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  1. My girls are done with MUS Primer and Gamma. Where do they need to go in Singapore? 1A and 4A? Thanks!
  2. I know this is a strange topic but I was just curious about this.. I've recently lost about 25 lbs. I'd like to keep it off and really I'd like to lose about another 15-20. I had a glass of Riesling (from Aldi of all places) at my brother's house a few weeks ago and I loved it. DH bought a bottle of it last week and I enjoyed a bit here and there. After an exhausting weekend and a broken arm for my oldest I'm ready to go buy a cartload and drink it all while I edit pictures from a wedding I shot this weekend. I've never really been a wine drinker so I don't know much about how it affec
  3. We had this situation happen with a shelter dog last year. She growled at my toddler twice then snapped at her. I called the shelter and they said to bring her back right away. They said keeping her wasn't best for her or us. I agree. It was hard but like another poster said, bites can and do happen.
  4. My husband is an insurance agent. He deals with this a lot. Term is the way to go until the kids can take care of themselves. Have enough that if something happened to you your children would be raised and educated in the way you'd like them to be. You only need enough whole life to cover burial expenses after that.
  5. I'd give it another cycle or two. I did go to the gyn when I was experiencing similar stuff with pain. After an ultrasound he suggested bc pills as well. I started natural progesterone and I've been happy with that. I didn't start the progesterone cream on time this month and my period was early, heavy and I spotted forever after that. I'm putting it on my calendar to make sure I start on time this month!
  6. I think it's awesome that a counselor suggested finding a hobby. It's something just for you! I recently picked up my camera again and did some sessions for free for kids and it actually turned into a part time jobs. It's so encouraging!!
  7. Photography!!!! It is healing, creative, amazing, etc. You can use anything from a camera phone to a camera that costs thousands. They are free classes online, YouTube videos, free classes at the local library, etc.
  8. Well, I didn't say anything and I ended up doing all the photography! LOL! I knew it would stress my in laws out to hear that they'd hired someone who wasn't going to take good photographs. So I just checked a bunch of books out of the library on wedding photography, started reading blogs and made a bounce card for my as speedlight. My sister in law said at the rehearsal that she wanted me to capture as much as I could and not to worry about offending the other girl. On the wedding day I was getting my hair with two of my girls and the bride had her appointment after me. She walked into the ha
  9. We've never done Santa and I'm so glad. I see parents all over Facebook freaking out about an impossible to find item they want from Santa and since Santa is magic he can pull it off, right?? I have friends who stress over how to afford their own gifts to their children and Santa presents. I'm glad we don't have to deal with that. We watch all they movies like Polar Express, etc that have Santa in them but my kids know that it's just pretend.
  10. I've gotten serious about my photography again. I got my DSLR two years ago and I played with it a lot for about a year. Then life got stressful and I had a hard time in general and I didn't take many pictures. I've gotten back into it again and I'm so happy I did. I've been taking pictures of the kids, landscape photography and I did an engagement session for my SIL and a friend's kids. The friend's husband asked if I'd like to try my hand at sports photography since he needs help covering the bigger games at the college where he works and I said yes. I've been shooting games for practice unt
  11. I thought of a wrinkle. This girl's mom is the wedding coordinator. Ugh.
  12. My SIL is getting married in 3 weeks. SIL said she wanted me to do the photography but I'm a bridesmaid so I'll be occupied for a lot of the wedding. She said that MIL's goddaughter is doing the photography and she gave them the friends and family discount. I'm friends with this person on facebook and I thought that she really didn't do a lot of photography but I guess she was okay. I decided to look at her FB page yesterday and came across the shots she took of a wedding this summer and they are AWFUL. I mean, AWFUL. They are out of focus, awful angles, people cut off at the knees, etc. D
  13. I'll have some time while we're traveling next week and I'd really like to read something new. I do read non-fiction but I'm covered there. I need something fun. I love dystopian and fantasy novels and the like but nothing to "adult". I adored The Hunger Games. Anything suggestions? Thanks!
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