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  1. I’d send her to pre-K even if the office staff is obnoxious. That doesn’t mean the teachers are. If she’s in a program, it would be easier for you to search for a job.
  2. I saw that. Looks like you either have to buy the teacher pack ($80-100) or all of your students have to buy a license for the review videos and then you get those EconMovie worksheets for free. Ugh.
  3. I've been searching for some worksheets for the EconMovies by Jason Clifford. I found his whole curriculum which I don't need, and a few scattered worksheets on TPT. Anyone know if someone makes a full set of worksheets for those movies?
  4. My daughter is very arty and has loved taking classes at community college. She took mutiple levels of ceramics, 3D design and is currently enrolled in 2D design. It’s been really great for her to have the encouragement of other artists. She’s working harder than ever before, it’s very motivating.
  5. I’ll be a dissenter lol! I think TpT has some great stuff. I taught a tk-1 class last year and used quite a bit from TpT. I found engaging lessons that hit state standards (I checked to be sure they did). I just bought a few things last week for my 6th grader, to spice up our Greek study. Of course you have to weed through and spend some serious time researching, but that’s just par for the course imo.
  6. When my dd started her cycles, I took her out to lunch and then we went to the fabric store. She picked out fabric that she liked and we went home and sewed zipper bags to hold her supplies. It was a really special day and she speaks fondly of it.
  7. I didn’t realize this was an old thread until I got to the bottom... But I was literally about to suggest that you had a Parasite. I had the exact same symptoms, and it turned out to be a parasite as well. I tried the antibiotics my dr gave me and retested, but it didn’t get rid of it. I took Paraclear from SeraVita and that finally took care of it!
  8. I would let him quit when the session or “season” is over. However if it was my kid, I wouldn’t let him quit until he had something to replace it. My youngest has a habit of not wanting to do anything and he needs exercise and activity. So I’d have him choose something new to do before quitting.
  9. I’m an Eagle Scout parent and a current parent of a Tenderfoot. I was homeschooling my Eagle Scout when he earned the award and I did not put anything related the Eagle Scout award on his transcript. Several boys in his troop made Eagle around the same time, none of them got any school credit for it. It’s an extra curricular and shouldn’t be counted for school.
  10. My 2nd baby was born with a cleft palate. My IBLC feeding specialist taught me an unusual supplement method where I was able to put him on the breast and supplement with pumped milk from a curved syringe. It was a little tricky with a baby who couldn’t get any suction at all but using a lact-aid was nearly impossible for him. I still had to pump because he wasn’t actually breastfeeding, but actually being supplemented at the breast. Message me if you are interested, I could try to find some pictures. It was very effective.
  11. I'm using Veritas Press Self Paced Old Testament- Greece and Rome. I'm looking for some supplemental stuff for that time period, since this is all on the computer. Maybe projects, writing assignments or ? Any good suggestions?
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. First I want to clarify this is for my husband, not a child. Pam in CT, my husband has similar results as your child, astronomically high in most areas, 98% and higher, and dramatically low in processing and working memory. Ironically, he is lightning fast at all of the games suggested. He literally beats all of us 95 % of the time. Of the games suggested, we don't have Distraction, I'll have to look for that one. He already plays drums very well, but maybe we should talk about him adding another instrument. He just started therapy with the Neuropsychologist who is old school and says the deficiencies can be helped with therapy. It's just slow going, and he really wants to get things moving.
  13. Hubs has been diagnosed with slow processing speed and low working memory. I know digit spans are supposed to help with that. But any other suggestions for exercises or ??
  14. That's actually not a bad idea. The others could get the help they need while addressing the medical and educational needs of the child that needs VT. Although in our school district, if a child is suspected of needing VT, the district will pay for the child to be tested and will pay for the therapy. The parent still has to take the child there and do the homework ( about one hour per day). Caedmyn, I'm in the middle of dealing with some major educational with my husband (mental health issues caused by the lack of educational help). Things that should have been addressed when he was young, but for some reason his parents didn't push for more testing or more help. It's really truly terrible to be 45 and have just done educational and neuro testing to find out that you have a genius IQ but terribly low working memory and a few other related issues. My husband's whole life has been an educational let down, full of frustration and heartache because he didn't get the help he needed while in school. He just kept failing over and over again, with teachers and parents getting mad at him, telling him to study harder or just sending him out of the classroom etc... He needed an advocated someone to push for a full battery of educational and other testing to see where his struggles were and set him up with the therapy and meds he so desperately needed. It's so much easier to work on these things as an elementary/middle school kid than it is to be 45 years old and have to take 8 days off of work and pay $5,000 to see a dyslexia specialist that works with adults. Please get your kids the help they need now. Please, they will be someone's spouse one day, someone's dad or mom. If my husbands parents were alive, you'd bet I would have read them the riot act for NOT taking care of his needs as a child.
  15. I wanted to comment about Vision Therapy. My sister went though it as an older elementary kiddo. Two of my kids went through a VT program as well. It was truly life changing for my 2 kids. One kid had a 3 second lag time in her vision, every time she shifted her focus from distance to close up and vise versa. Her reading was a disaster. 12 weeks of VT and she was a different kid, it was incredible. It was very difficult to get it done though. It was expensive and time consuming and I had to get a babysitter every week (you weren’t allowed to bring other kids to VT). However, it was 100% worth it. I know you have a bunch of kids with struggles, but VT was worth it for us.
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