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  1. The grammar didn't work for us (neither did FLL), but I love and use the poetry. It's gorgeous and really gives extremely deep insight into poetic methods naturally for young kids to grasp easily.
  2. It's been perfect for my math-phobic ADHD girl. It didn't work as well for my mathy kid. Mathy girl finished 200 and moved easily into Beast Academy. ADHD girl is starting CLE 400 and supplementing with BA 3 as well for concept ideas. And CTC. :p
  3. Most cities and hospitals have a "crisis line" you can call, too, and I bet they would also know the steps to take to get help ASAP. <3 <3 <3
  4. Here several of the stores have almond butter machines, where it's just almonds inside and it grinds them when you turn it on. Ours has no CC warning and The Love has never had trouble with it, but he prefers Sunbutter anyway so he doesn't have it often.
  5. LOL do you have The Sponge as your dd? A couple of weeks ago I called, "Heads up!" and tossed something to her. She looked up and watched as it sailed through the air and hit her in the head. Her explanation was that I didn't say HANDS up to catch it, just heads up, so she put her head up.
  6. Peggy Kaye's book "Games for Math." I got it for my ADHD VSL kiddo but they all love it. Very visual and intuitive games for math that are easy/quick to make (some just use the two of you or a white board, even) and use.
  7. I don't have any results yet, but The Drama should be going to a charter school 3 days a week next year (we teach math/English, the school teaches history/science/art/music/etc) while The Sponge will be staying home (a large reason is her ADHD as well). She has zero desire to attend school (she has briefly in the past). They have very different needs and in theory should thrive in their respective learning environments.
  8. At least in our state, foster adoption is essentially free. It's a hard system to navigate, but not costly out of pocket.
  9. If it's this confusing for US, I can't imagine the poor Sp Ed kindy kids trying to learn to read from it. :(
  10. Mine seems a LOT better when using an oil-based soap. I hadn't even really paid attention, but it's been much much better since we started using olive oil soap as our main shower soap.
  11. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: I agree on the interest-led, maybe the basics of phonics and math otherwise, but mostly let him learn about what he wants to know. I am so sorry mama.
  12. It can totally be upset from his daddy being gone translated the only way a baby really can.
  13. And the inability to filter/focus the sounds is an ADHD trait, so then you end up with ADHD kids who makes lots of noise and the cycle worsens. Eeep!
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