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I think today might be her birthday! :)

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Oh, how exciting another WTM baby. Prayers for the two of you.:grouphug:


So I'm pretty sure my water started breaking about an hour ago. It wasn't a big gush and I can still feel it leaking. It leaked through my pants...


I just started to kinda time contractions. The first two were about 6 minutes apart.

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I had one with a slow trickle like that. I wasn't having contractions at first so I ran around finishing up stuff I needed to get done. It took nearly 24 hours from first trickle to birth, but active labor didn't kick in until that evening.


Keep us posted!

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Sadie Elise, born at 11:33am. She weighs 10.1 pounds and is 22 inches long.


I will try to figure out how to attach a picture once I get home. :)


Congratulations!! That is so exciting!


(That was exactly MY weight and length when I was born :)) I can't wait to see a picture!

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It all went well, no problems. Only thing was I had to wait on the midwife when I was so ready to push. She took forever to get there.


I have pretty big babies... My first was the smallest at 7.7


My sons were 10.6 and 8.15



Never tore with any of them. You will be ok!! Just listen to your body when you're ready to push! :)


Wonderful news! Congrats!


Wow, that was pretty quick! Congrats! Love her name!


She's a big girl....were your others that big? Did labor go well? I'm scared this one is going to be large too.

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