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  1. What about doing Analytical Grammar in one year?
  2. I'd been leaning toward R&S to remediate my bonus homeschooler for next year (rising 6th grade) in math. She struggled a lot with some areas of R&S's 4th grade placement test, so I'm thinking of starting her there.
  3. I apologize - I've skimmed but not read all the posts. I have a fairly severe anxiety disorder and panic disorder. The benzos (kolonapin for me), sleeping meds, and Effexor are great at stabilizing my thoughts - I don't go into the spirals of anxiety that I would before where I would be convinced of something terrible happening. However, I had a lot of issues with the heart palpitations - and they sent me into a spiral (heart rate causes anxiety over a panic attack and the anxiety causes the panic attack). I did a round of biofeedback therapy, hooked to sensors to learn to control my heart r
  4. We tried everything we could before making the jump to LIPS, then Barton, and I regret the time we spent on the other programs. Barton has just been the ONE that works for DD8. She's able to identify ending and middle sounds, blend words, etc. We've gone through Barton VERY slowly - she has memory issues, so that might be part of why it's so slow for us. But we're seeing actual progress - progress that we didn't see in other homeschool programs or public school interventions.
  5. SWI-A in 30 weeks with my oldest two, but we also went through the Partnership Writing section of Bravewriter and Writing Strands.
  6. We live in Florida. My second to youngest DD is technically supposed to be going into 3rd grade - she's no where near ready. We pulled her out of public school in March after multiple years of failing IEP goals and no progress. We're making more progress, but I'd like to keep her in second grade another year. Any ideas what that process is? Thanks!
  7. My DD (almost 8 now) has a series of diagnoses from a variety of evals.. All the "dys-", memory deficits (all the memory), processing speed deficits, auditory processing, visual processing, etc. Since pulling her out of school, I'm noticing that she loses focus VERY easy, and when she does, it derails everything we've been doing. She'll be understanding just fine, then suddenly you can visually see her get distracted, generally by something I'd not even notice. And then she's totally lost whatever concept we're working with. While I know that, if this is ADD, fixing it obviously won't fix
  8. What are your favorite tools for helping with memory? We're doing the auditory memory on Hearbuilder. We have No-Glamour memory. What do you use? What's helped?
  9. We got Barton Level 1 in the mail today (woo-hoo!). There was a flyer included for the Imagine Reading Games, that, from the little flyer, follow the Barton scope & sequence and provide extra practice. They're not cheap, but I'm willing to pay for them if they'll provide reinforcement in a way that's less discouraging. Anyone have any experience with these? nks, Meg
  10. I get a nice discount, so if I LOVE it, I can get my own. That'd be happier for him, lol.
  11. I have the 9.7" pro. Hubby has the full-sized, though. Maybe I can convince him to trade?
  12. We homeschool all four of them. The older two are much easier, with no learning disabilities. They're also now new to homeschooling (never in public school), so they have a fairly consistent system down. Not remotely independent, but easier. The youngest is just at a very basic age for school, and also absorbs a lot by being around the others. Our main focus is Barton and Ronit Bird. Some of Ronit Bird is easy for her, right now (we just started this week), but we're still taking it slow, doing lots of review to get it into her memory. From just starting Barton this week, I'm envisioning i
  13. So, we gave public school almost 2 full years, and we've just not seen the progress we wanted (or, really, any progress at all). Over the last few months, we've gotten tired of the constant fighting - over too much homework, over homework she can't do, over the fact that they'd fail her on her report card and pass her on her IEP report, just over everything. So, as of Monday, she's homeschooling. By way of history, she has multiple diagnoses - all the dys- (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia), auditory processing disorder, visual perception disorders, memory deficits, etc. etc She's alm
  14. I'm dyslexic (mildly),DD#2 is dyslexic (moderate/severe); neither of use are visual learners at all.
  15. Yep! She can request to move on to another topic, color, draw, read, go to one of the stations, do one of her computer programs, etc.
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