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  1. I am asking for a friend, so I will send her this link. Thank you ladies!
  2. Is there a book that discusses the influence of philosophers on the founding of the US govt? I want to make a high school course that starts with philosophy and ends with US civics and I would rather buy than research it myself.
  3. I did teach my dog a "quiet" command-- I use it when he is barking too long about something stupid (like me knocking the wall accidentally or a dog is barking on TV). Basically is it to let him know that "I got this" and he can let it go.
  4. I, too, have a LGD in a neighborhood. I have one neighbor that complains, the rest are ok. When he barks it is louder than the other dogs so he gets yelled about. But the law is that he is a nuisance if he barks for more than 30 min at a time--- we are mostly home and we make sure that he NEVER barks more than 5 min at a time (and that is mostly because I am busy in the shower or something) As to barking in the house-- he is loud and can be heard from the outside-- not much I can do about it. I do make sure to keep the windows closed at night so if he barks at night, it is less disturbing to the neighbor. The neighbor is upset about ANY noise at night (basically any dark times-- so as early as 8pm until 8 am) He even yelled at my children for making too much noise looking at a meteor and yelled at them -- BTW, I slept through the whole thing).
  5. my DH finally broke down and got himself a pair of Keen boots and he is soooo happy. He walks on cement floors all day long and it just wears out shoes and once the shoes wears a little, (but still look fine) his knees get sore. His keens are still going strong after a year and his knees are still happy! Keen has lots of styles, I suggest your son go to a dealer (like REI) and tell them what he will be using them for and get suggestions. (DH has steel toe, but not heavy-- so he is not clomping around, but when he dropped metal on his foot, it was sore-not broken)
  6. something I could afford came in as a high priority :lol: Also something that would work in moderate light-- since this is used in the classroom and we use it while writing--- we do the MUS dvds with it and IEW DVD's so we need to see what we are doing and still see the videos another thing you should consider: the cost of replacing the bulb-- sometimes that is more than the original cost of the whole thing!! so know what you are wanting to use it for, look at reviews for how often the bulb needs replacing, look at the cost of the bulbs.
  7. I have one I use for school, I use it probably 4 times a week. I love it and I would like to use it outside this summer for movies. I think I paid $300 for it a couple of years ago. It isn't the top of the line but it works for us. This is it http://www.amazon.com/ViewSonic-PJD5132-Projector-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B00A9S3OMY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462996343&sr=8-1&keywords=viewsonic+projector+pjd5132 When I was shopping I also looked at Craigs list-- you can find some top of the line ones there for good priices
  8. by topic, then age American history---Elem, Middle , HS Grammar-- Elem, middle HS Math---Elem, Middle HS Readers by subject -- not really broken up by age--unless there are REALLY a lot of them Then have it entered into Library thing so everyone can have access from home--- LT also will allow several different ways to search if you add different tags--- so for instance one book could have tags like---History, American, elem, Sonlight, I have a lending library in my home and I use Library thing to help keep track of who has my books-- I just add the person's name as a tag and then I can do a search by their name and find a list of all they checked out---I am sure LT has a better way, but this is how I do it
  9. Little dog owners are often times just big bullies, just because you are bigger than the dog and can cram it into a cart, doesn't mean it is happy, just unable to protest.
  10. I would do a vegetable smoothie with a protein powder if it is allowed, possibly with some added fat like coconut oil. liquid diets make my blood sugar wonkey because there isn't a real delay from mouth to blood and my blood sugar gets raised to fast, so complex carbs. protein and fats make it more steady
  11. I love the fruit pizza idea!! I was thinking of something like that, and it would be soooo easy too, just make regular sugar cookies and have a bowl of cream cheese/sour cream/sugar/lemon extract -- and a bunch of cut fruits!! I make lemonade cookies every year on the 4th of July-- they are a big hit-- basically a shortbread cookie with lemonade concentrate brushed on--I am not at home, if you want the recipe, let me know and I can get it later
  12. I don't know what is even proper these days-- I see adults that should be setting good examples, doing just the opposite. So whereas I think prom should be special and dignified (especially with the cost of it today) society seems think differently. I know of several youth groups these days that think it is fine for the group to get together for food fights---umm ick, and wasteful. I think fun is fine, but it seems that the "in" thing today is to try and out-do someone else-- to seem cooler, more fun than last year. I guess I just try and tell my children that I expect them to think though situations and tell them what type of people we want them to be or to emulate. Youth group food fights are just wasteful of the food that God provided. There is nothing wrong with another activity that is respectful of themselves, their property and the feelings of others. Perhaps we need a checklist (feel free to add an) Will this destroy anything (clothing, food, grass, etc...) Will this make someone else feel bad? Are you setting a good example? Do you know at what point things have gone too far? I am not saying that everything has to be dignified, but I think that everything should be respectful of others and property. For instance-- when painting-- it is funny to "accidentally" paint someone's stained t-shirt, but not so funny to paint the dog. The first is playful, the second is "too far"
  13. I have a neighbor that invites me up to her cabin every 4th of July and the first thing she and I do is sit and map out the meals. We break down the meals into number of breakfasts, lunches and dinner-- also snacks and extras. Since it is just her and her husband vs my family of 6, I generally take the more expensive meals. To the OP-- if you want to easily bring up the subject, you could say something as simple as, Would you like to come up the weekend of the 3rd? Great, lets take a few minutes to plan the menus and so we don't bring the same stuff-- it would be terrible if we both brought hotdogs and we didn't bring any buns...... Lets see, there are three lunches and three breakfasts and two dinners, how about we each take one of each and that just leaves a breakfast and a lunch, which do you want? Now what are you planning for YOUR lunches--remember with your family and mine there are 10 people to feed..........
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