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    I love to craft, sew, paint, draw, write, read. I love Pinterest. I coupon, and love to shop sales. I love classical homeschooling, homeschooling, curriculum shopping (and research) reading about my faith (Roman Catholic) and exploring the great outdoors.
  1. time for a brain break

  2. last chem lab tomorrow. finally

  3. finally got back in the third bedroom and took a shower. Yay!

  4. working on my coupon binder... someone remind me why I want to do this?

  5. Sounds like my random yellow stains...... except, well, they are yellow. Good luck! Hope you figure it out!
  6. Sending you some :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: today!

  7. We live in Hanover! Howabout that? I've lived here for 3 years, so I am still fairly new. Whereabouts are you thinking of moving? Farther north or around SC/SE PA? We keep trying to move up to the York-area, we were even considering a move up to the Harrisburg-area, but jobs kept us here. :D
  8. I am about fifteen minutes or less from the Maryland border. My DH works in Westminster. :seeya: Hi there!!
  9. No, I haven't yet been. I just drove by it the other week and then looked it up online! We are going to check it out this summer. :)
  10. I am located in South Central PA- in Hanover. We are about 45 min south of Harrisburg.
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