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  1. DD17 has heard back from two schools so far! Update: four! Utah State University (my alma mater)- Dean's Scholarship, honors program University of South Carolina- Capstone Scholars, merit award Clemson University- merit scholarship Mount Holyoke College- amazing financial aid package Waitlisted: Macalaster, Grinnell, Reed, Wellesley
  2. Is there one yet? Because it's finally my turn!!! Lol. I've waited a decade for this. I guess I can wait a little longer...
  3. Hey, I just saw this. My dd is in AP this year, too. She has only ever had Amy, so she's grown with her. ? Amy is a phenomenal teacher and, while she is tough, she's also very fair. She's just not as "soft" as Dr. Fisher. My daughter would be happy to connect with your daughter and chat, encourage, study together- whatever. Just message me. ❤️
  4. My daughter took Greek 1 while taking Latin 2. She's in Latin 3 this year. She's had A's in every class and she works very hard. Here are her answers: 1. Greek is harder. 2. She says she spent about the same time on Greek as Latin. Not 10 hours a week usually, though she says there is a lot of homework, so it would depend on the child. 3. Mr. Barr is pretty strict. She says she would still take the class even though she'd get a B, but understand that Lukeion comes with the black and white, high standards. No hand holding. 4. "Absolutely not." She took Latin, Greek, and Spanish (FLVS) in
  5. I have twins in Funda Funda. It's a lighter workload than expected, BUT it seems to be just enough. Although, we are used to Lukeion, so I'm not sure anything could measure up to their organization and rigor. One twin is advanced and doing the honors option and the other twin is happily getting a 94% in the regular option. They both report liking the class and my advanced daughter says, "Well, I'm learning, I'm enjoying it, and it's getting done." Getting done in the sense that she isn't waiting for me to dictate it. :) She loves science.
  6. My daughter is in Latin 3. I'd love to hear any feedback about AP!
  7. Lol. This is SUCH a Utah/Mormon thing to do. It's pretty standard in Utah. I live in the south now and recently saw one of these proposals make the news, like it was a novel idea. I'm pretty sure my Utah nieces and nephews haven't been to a dance without being asked like this.
  8. FWIW, we just did an 8 day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale (we live near the port) to Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Marten, Haiti, and I feel like I'm missing one. In any case, I would much rather spend a week in Puerto Rico than on a boat to any of those islands. I know that's not what you asked, but it's what I can offer. :) Puerto Rico was fantastic and there is so much to do! We loved the rainforest and wished we had more time to spend there. We talked to some other tourists and they said they just rented a car and spent a week driving around the island, beach hopping and seeing the sights.
  9. If I still lived in CA, I wouldn't treat my clothes either. The ticks and risk of Lyme are nothing compared to what we are up against in the east.
  10. It lasts for 70 washes instead of 5-6, in addition, I suppose, to it being evenly applied, etc.
  11. Hi there! We are leaving in 21 days for a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail, so right now, this is right up my alley! ;) We sent our clothes in to Insect Shield to be treated professionally with permethrin. 2 weeks is cutting it close though, so I'd just buy the spray and treat the clothes yourself since it's a short trip. You can treat her gear and shoes and everything with it (I am not doing underwear). You can also order pretreated clothes from Insect Shield as well (REI and LL Bean also sell some Insect Shield clothing). All of our capilene base layers and fleeces are from Pa
  12. It's been a few years, but I remember her having a ton of memorization, but other than that, it was doable. It was her first Lukeion class. Barbarian Diagrammarian was more difficult and took longer.
  13. I'm so thankful for this thread! I'm going to check out some of the sites you all mentioned. My twins are in 9th grade and we are kind of going in all directions when it comes to nature study and incorporating it into "high school science." One of my daughters attended an oceanography sleep away camp the last two years (the other did archaeology). She got certified to scuba dive in 8th grade and we spend a fair amount of time snorkeling (we currently live at the beach). They have always done quite a bit with the local nature centers and turtle rescues. I always forget all the things they
  14. I think a homeschooler's perspective might be a little different than a school parent's perspective and maybe that's what is coming through in a lot of these responses (or not)... I just remember being the school mom (and also a teacher at the school) and even if you had never met the other parent, you usually knew enough about the kid or the family, saw them around the school, etc. Different schools have different cultures, so maybe this isn't the case at yours. I feel like I'm super protective, but I didn't have a problem letting my twins go play at someone's house after school even if I did
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