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  1. I'm going to figure out how to make Pistachio Cake...just heard about it today.
  2. It would be more helpful to know the actual BUN and creatinine values separately...they are both indicators of kidney function but both can also be affected by hydration status and BUN can be influenced by other organs like the liver. Obviously, the ratio you reported is increased but I have no idea if it is increased because both values are increased or just one dramatically. The low bicarb can go along with kidney issues or diarrhea....in a horse :). Aren't there any human docs out there willing to stick their necks out on this one? :D
  3. I'm guessing the rat snake is more scared of you than you are of him. I'm not a snake expert (my son has a corn snake, similar to a rat snake) but I don't think rat snakes are supposed to be too aggressive. Why not just coax him out with some kind of long-handled tool. Yelling at him won't help because they are deaf.:D
  4. Benadryl is fine to give to dogs at the dose your friend recommended however it rarely does much for allergies. Some dogs respond to antihistamines but most need other management or meds. I agree with Chris that most allergies are manifested as skin and ear problems, not goopy eyes, but I have had that happen in a few patients. Runny eyes can be an indication of other things like an upper respiratory infection, some kind of systemic illness, plugged nasolacrimal ducts, or something like keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS or dry eye). If your pug does not improve over the next day or so I would recommend seeing your regular vet. Soph (a vet :D)
  5. Advice from a vet here:D. My best friend and I at the age of 5 knew we wanted to be vets...and he is now practicing exotic medicine in NC and I am here in MN still in practice. I was not a stellar science student in middle school. In fact all I remember about 7th grade is the fruit fly experiment. I did not even take high school chemistry...gasp!! I did get good grades in all my science classes in college...hated...abhorred Organic chemistry and had to take it twice because I partied too much at UCONN in the 80's (we were the #6 party school in the nation at the time). Finally buckled down and got great grades in the classes I really loved: anatomy, biology, anything to do with animals. Got into vet school at the U of MN and never got below a B. Sure it is very hard work, but middle school is not the place to stress over it. Keep encouraging her love of animals. Do not burn her out on middle and high school science courses that may be too much of a drag for her. There is plenty of time in college to shine in her biology and animal science classes in order to get into vet school. And just an FYI, if she wants to do food animal she will be a for sure candidate. There is a shortage of those!
  6. My soon to be 7th grader will be doing Introductory Logic this year. She and I read through the Fallacy Detective last year. Hopefully it will go well. She likes to argue so I want her to do it the right way!:lol:
  7. There are various subspecies of Strep, none of which that I can think of would be related to tick bites. Strep is usually spread via respiratory secretions whether by direct contact or aerosolized droplets. Ticks can give you things like Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever, etc.
  8. We just finished 76 last year and looking at 87 there are probably 40 lessons of review at the beginning. If you feel like your ds is comfortable with the material from 76, I would just jump into 87 or he might get really bored. Just my two cents.
  9. I've heard good things about Abeka but have used Saxon from 1st through 76 so far. I will be supplementing with Life of Fred just because it so darn much fun!
  10. I think your schedule looks fine. I have a 7th grader and have been wrestling with Saxon 87 vs. Algebra 1/2 for pre-algebra. She is comfortable with the format of 87 but 1/2 is a little more in-depth (after exhaustive comparison side by side by my engineer math geek dh). So here is our line-up: Who Is God? Apologia worldview/Bible Saxon Algebra 1/2 and Life of Fred Pre-algebra w/economics just to read for fun Rod and Staff English 7 Spelling Workout H Vocabulary from Classical Roots A and B Introductory Logic Biblioplan Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation General Science Apologia (lab with local co-op) Writing Foundations junior high level one (outsourced, IEW-like) Acting 1 (co-op) Spanish 1 (co-op) Piano Softball Swimming Ice Skating (co-op) Art: Clay (co-op) Choir
  11. Have you seen Arsenic and Old Lace? That was an inappropriate use of a window seat. Sorry couldn't resist.:lol:
  12. I agree with Perry and Jan. Get thee to an orthopedic specialist who deals in feet! Not all hairline fractures or stress fractures will show up on a plain radiograph. An orthopedic doc will also be familiar with all possible ligaments and tendons that can be torn and which actually can be more painful and definitely take longer to heal than a fracture. Rule of thumb: longer the word, longer the healing takes: Bone = 2 months Tendon = 3 months Ligament = 6 months But I am just a veterinarian, what do I know:lol:. I have a 9yr. old ds as well and I will be praying yours can still have a good time at family camp! Soph
  13. I've had clients bring in pet chickens, geese, hedgehogs, you name it. Don't ever feel funny about what you consider to be a pet...it is a free country!:001_smile: Sorry about your loss of Clover.
  14. Yes, it certainly could be related to senility, especially if the stool is normal. Anipryl is one drug that has been used for Canine Cognitive Dysfunction or senility but it is expensive and not without side effects. Some dogs respond well and some do not respond at all. Trying a diet with antioxidants may be of benefit as well as Omega fatty acids for brain health.
  15. Allergies are usually the underlying cause but she probably has an infection. Ear mites are less likely in a dog unless you have an outdoor cat around. This time of year the pollen, etc. is bad and leads to inflammation in the ear canal which then provides an opportunity for yeast and bacteria to thrive. Clean her ears with a good dog ear cleaner daily and that may take care of it but most dogs will need some meds as well from your vet.
  16. DD12 and her best friend will be doing this period of history at our house next year....hence more pressure to put together a good program. I'm using Biblioplan (updated) with maps/timelines and focusing not as much on SOTW anymore (though it is scheduled for my younger two) but more on Kingfisher (outlining), Famous Men, Cultural Atlas, Church in History (Kuiper), Columbus and Sons, Shakespeare etc. and about 45 good literature selections for them to read during the year. Basically it is broken down into three sections: Middle Ages 15 weeks, Renaissance 14 weeks, and Reformation 7 weeks. We will also incorporate some classic films like Joan of Arc, Henry V, A Man for All Seasons, and others. We may do some interesting art projects as well to go along with each artist that we study....like painting on the ceiling for Michelangelo:D.
  17. I'm in MN too! My dd (6th grade) just finished 76 and will be doing 87 next year and then Algebra I. There is no "requirement" that they get Algebra I done in 8th grade but it is expected that they do that if they will be following a college prep math sequence in high school. Many high school students graduate with only getting through Algebra II. Taking Algebra I in 9th grade just means that your dd may have to wait until college to take Calculus. I did that (because I hated my Pre-calc teacher in 11th grade and dropped out of her class) and still I was able to go to college and then on to veterinary school. So don't worry!
  18. Get a thorough cardiology workup including an echo. Go to Mayo if you can. And get a new primary care dr. No reason you need to put up with that attitude.
  19. Love that movie. "Stop that incessant rhyming, and I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?" I have to fast forward through the shrieking eels and the fireswamp with rodents of unusual size or my dd7 freaks out. The torture scene too...none of my dc have seen the torture scene.
  20. I was given a postponement for homeschooling so instead of reporting for duty in November I reported in June. It turned out to be a very high profile murder case in the Twin Cities that I was familiar with from the local news. I had already come to the conclusion that the guy was guilty and told the judge that during my interview (the defendant was in the courtroom when I said this). That was the only reason I was excused. They would not have excused me for childcare issues.
  21. We will be using this book in our Co-op next year long with fetal pig dissection toward the end of the second semester. It looks like a great book with just enough depth for an elementary or middle school student. I am not planning on using the notebooking journal at this time. I have used more than one Apologia elementary book in a year...we did Land animals and Flying creatures this year. Next year I will also be doing Astronomy at home and we are doing Botany during the summer.
  22. OK, how about.... "Oooo, ooooo, oooo, Mr. Kotter, ooooo, oooo...." what is his name??
  23. I just saw your post, Kari, I am so sorry. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
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