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    Thinking of trying Omnibus by Veritas Press? I have the entire Omnibus I set for sale, including all reference books as well as all primary and secondary reading for both semesters. Everything is in nearly unused condition and is current edition save one reference book. To buy all these items new, you would spend $800. I am asking only $375, PPD. If you need a detailed list of what is included, you can look at the Veritas Press website or contact me directly.


  2. Thinking of you, Rosie.
  3. Never been so glad that I am not a big picture poster! I stopped searching when I got all the way back to 2011 and all I found was one cupcake pic! Checking the avatar now...
  4. Would a special needs student be able to manage the middle school classes with parental assistance? I realize that is a broad question, but for these purposes assume moderately intellectually impaired.
  5. That's HUGE for a RAD kid!!! So excited to hear the progress. Continuing to pray for you.
  6. We used prescription meds here, but supplement with True Calm by NOW and also their GABA. Works great in combination. Frankly, I often take them myself and they really smooth out the edges, even in an adult.
  7. Yes. We put him in whenever we leave the house, and occasionally while we are home. He seems to really like his crate now, though he prefers to be in there when the door is open.
  8. We had that same issue with our little golden puppy, who is now 6 months old. He wailed his head off for about a week, crated in our room next to a free roaming older golden. I still had to put loveys in his crate, lay on the floor beside him a bit, etc. Other than simply time and ignoring his antics (other than for potty breaks), the best solution I found was to cover the crate in towels and my robe (for the scent) so that it was more den-like. I gave him a hole to see out of but covered the rest of the crate. For some reason, that did the trick! We had a week or two of difficulty, but from then on he only fussed when he had to go. After about six weeks, there were no more potty breaks till dawn. After that, I started uncovering his crate and he did just fine. Now, he's happy in there with or without us! It's like having a new baby. Tough, but it gets better if you stick it out.
  9. Thank you for your kind, discerning, and Christian response. It is probably the same response that I would have given if the situation was reversed.


    If there is any information that could help me understand the shift in this doctor's thinking and teaching to make sense of the unscientific and (to my mind) un-Christian teachings that he is purporting, please email them to my private research office email at I have nothing against him, but I am burdened that what he is now teaching is going to hurt many if they absorb the worldly doctrines that he has embraced.


    I will pray for him, and continue to teach and share scriptural and eternal solutions with my patients, and those that I teach. Real science always agrees with Scripture.


    Thank you for your consideration,


    E. G. Spann, M.D.

  10. I'm sorry, but I don't really feel comfortable commenting in any greater depth than I did my first post. This is a public forum and I have a personal relationship with these that could be damaged by putting information about their personal histories on the internet (esp. given that Dr. Meier is a public figure!). If you are concerned about Dr. Meier, I would encourage you to pray for him and leave him in the hands of the Lord, who is far better equipped to help him than you or I will ever be.


    Best of luck in your practice and homeschooling!

  11. I do not know you at all, but found your comment by web search. I am a concerned Christian M.D. physician (homeschool Dad as well) that is an admirer of Dr. Minirth's with concerns about Dr. Meier's advise and writings. With your personal knowledge of these two men, you said that you would definitely recommend Dr. Minirth.


    I have had a deep seated worry about Dr. Meier, noting a change in his writings since 1996. As one who shares scripture and prays with my patients, I realize the value of good counsel. I still occasionally consult Dr. Minirth on cases, although I've never met him in person. I have simply not been able to shake the feeling that darkness has overtaken Dr. Meier's life as I read this very disturbing book.


    I simply want to make sense of what I perceive is a fall away from the Word, in this once great teacher.




    Eric G. Spann, M.D

  12. P.S. I wrote it in response to your post about the two men and your knowledge of them, noted on this site.

    Yours was the only reasonable, at all authoritative, response I found after much searching.

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