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  1. quick mommy 2beautifulgirls-- post an update to this thread
  2. cannot. ignore. thread. must. read. must. post. response

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  4. My 30 year old Oster has a mason jar that came with it (for nuts)
  5. Posts should be color coded by year so I don't have to get all involved in something that happened 100 years ago.:D
  6. I didn't have a wedding dress. We were married in a park in the Mtns. I had shirts made for the wedding party Front-----------------------Back Bride-----------------------Picture of a ball Groom----------------------Picture of a chain Bridesman------------------? Groomsman-----------------? MOB MOG Judge Here is a picture of us saying our vows Click on them and they get bigger and a picture of our guests painting our dishes (which we still use sometimes) Lara
  7. I think they look tacky, but I would NEVER give up my waterbed. I love a warm bed in the winter and a cooled bed in the summer!! Lara
  8. I've been wanting to try this: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Texas-Pecan-Candy-Cake/Detail.aspx Lara
  9. I tried to sell life insurance a long time ago, I failed miserably. I would not recommend this to anyone who cannot go without pay for at least 3 months. We have a friend who is a GREAT salesman and recently (a yr ago) started to sell insurance. He says that with the whole national health insurance bruha right now he cannot sell health ins. (the companies are hesitant to sign people up) He has people who want to buy, but cannot find many carriers. I just heard this last night (and third hand at that!) Research this propblem before making any decisions. Lara
  10. Zuccinni grilled with homemade HV ranch dressing! sauteed with butter in zuccinni pie
  11. That was very nice and uplifting!! Thank you for sharing. Lara
  12. Thank you!!! Is there a place where I missed this and need to review? Lara
  13. We are doing practice island and are wondering why , in this sentence, The silvery barracuda cut the line with his sharp teeth. his is an adj and not a pronoun. Please advise. Lara
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