! Both Sears.Com and the representative who emailed me got a very long complaint email, kindly explaining this is the FIFTH time I have been promised a refund but no refund has appeared yet. In other news, our new washer and dryer got here yesterday (not the same one as above...) and DH has done like.... 10 loads of laundry?!!? He just can't stop himself.
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