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  1. quick mommy 2beautifulgirls-- post an update to this thread
  2. cannot. ignore. thread. must. read. must. post. response

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  4. My 30 year old Oster has a mason jar that came with it (for nuts)
  5. Posts should be color coded by year so I don't have to get all involved in something that happened 100 years ago.:D
  6. They have some that are sold in a jar with oil and herbs, I prefer them to the dried and bagged ones. I think walmart sells them, as does Kroger
  7. I didn't have a wedding dress. We were married in a park in the Mtns. I had shirts made for the wedding party Front-----------------------Back Bride-----------------------Picture of a ball Groom----------------------Picture of a chain Bridesman------------------? Groomsman-----------------? MOB MOG Judge Here is a picture of us saying our vows Click on them and they get bigger and a picture of our guests painting our dishes (which we still use sometimes) Lara
  8. I personally liked (when I had hardwood floors) the rag/dust mop. You know, it looks like you tied a small animal to the bottom of a stick? I would put a little old english on it and it picked up everything. This was before swiffer (and I'm too cheap for that anyways). I just saw this on amazon, I have the same thing for my car and it cleans everything!!! http://www.amazon.com/Original-California-Car-Duster-Super/dp/B00008RWA1/ref=sr_1_6?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1297545032&sr=1-6 Lara
  9. To add insult to injury... at night he proceeds to plop his fine self on my bed, lift his leg and clean the offending area. Yum. The snowdrift thing is an idea...... Lara
  10. We have litterbox issues, he and I. His litterbox is kept in my shower in the basement. Why the litterbox is in my shower is a HUGE issue between myself and the man I married. After years (3) of begging and badgering he has not replaced the kitty door to the garage. But I digress...... Since the bathroom is in the basement I do not use it regularly (twice a day in fact). I do not do anything on a schedule. Sometimes I brush my teeth before breakfast, sometimes I wait until class has started. Sometimes I go to bed at 10, sometimes at 1:00 am. Here is the problem. Donegal (kitten) poop
  11. I have had this happen to my dd, but not to the same extent as your child. It did firm up on its own. Once again not as loose as your childs tooth. Is it a permanant tooth? Do you have the funds to go to the dentist? This would make my decision for me. You can always call a dentist. Sorry to be of no help whatsoever. Lara
  12. Cleaning up vomit, Cleaning up cat pee raking the yard being broke (really tired of this) brussels sprouts seeing the cat lick its butt (I will actually knock the cat off the bed for this) sorting socks projects that include paper, scissors, glue, & glitter Lara
  13. As someone who had this who also looks a lot younger than my age (not a carding problem anymore) . I just say "That is soooo sweet of you to say!! You just made my week. Thank you!" Lara
  14. I have been asking myself this question a lot lately. I recently began being a "teacher helper" for my DD's children's church. We have a small church and SS isn't available, and the age range is wide (grades 1-6). I think this truly make the job hard. However, I find the bought curriculum to be very babyish and watered down. I have a very hard time making the scriptures they come up with match the lesson they want learned (by "they" I refer to the curriculum makers). I think the whole program would be better off just reading scripture and having leading discussions. Possibly using this
  15. WOW--you've already gotten some good ideas!! I recently had a bad earache due to mucus in the ear canal and I used two things (other than Vicodin..j/k) I used a rice sock (but the glass/washcloth thing sounds great!!) I also tried the warm oil (did nothing) but using campho phenique was lifesaving!!!! It hurt at first, then after about 10 minutes it felt much better!! Hope things are better soon!! Lara
  16. Can't fight this feeling .... Reo Speedwagon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67Fb8XbpWMM Tom Sawyer..... Rush http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7DFsBcVMDA Lara
  17. ...What my 5yo yelled as he ripped the MM from the printer.:D Lara
  18. Re-inforce the potential danger of the person NOT having the tools to keep them healthy. Make the child return the items ASAP, with an apology Have a discussioin about trust and how child now has NONE. (this crime is doubly bad because of the item stolen is a medical need, and the middle of the night shows the child to be sneaky and obviously knowledgable of right and wrong) Lara
  19. My OWN mother was this way for years and years!!! I finally stopped letting these things slide. I would have had a tape recorder with me because she had said wanted it!!! Lara
  20. Never. Shop. With. A. Husband. :D They complain about the money AFTER it's spent (like at the end of the month) but can't seem to do "without" in the checkout lane. Remember... they are still little boys and I never take the children with me either!;) Lara
  21. I have read the responces and everyone makes good points. I mostly agree with the couponing and the cheese items. I rarely find that baking lowers my bills, because I find the hour in the oven makes my electric bill WAY higher compared to the cost of bread, however, I don't buy gourmet bread. Couponing is hard work--no getting around that. If you need help, PM me. It also takes time to build a pantry so you have to factor that into the budget (about 20.00 a week for stockpiling for about 6 months). After that, you only buy stuff on sale/coupon. For instance my store has kleenex on sale with
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