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    I bought this and my daughter has zero interest in horses will sell for 25 ppd https://www.amazon.com/All-About-Horses-Homeschooling-Handbook/dp/1522972986/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1474482159&sr=8-2&keywords=sarah+janisse+brown+horses



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    brand new never used in any way 25 ppd


  3. This is free and pretty cool http://www.stillsmiling.net/blog--journal/free-activity-book-for-all-ages-how-to-make-money
  4. yes it as long as you understand that it is just another timeline book. It is basically the same page over and over that your kiddo fills out. You can do a look inside on amazon. I read a few complaints on that
  5. I have learned quite a bit lately LOL!!! I have bought several for the rest of this year and next!!!
  6. Have you guys seen all the new things she has added lately?
  7. I was always told you fix a boy long before they spray otherwise they will continue to do it even after. The smell will always attract them back. He would have to become an outdoor only only cat here. Everything he peed on would go in the trash because no matter what the smell NEVER goes away. You will think it does but it will get hot or a room will get shut up etc and there it is back again. It can also attract other cats to begin marking their scents as well.
  8. OK this is where the confusion sets in for me, what do you mean servers??? Don't I just download the game then they play it?
  9. minecraft for the computer to be exact! I know nothing about it. Do you need to be online to play? Do I need to buy it twice so each kid can play?

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    Complete and good condition $60.00 PPD


  11. This book The Elements http://periodictable.com/theelements/
  12. Forever and a day ago someone posted a link to a periodic table that a kid had made. They used actual items for the element or pictures. I remember for silver there was a little silver piece of jewlery for oxygen there was a little oxygen tank, may have been a toy...Does anyone remember this or anything remotely like it?
  13. Hopefully some people chime in!! There are so many!!!
  14. Apparently no one does LOL!! I know there is a facebook page as well as a group for them though
  15. So is anyone using these? http://www.dyslexiagames.com/#!thinking-tree/c1ni5 I have a few on order but was wondering what others have thought of them.
  16. here is our schoolroom http://adamantacademyschooldays.blogspot.com/p/our-classroom.html It is really all about the kids. I have another smaller room with my desk, computer, printer and my shelf of teacher books etc. They all use the table or they may go off seperate when reading my two youngers prefer the floor with blankets LOL My oldest may go to the couch. They do all the school related movies and math u see dvds on the TV I wanted them to have their own workboxes right next to them for easy reach.
  17. Our elf has been through three generations of kiddos. He was my moms, then mine now he visits my kids. Our elf was around a lot longer than elf on a shelf. My mother found him in a Christmas tree when she was tiny she is almost 70 now.
  18. I think they should be a volunteer thing. I remember people begging to work certain holidays for the extra pay etc.
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