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  1. It just breaks my heart! So sad--and I really thought it would end on a happy note because it was so close to the end of the episode and nothing bad had happened. I'm wondering about the 4th series, which I think airs in August of next year. LONG time to wait!
  2. I know! I kept on saying, "NO!!!" It's just wrong. Can't anyone be happy on that show????? I'm glad I have a few weeks to recover before the new series begins.
  3. Did anyone else watch the 2012 Christmas Special? I don't want to be a spoiler, but, WHAT??????? Please I hope someone else watched it, I'm DYING to talke about it!
  4. I read this this morning and thought it was a brilliant way to address situations like this. It's from Mr. Rogers--one of my childhood heroes. "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.' To this day, especially in times of 'disaster,' I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers - so many caring people in this world." -- Mister Rogers I love this.
  5. I just want to say: 1) I believe that Henry's dad is Bae as well. 2) I can't wait to find out what's in the box! 3) I want to know what happened to Pinocchio!!! 4) I'm thinking Emma has made an enemy in Hook now so that should be interesting! 5) I ABSOLUTELY love this show!!!! 6) I want to know the connection between Aurora and Henry's dream. WHO was the person in the corner--Cora?
  6. Thank you!!! I've been lurking a bit since I've just been to busy to be on regularly.
  7. I'm wanting to buy my dh a tablet for Christmas because of all that he does here on the mission field it would be so much more convenient for him than a laptop. He needs to be able to take it with him and it needs to be very portable. It also needs to interact with video projectors and possibly our printer. I want him to be able to use it for relaxing as well--movies, music, skyping if he needs to while traveling, getting some good apps. The i-pad is perfect (but I've heard it's not easily interfaced with movie projectors and printers that aren't apple) but it's just waaaaay to much money for our meager missionary budget. I was looking at the samsung galaxy. Any advice? I'm getting loopy looking at all the possibilities and I want the best thing I can get him. Anyone use one of the non i-pads?
  8. Maggie Smith was perfect. It was icing on a tragic, sad cake so to speak. I've just never been so sad like this because of a tv show! Do you think we all need somekind of therapy?:confused:
  9. Had to pause it several times to regain my composure and then continue. I was shattered. One of my favorites in the show too! So horribly sad.:crying:
  10. Nope. Don't want to say too much more because I don't want to blow it for anyone else, but, when you see it, you'll be heartbroken. So sad.
  11. I loved last night's episode! I'm hoping Lancelot isn't dead and is somewhere in Storeybroook. Also--I loved the reunion between Jefferson and Grace! So touching and sweet.
  12. Does anyone else get it besides me? I know it isn't out in the US yet. If you watched it, did you cry like an absolute baby as I did? So heartbreaking. She was my favorite sister too--so sad. What an amazing job by the cast acting that all out and I loved Maggie Smith's arrival at Downton the next morning. It just put it all together how tragic it was for the whole family.
  13. I don't post often anymore but I do lurk! I haven't lived in the US for 7 years ever since we came onto the mission field and I have to say...this bothers me a LOT. A pastor is someone who shepherds the hearts of the congregation and is held very accountable by a board of elders and most of all God for the way he/she does this. If anyone can be called pastor--where is the accountability? It would be easy for some unscrupulous person to take advantage of people in a situation where they are relying on the guidance of a shepherd to help them in a vulnerable time in their lives. I think that accountability is the most important thing in leadership. A pastor should be held extremely accountable for their actions and their words. It makes me nervous to think that any church worker could be considered pastor and not be held to the same standards of accountability the head pastor should be under. I would bring my concerns to the board of elders in the church. If they didn't give satisfactory answers to my concerns, I would have to find a new church home. There's just too much chance for spiritual manipulation to occur.
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