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  1. We actually decided to drop American Heritage Girls since the kids will be swimming for two teams. With swimming, a small co-op with friends, library days, field trips, etc I think we're good. I feel good about our decision. I had forgotten that I hadn't told the girls about dropping AHG. I mentioned it to a friend while I was helping DD5 put her cap on before swim yesterday. She looked at me and said, "We aren't doing AHG??" and I said "No, I think we're just going to focus on swimming!". She smiled and said, "Okay, Mama! I'm getting in the pool!". That was a relief. I was worried she'd be upset but that girl is loving swim team. Any suggestions for good youth goggles for DD5? She is wearing a pair of TYR youth goggles and they are okay but I need to get her a really comfortable pair.
  2. I meant to add that DD 9 wears her contacts since she truly need them in the pool. She has a six point difference between her eyes. I've looked into the prescription goggles. I might buy some for me!
  3. The more my kids swim the more we all love it. It's just an amazing sport. And I can't say how much I love the fact that they get out of it what they put into it! There is no relying on a team to show up, etc. If YOU work hard, you get results!! DD5 just blew my away in practice today. 3 weeks into swim team and she's just a workhorse. I love it!!
  4. Things will get interesting when DS is old enough to swim for the high school team next year. I want to keep my DD's in the water too so we'll be juggling high school and USA swim team practice!
  5. My 5yo swam the length of the pool last night!! That is the requirement for her to officially be on swim team so we are all excited! I wasn't sure she could do it and I told her she'd earn a My Little Pony once she was able to swim the 25 yard pool without stopping. Well, she showed me by swimming it five different times last night! I won't underestimate her again! She needs to work on form big time but I'm a proud mama!
  6. I agree that swimming teaches SO MUCH! Hard work, dedication, sportsmanship, grace in defeat, etc. The kids have done football, gymnastics, etc and they've always gotten medals and trophies. I told them that they should be VERY proud of the ribbons they earn in swimming because instead of just getting a ribbon for showing up they had to EARN them! My kids are really starting to realize what swimming does for them physically too. My 12yo is getting muscles and he likes that. :)
  7. We just joined another swim league on top of the YMCA league we've been on for a year. This new league is USA Swim certified and swims year round. The basic plan is to swim for both leagues since our YMCA league only swims for about 7 months out of the year. The pros with the YMCA league are that it's small and literally RIGHT around the corner from my house. The coaching is good but not professional I'd say. The new league is run by a father/son team and they've been coaching for a LONG time. The son held national titles for 15+ years. They are pretty hard core. There are a lot of homeschool families I already know and some new homeschoolers on this new team. It's fun meeting new people. The only downside is that it's 30 minutes away but it's not a bad drive at all! We're enjoying the team. DS12 cut 48 seconds off his times during the summer swim season. He really buckled down and got serious about swim this past season. He's got a lot of cathing up to do since he just started swimming last year but he really loves it! DD9 is my one that got us into swimming! She loves it but she isn't as competitive as DS. It seems to come naturally to her. She's a good bit taller than the other girls and does well. I think with some great coaching on this new team she will really do well! DD5 has started swimming too. She says she wants to compete but it will be a little while. She has gotten so much stronger and braver though. She jumped into the deep end several times yesterday. I'm hoping she'll be brave enough to jump off the block into the deep end today! We are so loving this sport! It's just so great for the kids in many ways!!
  8. I thought I'd throw out a thread to see what the swim families are up to! Our life revolves around swim practice so I'd love to chat with others about it? What are your kids focusing on? How many meets will you compete in this season, etc etc? Found any great bathing suits? Gear??
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