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  1. We did use them for a couple of years (8 & 9) and I thought they would be perfect, but as she advanced with them, they weren't enough instruction for her.
  2. I am just worried that since dd is not confident at this point, she will be totally intimidated by having to have her writing displayed for the students, as well as the teacher. I do agree feedback is great & helpful, but..... I do agree their on-line classes look fantastic but don't know if she'd be ready for them at the start, and while BW "Help for High School" did look thorough, it didn't seem as specific as IEW. She'll probably hate no matter what we choose, but I want her to at least come away knowing how to do essays & reports! ☺️
  3. Okay, I haven't posted on here in FOREVER, and since I'm still having trouble with the "search", I thought I'd send out a public appeal for help! I need help ASAP in determining which way to go for dd (16) next year for writing. She's used EIW for a few years, and it was ok, but we felt it was lacking. This year, she started back to basics with WWS, but....still issues. We need something that is extremely explicit when it comes to instructions & specifics for her, as well as for me. She needs lots of help with essays & research papers, as well as note taking. I am leaning tow
  4. EIL so far isn't what I would call intense. It's perfect for my dd, because it was a great intro. to analyzing lit., and the person I spoke with at EIW said using their writing & lit. course would count as her full credit for 9th grade (even though it's level 8) but level 8 of the lit. at least isn't super rigorous. We'll see how it is next year. They suggested having her possibly skip 9 & move on to 10, so I'll have to see.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I like the idea of her only focusing on a few subjects each day, and think it would make a big difference. I know it would help her anxiety, especially on days when she isn't 100%, instead of looking at a mile long list, she would have something achievable.
  6. I think I am partially in denial, so that I don't full on panic! :crying: My dd suffered from anxiety & ocd for years, then we found out she had Lyme disease, so for all of last year & part of the year before, she wasn't able to do much. She had a lot of pain and fatigue, plus brain fog. Her health has greatly improved, which is the biggest blessing, so maybe that's also why I'm not stressing. But..... she is behind, and also because I'm still not certain what she is truly capable of (I don't think she is , either), it's a struggle. She's doing the basic of basics when it comes
  7. We had the same experiences! We've never found a writing curriculum that we've been actually able to complete, especially without constant complaining! I talked to someone from the company at length and they were very helpful. We also started using Excellence in Literature. My dd wants to do everything independently, if possible, so both of these courses have made it easy for us.
  8. Thanks for your advice, and especially your prayers. I just saw this now; we were out of town. Anyway, I think we've got a plan: Math: Skip TT7 (if she struggles with 8 & we have to cover certain concepts more, I've already got 7, so we're prepared) English: Essentials in Writing, level 8 and Essentials in Literature Level 8 Soc. Studies: Abeka World Geography 9 (Sem 1) either Abeka Health 9 or Liberty On-line Health (Sem 2) Science: Apologia Physical Science (Honestly, what I'm dreading most, since there is so much reading, plus the experiements. When she tried Gen Science
  9. Lori: I am feeling so much better after reading all of this-I might actually sleep through the night without waking in a panic! So, for history. I just noticed you put SOTW in there, and that was honestly my original thought. Since each volume has around 40 or so chaps. what if she did all 4 this year, along with the chap ques. & unit quizes? I called TWTM & asked about beefing it up, and she said it says you can beef it up for 8th, and that's just using 1 volume. I could also add in mapping. This would be my top choice, because of the way SOTW is written-not dry. What do
  10. I was thinking of her doing a geography course during high school, so this might be the way to go.
  11. Lori: First of all, You ROCK!! You don't know how much it means to me that you took the time to give me the information that you did! THIS is what I've been waiting for! We have actually been working with a Clonlara advisor, who is nice, but this is her first year, so I haven't gotten much back, yet. I know I've probably overwhelmed her with questions, but still.... YOU should get paid for this! Regarding this: I would love to do either, but my ds is 12.5 and starting 8th grade this year. Dd already feels completely inadequate, has little self-confidence, etc... And she still s
  12. (My siggy isn't updated, so don't go by that) My dd will be starting 9th this year, and has had a lot of health challenges that have put her behind. She's got chronic Lyme disease, and so the last year or more, she has only done sporadic work. For a while, she wasn't even able to read. Because of this, she's super behind. She still wants to be a 9th grader, though. So here are my questions. She needs to graduate (to get into her "choice" college-hopefully) having completed 3 years math, 2 lab-based science, 2 soc. science, 4 years english. At this point, she won't take biology &
  13. I've been researching my brains out, and finally decided to just start a thread (because I'm too lazy to keep searching)! My ds, 12 is currently doing TT6, and has done MUS through Delta. He's behind, due to my constant switching, as well as lots of upheaval due to his sister's medical issues. Anyway, I always knew he was mathy, but when he told me he does all of the TT problems in his head-ALL of them-I decided maybe I needed to find something more challenging & rigorous for him. If we can find some online self paced program, that he can accelerate when he needs to, etc... he will
  14. It looks like my dd picked the Nat. History Museum. We're going to have to go the day we arrive, so we can only hit the highlights. I'm going to have the kids look over the website & pick out the things they want to see the most, because we will probably only have about 4 hours, tops. Which is all my dd could probably handle (if that) due to fatigue. Any tips/must sees, there?
  15. Ugh, why did I not forsee this? I know the one tour is supposed to include going up to the top, so I wonder if we would bypass the whole line thing that way. I hate lines & crowds; I guess I'm so used to being able to do everything on off days & off season, because of hsing.
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