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  1. Unless it has changed in the past few years, yes, the tutors and directors do get paid per student. They are paid a portion of each student's tuition. I can't believe that their heavy recruitment has anything to do with $$$. As much as I loathe the program and their ideals, I can't throw them that far under the bus. But the fact does remain that each tutor is paid a portion of each student's tuition.
  2. These are my all-time favorite, and yes, I wear them in public. :) http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=41740&vid=2&pid=250562052
  3. I left them home. I didn't begin running until my youngest was 4yo/oldest was 9yo.
  4. Don't give up, Moxie! Seriously, I was the same for years and years but no more. They key is getting to bed early enough and also giving myself ample time to wake up in the morning...at least 30 min. :grouphug:
  5. If it were just a chat with my teen, a CHAT, I'd have been okay. But the message I was getting was that it was a conversation with a purpose. Dh said he was cornered by the dad last week asking him about our religious practice and it was clear, "we're not Christian enough." eta: yes, as someone said, my kids couldn't get away without asking to call home to do so. DD12 felt she needed to come home but when making the call, she also felt like it made her stick out and as a major introvert, this was extremely bothersome for her. And as someone else said, it was totally disrespecting us as
  6. Of late, my 15 yo has been questioning our teachings to her which we have gladly accepted. She knows she's in a home where she can ask the hard questions and feel free to make her own decisions. She recently wrote the most amazing mini-essay on modesty which you all would be so proud of! She is also questioning God. To some parents, this would induce fear but I'm so over that. She has to decide for herself! So the story: last night both my 12yo and 15yo went to an amusement park with several uber conservative families and were planning to spend the night. At around 9pm, 12 yo calle
  7. Mid-term exam Early to school to research Hopefully, two different dates with friends Homework I'm trying not to be too nervous about the match exam. I have a 95% in the class at this point so even if I bomb a little today, my grade will still be good. Enjoy your day, all!
  8. I have one major rule: No drama. I have lots of people in my life that I have to be around but the no drama rule is big for me. If I find myself in a friendship with someone who has a ton of drama in their life, they don't hear me calling to spend time often. I just can't take it on a regular basis. Sounds harsh, maybe, but unnecessary drama is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  9. Well, I thought Harriet was gone for good but then my good friend from high school named his dd that. Then much to our surprise, our cousin named her son Bruce. I lIve two states away and probably won't see this child until he's much older but I have to say, I can't imagine looking at my sweet newborn and thinking, "Oh yes, he looks like a Bruce!" LOL! To each their own, I suppose! :D
  10. Somebody has to share with me what Lumosity is. Several have mentioned it but I don't have time to check it out. :) It's a school day for me. I'm running on 4 hrs sleep. YAY! :crying: I may make dinner tonight but who knows. It could be a nap day for me as well. Enjoy the day! :grouphug:
  11. Thank you for all of the responses. I apologize for not coming back sooner. It would appear that the administration is taking the complaints seriously. There were several. I could see the teacher bite her tongue when a potential political topic came up and she hasn't said another word regarding her own personal opinions of that nature. We also had a few department personnel visit our class and sit in for a bit. I think things are going to be okay but I know now that I will report her again if it continues.
  12. I disagree and here's why. In healthcare, as caregivers of any kind, we are NEVER to give our opinion on personal matters. In fact, just the opposite. Whether we agree or not, we are to support the patient in every way so that they are in an environment of comfort. As a nurse, she KNOWS this, and in that way, she crossed the line.
  13. We're two weeks into nursing school and all of us are struggling with one of our teachers. At first, we thought she was unprepared because she is new so we were giving her the benefit of the doubt, allowing her time to get into it. On that part, she seems to be getting better. However, twice now, she's crossed a line and we're all not quite sure what to make of it. Yesterday, she started telling us about the Healthy People 2010 project by the DHHS. And the lecture began... Hooooooooo boy! She went for an hour on a political and religious rant! She gave us all of her opinions on gove
  14. I can't remember the exact words from the conversation the other day but it was a question my dd was asking and she used two shortened words like 'totes' & 'adorbs' for totally and adorable. I replied, "You want to ask that again using real words?" The kids know this drives me nuts so now they do it on purpose. :lol:
  15. From the US and say, "Two hundred fifty three." And it's a secret pet peeve of mine to hear the 'and'. I had a math teacher specifically teach us NOT to use it. :)
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