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  1. Thanks for the microwave info. I always suspected... and people were saying microwaves left more nutrients than other cooking methods. :001_huh:

  2. 23_28_100.gif Well, if that's the case - we should have done it 8 years ago, LOL!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. I think it's like a one sided conversation... LOL Who knows, we just get to play around with it. Hope the swing helps. jb

  5. How does this work? I just responded to your message but it shows up now as a message on my own account.

    You asked about the baby - I replied, "As sweet as a late summer peach in Georgia. But is a little bit colicky at times."

  6. He is sweet as a late summer peach in Georgia.

    But he is a little colicky at times. We are getting a nice swing in the next few days.

  7. Hey lady... how's that beautiful baby?

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