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  1. If you follow the recommendation to read Lingua Latina, this thread gives some ideas for what could come next. That's just in theory though, in reality I agree that it would be nice to hear from people who actually completed VL 1 and 2. It seems that the vast majority of people who continue latin at the high school level do so with an online provider. I'm not sure if that is why there are so few users... I already own it and enjoy it (I posted in your other thread) so I will be using it with kiddo #2. Still, I'd also like to hear thoughts from anyone who completed both levels.
  2. I would go back to Saxon. Your concerns with Saxon fall into the "what if" category. Some kids struggle with Saxon, some kids thrive with it. This is true of every program. It sounds like it was working - I'd go back to it.
  3. Visual Latin might be a good fit for you. It is a 2 year program. We only used 1 year with my oldest, but my 2nd child is requesting it since he found the teacher so humorous. The program has directions for adding the reader Lingua Latina which is a very engaging book. You would definitely want to add that to make the program high school level. Also, I will require more memorization when I use VL with the next kiddo. Your kids might not need that as much considering the latin background they already have.
  4. I haven't done this, but I use both programs (with different kids) so I'm familiar with both. I don't see any problem with making the switch right now. MUS will review the earlier concepts in the D-F pages, but none of that should be new to your ds after CLE 5. If anything Delta might be on the easy side at this point. It is still probably a good place to start, though. I think jumping into Zeta would be too much.
  5. I like having the teacher's manuals for levels 1-3. As pp noted it is essential in level 1. You could go without for level 2 and 3 but the TM is nice. It has extra teaching ideas and many days have a dictation section. Level 4 and up I am happy with just the answer key.
  6. My disclaimer - my dd has entered some writing competitions but I don't have any experience with this type of competition.... I would suggest trying for both. Have 3 entries that showcase one theme and have the 2 others show some variety.
  7. Trap shooting is a sport in my school district, so I guess I could see it counting as P.E. I agree with others that it would make a lot more sense as an elective. However, you add the "outdoorsman" part and I could see the possibility of a P.E. credit based more on hiking than hunting.
  8. I am seeing: LA / Bible - 1 hr Reading - 1 hr Math - 1 hr Science (2-3 days) / SS (2-3 days?) - 1 hr Music (1 day) - 1 hr? These times seem really high to me. For example, my kids usually do a CLE math lesson in about 25-35 min, but I estimated high to account for interruptions and dawdling. This still only adds up to 4-5 hrs, not the 6.5 you have allotted for school. So I think you have the time, you just need to manage it differently. Unfortunately, without hanging out with you for the day I'm not sure the best way to do that. 🙂 You might want to look at how long each of these subjects is actually taking to see where the time is going. Also, you could look to see if you are doing things in the most efficient way - i.e. you could plan for him to be doing independent work while you make lunch or lay the toddler down or start a load of laundry. Just some thoughts to help you brainstorm.
  9. I cannot compare CC to Apologia. However, I want to echo the others in saying that Jetta is a fantastic teacher. Unlike some of the kiddos on here my dd did not walk away loving physics. She is much more interested in life sciences. But she learned a ton and she absolutely loved Mrs. Jetta. It was a really wonderful experience. Like you noted, CC may use a conceptual text, but the class is not considered conceptual. It is a very challenging class with a lot of math/problem solving - I would be fairly confident that it is more challenging than Apologia. I know that doesn't necessarily help; I'm just confirming that doing both would be pointless. My dd has taken 2 online classes - she enjoyed both classes and she liked both teachers (Roy Speed was the other), but she hates online classes. She just doesn't like that format. So at the end of the day, I'd probably lay out the pros and cons for your son then let him decide.
  10. That's an awesome update! I posted about my kiddo upthread... he is in 8th now and just like you it is hard to even remember those struggles. It seems so long ago! His story totally mirrors your son's: we backed way off and he has explored his interests over the years. He has matured a ton since then. He is willing to check the boxes now - though I still try to make that as painless as possible for him. He is engaged in what he's learning and excited about picking new topics to learn. It's been great to see. Thanks for updating!!!
  11. It looks like 12:30-6 is free for you. I'd homeschool your 6 year old during that time. You should be able to complete her school and get to some of your "to do" list during that time each day.
  12. Most of these have been used differently depending on the kid, but that seems like a given when you use a program so many times.... 100 EZL Pentime through book 4 Essential Math A/B (I didn't discover until 2nd child, but I'm about to start it with my 6th so I think it makes the cut) CLE Math 1-3 Tapestry of Grace I'll give LAoW and WWaT an honorary mention. They've only made it through 2 kids so far, but I fully intend to use these programs with all my kids.
  13. I assume you are in MN... There will be no reason to pull child out of school to enroll in PSEO. The school needs to be informed by May 1 that the student will be a PSEO student the following year. The college's requirements will be a tad bit different coming from school - class standing and GPA might hold more weight than test scores, for example. But public/private schools are usually fairly supportive of the whole process.
  14. I'll try to answer all questions, but feel free to ask again if I missed something... The AA in agricultural science does not require chem. It requires either chem or physics. Plant science does not require chemistry either. If she were to pursue a BS in ag science, she would definitely need to take chemistry. However, she doesn't want to pursue a 4 yr degree at all as of now. I think she might change her mind about that, but I do not believe she will pursue agriculture. Right now she has a job in an agricultural field. She would like to continue that job for the long term. If that doesn't pan out, I believe she will go a different direction - very different as electrician and writer are her most likely second choices... So at the end of the day, I'm only interested if it will hurt her admission chances in general. I agree with what several of you are saying, though. Taking chemistry makes way more sense than taking physics. I'll keep encouraging her to take chem. However, it doesn't sound like it will hurt her in admissions, so I'm not gonna stress about it too much.
  15. Thanks. It looks like the schools my dd would be interested in require 3 lab sciences - with at least 1 bio and 1 physical science. She will more than have that covered, so I guess I shouldn't worry about it. (Easier said than done, haha.)
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