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  1. The grammar didn't work for us (neither did FLL), but I love and use the poetry. It's gorgeous and really gives extremely deep insight into poetic methods naturally for young kids to grasp easily.
  2. I have to persuade her not to bring home roadkill. :glare:
  3. She already dissected their baby octopus. :tongue_smilie:
  4. Dd7 at the grocery deli: Mom, can I get a clam? I want to dissect it. I LOVE dissecting things. (Really loudly, of course.) :lol:
  5. 6 episodes now. ;) The UK "Being Human" is supposed to be good. Lately we've been watching old school sci-fi on Netflix, like the Twilight Zone and MST3K. There's also Joss Whedon's other stuff like Angel and Buffy.
  6. :lol::lol::lol::lol: That sounds exactly like The Sponge. Good times. If they ever got together they could--dare I say it--Rule The World! *cue Bill Nye maniacal laughter overdub* :lol::lol::lol: Brilliant.
  7. This isn't really a funny, but I'm so glad we homeschool. Today The Sponge played violin (got it yesterday), did semi-remedial phonics, 2nd grade math, chemistry, 4th grade reading comprehension, ASL, had her first violin lesson, and then practiced on her own for HOURS until I had her put it away for dinner. I can't picture her in a traditional 1st (by age) or 2nd classroom, esp working around strong ADD. I do have to get her to put the violin away for long enough to do school, though. :tongue_smilie:
  8. A cheap source is the butcher's, if she wants more. Our regular grocery store has little octopi and clams and other random creatures that can be dissected.... ("But mom, I want it for SCIENCE!" :lol:)
  9. Our dds should hang out. :lol: Dissecting is her FAVORITE. She asks to dissect roadkill too, but I've had to say no....
  10. The Sponge was tracing her coins earlier, and then I saw her drawing a sunflower. Later she brought it to me. It was a a scale comparison. Sunflower, then five dollar bill, gold dollar coin, quarter, penny, dime, seed, bug, germ, atom, parts of an atom. :lol:
  11. I was at the store today with my four-year-old (and the toddler). I was looking at fruit and deciding what kinds to buy. I commented to my four-year-old that we still had pears at home. Her reply was, "The pears are decomposing." :lol::lol::lol: They are a bit old, yes....
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