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  1. I want to buy the Joy Hakim's History of US in CD or as mp3's. We currently use it from the library, but I'd like to purchase. I know I can get it on audible, but I don't want to be bound to audible. While I can put it on various of my devices, the file format is still not mp3 and I want it on mp3 (or CD). Anyone know if these can be purchased on CD or downloaded as mp3? Thanks.
  2. I'm trying to decide whether to do one lesson weekly or double up. The material says it can be done either way, but I'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts on doing it in 15 vs. 30 weeks, what you based the decision on and whether it worked out for your kiddos.
  3. I'm considering Lightening Literature for my middle schoolers. Can you share your thoughts on it, please? Thanks :)
  4. Thanks. Yes, I'll check my library - they have a pretty good interlibrary loan system.
  5. I am searching for a secular progym curriculum. I really love the approach. I've searched previous posts on this and the curriculum that end up being recommended still, nevertheless include religious content and I know many folk are okay with that in various ways. I'd like to be clear, without causing any offense, that when I say "secular" I mean 100% does not include any content from any modern day religion (no Bible, Quoran or Buddhist passages, quotes or paraphrases, for example, no matter how few or how mild). "Dead religions" (greek mythology, etc) would be fine. Again, not meaning offens
  6. Thank you all so much for the additional suggestions. As for Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, maybe that's one that I'll read first and then decide or wait on since I imagine he'll be more emotionally sturdy as he grows.
  7. Oh my! Lori, thank you so much for your reading suggestions and your point by point thoughts on the books I've looked at so far. That is exactly what I was hoping, as I haven't read any of the books, which makes it so hard to assess what is appropriate. Also, thank you both for letting me know about Crenshaw - it really gives the impression of being a light-hearted book about a cat! Good to know otherwise.
  8. My 10 year old has always been a reluctant reader, although he reads well. I'm setting up a reading list for each child for this coming year and I'm hoping to assign him high quality books (pretty subjective, I know) that are HIGHLY engaging, which for him means books that have adventure or humor of some sort. I spent a lot of time sifting through story lines that are too heavy, since he's very emotionally sensitive and tends to suffer from anxiety (obviously, any book will have drama and conflict, but some of the classics had too much heavy trauma for my boy). Wondering 1) what your thoughts
  9. We tried it for one year. I wanted the kids to have a social outlet and maybe learn things I'm not good at teaching (art). The kids didn't mind it, but I felt overwhelmed for time to get through our own curriculum. I have SPD and it felt like sensory overload. Mostly, we were required to teach two classes. I HATED teaching in that coop because there were a lot of unschoolers and most of those children had no interest in classes so they created chaos for me and it was just no fun trying to force other people's kids to learn in a way that didn't match their home approach to education. Like PP,
  10. If I can find used up workbooks, I'd be happy to do that. Great suggestion. Thanks.
  11. Good to know. Thanks. Too bad because the workbooks are like $40! (even used on ebay, they're pretty steep). I had read some forums that said they were $15 so was a bit shocked to find them so expensive. We're switching curriculum after an un-successful year with Math Mammoth last year and I was hoping to take DS through Gamma because his multi-digit multiplication is shaky, but I know we'll zoom through it relatively quickly and then start with Delta, where we'll slow down on the new material. That means a lot of money on workbook for one year. Sigh. Any ideas on where I might find them used
  12. I got the DVD and teacher's manual used, but am wondering if I need to the student book(s) since they have a worksheet generator on their website, would that be adequate?
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