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  1. This is free and pretty cool http://www.stillsmiling.net/blog--journal/free-activity-book-for-all-ages-how-to-make-money
  2. yes it as long as you understand that it is just another timeline book. It is basically the same page over and over that your kiddo fills out. You can do a look inside on amazon. I read a few complaints on that
  3. I have learned quite a bit lately LOL!!! I have bought several for the rest of this year and next!!!
  4. Have you guys seen all the new things she has added lately?
  5. I was always told you fix a boy long before they spray otherwise they will continue to do it even after. The smell will always attract them back. He would have to become an outdoor only only cat here. Everything he peed on would go in the trash because no matter what the smell NEVER goes away. You will think it does but it will get hot or a room will get shut up etc and there it is back again. It can also attract other cats to begin marking their scents as well.
  6. OK this is where the confusion sets in for me, what do you mean servers??? Don't I just download the game then they play it?
  7. minecraft for the computer to be exact! I know nothing about it. Do you need to be online to play? Do I need to buy it twice so each kid can play?
  8. This book The Elements http://periodictable.com/theelements/
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