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  1. You're so sweet! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!! I have been so busy and we've been without internet at our house for the last month or so. I'll be on more now since I've got it back and I'm also back in the school routine! YAY for consistency!!!

  2. Haven't seen you post in a while. Just thought I'd let you know someone was thinking of you and praying for you!

  3. Happy Birthday Dale!!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  4. If you want something warm you're always welcome for a visit here! It would be a blast to have you all come and visit!!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Years!

  5. Hi Dayle,

    Thanks for the message! I know time keeps marching along, but it is hard to believe how grown up the kids have become. I love your pictures! I hope all is going well. We are getting the first big snow of the season. I would so love to be somewhere warm!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving! HOpe you had a wonderful day! Thanks so much for the cute cartoon, I love it!

  7. Denise! I didn't recognize Aiden!!!! He's grown up so much it must just freak you out. Hope all is well and you are doing well in your job. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Dayle, I had to give you a thumbs up for your reply in the lying thread. All other words fail me. I agree with you. Great explanation.

  9. Hi Dayle!! Dh is still waiting. The magazine is a start up and will most likely be affected by this bailout crap. So, we are waiting. Impatiently. :)

  10. Hello! Hope your day is great. By the way, what ever happened to that job for your dh?

  11. Hi Dayle! I just saw Beth's thread about the hurricane, so you can go read how we fared. :) Hope you guys are doing well these days!

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