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  1. Sorry for the late reply! My twin sons have only been watching the Everyday Engineering lectures so far. This class has gone on the back burner, unfortunately. We are playing catchup now and looking at our next steps. I definitely plan to have them spend time shadowing some engineers we know and writing reports about their jobs. Also, they are taking a drafting/applied engineering class next year at our local co-op so I'm considering combining those on their transcript. Thanks for the other ideas on this thread!
  2. Daijobu, I can answer that one. She has the students work in columns by folding the paper in half and going down each side of the paper. She is a stickler for that and for showing all the steps (for algebra). I tried getting my kids to show all their work and they never would, but they did it for her when they started taking math from Jann 3 years ago. I was amazed. And they stopped using pen because she told them not to use pen. I think she has other specifics on how to lay out their geometry homework as well. I would say that the ability to have one on one tutoring sessions when they ar
  3. You may find an answer to this question in history. I know I read it on here, but can't look for it right now. My opinion is it doesn't prepare them for the AP test, based on comments here and talking to my ds, who is taking Advanced Bio at co-op this year. His class is working through the Barron's AP Bio study guide along with the Apologia book, and he doesn't feel like he can answer the review questions in that book. He did Apologia Bio in 9th grade (2 years ago) and it doesn't cover many topics well enough. For one it doesn't give a decent study of evolution, which is heavy on the test.

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    I have the older version of "First Start Reading" teacher guide levels A-D. $8 ppd. When I purchased, levels A-C were the only ones released and level D was added later. I have level D as well and is included. I also have a student book level D for free which only has 2 pages written on. I also have the companion book to these books-Classical Phonics $8ppd. Memoria Press Lesson Plans: Kindergarten $11ppd First Grade $11 ppd These books schedule the phonics lessons using the above books. These lesson plans also include a poetry memorization schedule and an art study schedule.


  10. If you've created an Intro to Engineering credit or half credit for your student, could you please share what resources you used or plan to use? So far I have Everyday Engineering from The Great Courses, but I'd need some more resources. I'm trying to make it a half credit. I'd also like to have my ds shadow some engineer friends for a day if we can arrange it. What assignments did you give your student? TIA!!
  11. Jann @ myhomeschoolmathclass (dot) com. I can't rave about these classes enough. And the price is very reasonable! She has a max per family so I basically had 3 taking her classes for the price of two. They get two live online math classes per week and free tutorials. Students grade their daily work and she grades the tests. No more math grading, just checking to make sure they are staying on track. Prior to Jann's classes, my oldest taught himself Algebra 1 using Saxon and Khan videos. I knew my next two would not be able to do that and I was maxed out in my math knowledge. Jann uses Lial
  12. I have 3 kids who have taken Jann's classes and 2 continuing next year. We started 2 years ago, then 1 ds taking Geometry, 1 ds taking Algebra 1, and 1 dd taking Pre-Algebra. What has been said of Jann caring for each student is so true. She has tutored and helped each when they needed it. Last year they were all taking Alg 2, Geometry, and Alg 1. So next year, my kids will be taking Alg 2 and Geometry. In my opinion, Geometry is the most fun class with Jann. The students complete a fall tessellation project and a spring kite building project. Nice break from traditional math homework. Plus, t
  13. I want to do some kind of independent study for my rising 11th grader who is interested in engineering. Rather than spend time on a random elective, I'd rather give him credit for exploring ideas he has. He wants to build something complicated. He already has a packed schedule with swim team and school that we often don't have time for an elective anyway. So carving out school time for him to explore his interests makes sense to me.
  14. Thank you for the suggestion! I had told them they need to use Quizlet to help them with some trouble areas. I wasn't sure if that was enough, but I think they just need more review and drills. Your link is a great source of Lifepac material. Thanks so much!!
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