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  1. Hi all, After homeschooling for 9 years (finished 7 years ago, but still a lurker at WTM :-), I'm doing an Education degree. I am writing an essay for an assignment on teaching literacy skills in the 3-5-year age. Do you all have any 'must include' ideas for me? I hardly know what I'm looking for as I'm just starting on it, but after some research I'll have a better idea, I guess. :-) Thanks in advance for any ideas you can offer!
  2. Awesome! Thanks, and please thank your kids for me! I didn't miss any of the first ones did I?
  3. I'm teaching a lesson tomorrow on my teaching prac, but I don't have my FLL book with me, as I'm doing prac away from home. Could anyone please list the prepositions for me - it's been about 9 yrs since I've taught that lesson to my kids when homeschooling so i'm a bit rusty. What i remember... aboard about above across after against along among around at. before below behind beneath beside between beyond by down during except for from in inside into like .....not sure from here? Thanks in advance!!
  4. $30/hr here for private individual tutoring. Median income around $55K
  5. Yes! So happy to see this. Always exciting to see something that has been considered alternative finally recognised as effective by the mainstream medical community. It's a shame that the early users/believers often have to put up with ridicule and disbelief until that happens.
  6. Thank you. She's already had the root canals done under Twightlight sedation, and will need to get crowns on them I guess. She's 23, and this phobia is severe enough to cause faints and a vasovagal seizure, so no amount of numbing gel or discreet dentists seem to help. Our dentist is very good in this manner it the very thought is enough to make her feel dizzy and go white!
  7. My daughter has a bad needle phobia and dental work needs to be done under general anaesthetic or Twightlight sedation. She's had a lot of work done a few months ago and needs crowns to finish a couple off. I will speak to the dentist obviously, but just want a heads up if it's a bigger procedure needing needles.
  8. I'm in the same boat as you. Google food addiction and see if it fits you. When I learnt that, yes, I'm addicted to food, in particular higher carb foods, it was quite enlightening and freeing to know it. Carbs, well, the sugars, reward the pleasure centres of our brain in the same way that other addictions do. I won't pretend to know how, specifically, but it makes sense. So, being a fan of EFT (emotional freedom technique), I googled that and came across this: http://mysticmandy.com/eft-for-food-cravings/ I started doing this 3 times a day, sometimes before meals, other times just w
  9. Yeah I've noticed that too...a lot! I've found if I'm knowledgeable about the topic, I can usually calmly say the facts and they bluster a bit then shut up. If I know nothing about it, I figure I'll look like as much of a fool as them if I say anything, so they can have their little glory moment. Most people with any sense think they're fools anyway.
  10. I do believe in PWTSD, post wedding traumatic stress disorder. Seriously. It took me a long time to get over organising my daughters wedding and I still can hardly think of it without just having to shut it out quickly and think of something else. So I don't think you're crazy for how you feel, but I also think that your dhs church friends' cutting you both off is outrageous!
  11. So is bronzer better than tinted moisturiser? Does it go on in a similar way? And similar coverage? I'm curious!
  12. I took a German girl who was staying with us to the Dr, and she just had to pay the 75$ account without any rebate from Medicare. She got a prescription for antibiotics and picked it up at the pharmacy for normal price of 20 something $. No big deal at all. But in this case, I'm sure you could just go to a pharmacy/chemist and ask the oharmacist what she should take. Hope she can get it sorted. Poor girl!!
  13. My granny had it done probably 10-15 years ago. She came out worse than she went in and has had to wear incontinence pads ever since. Apparently her dr was under some kind of suspension some time after this because of many botched operations of the same type.
  14. I would say it certainly would help anger. Also anger management classes if he is averse to tapping. Some logically minded people think it is balony, so anger management workshops may be better for these people. In Australia there is a governmental organisation called Relationships Australia and the offer short courses like this at a very reduced rate. Maybe there is something similar in your country?
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