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  1. Interesting, my ds is using MUS Alg this year and complains that the videos don't explain well enough. I have assumed my ds just isn't paying enough attention. I can teach ds when he gets stuck (thanks to working through AoPS with my oldest) so I only use the teacher manual for correcting. It definitely sounds like it's not just you! Is anybody else available to help your ds with math? Your spouse? A friend? Could you hire a tutor? Unfortunately, it does sound like this is only going to get worse.
  2. My oldest is an 11th grade PSEO student. She originally registered to take 4 classes in the fall semester. As summer went on she wanted to put more hours in at her job. She dropped 3 of the classes and registered for a new class. So she went from 4 classes to 2, one of those being a new class. She had zero problem doing this even though it was only a few weeks before the school year started. I know it's not exactly the same... And way back in the day, I dropped my PSEO classes completely. There were no negative consequences beyond the fact that it was bad decision making on my part. Also, my dd has a fellow PSEO student in one of her classes that also goes to another college. So clearly it is ok to register at more than one college. It seems like this would be similar. In your shoes, I would register now and drop the classes if your ds gets accepted to the U. I can't imagine it causing any problems. However, calling one or both schools might be your best bet if you are really unsure.
  3. You can start using the card anytime. When you get your next statement, pay it in full by the due date. I just do it monthly but weekly/biweekly won't matter. As long as you have payed the statement in full by the due date, you will not be charged interest. Congrat btw. That must feel good! It will really feel good when you start getting $$ from them!!
  4. I just turned 40 and have also been considering becoming an EMT. My uncle became a paramedic at 45. Your age should not be a problem if you are otherwise well suited for the job. (Lol, that is a pep talk to myself as well. I am nervous about training and working with people much younger than me.) Around here you would have no problem getting a job. The pay, though, is not great. Depending on where you work and what your job duties are, you may be able to sleep on the night shifts. The job is "on call" in my area. For my uncle, he is on site but beds are available for when they aren't busy.
  5. My dh is an electrician so I asked his 2 cents. He says he frequently disconnects dryer vents when he is troubleshooting them because he has to pull them away from the wall. He would never consider turning off the power - he of course needs the power on to troubleshoot. He has never seen this cited in code, and believes that the plumber is not at fault. Basically, he said anybody that is arguing that the dryer should be unplugged is arguing that it should be turned off before anybody touches it. The entire dryer was "hot" in this scenario - the vent should not electocute someone anymore than opening the dryer door electrocutes someone. Fwiw....
  6. My oldest did physics in 9th, my next will do botany. I don't expect any of my kids to take "physical science" in high school. It is a valid high school course, but not at all necessary.
  7. AoPS isn't a traditional program, so I think it is hard to put it into the traditional sequence. A kid who completes the series may have a typical sounding transcript, but they will have covered *far more* than is typical. That makes it hard to compare. I haven't used AoPS at the intermediate level, but my understanding is that it covers topics from alg 2, alg 3 (college alg), competition math, and some precalculus. HTH!
  8. Well, in this case I remembered exactly what I was looking for so I was able to google: AoPS precalculus KathyinRichmond That was a pretty targeted search. The only advice I can offer is make sure you are including in your search if you aren't already.
  9. You might want to check out this thread to see how to pick and choose from AoPS Intermediate. Specifially the post by Kathy in Richmond
  10. You would have to go at least through Ch. 10, better yet Ch. 14 for Alg 1. FWIW... 🙂
  11. He is doing well with AoPS and likes it.... I would not change programs as long as that continues to be the case. If it ain't broke don't fix it, ya know? If you do decide to switch - Over the years many people have given credit for Alg 1 and 2 for kids who complete the entire AoPS intro book. That used to even be the rec on the AoPS forum, though I think the've moved away from that. It is no surprise that your kiddo has mastered the majority of what most publishers consider Alg 2. Also, Lial's Intermediate Algebra is somewhat light. My dd followed it up with a second Alg 2 program. I think you are on the right track looking for more challenging programs. Foerester comes to mind. Iirc, it is half alg 2 and half trig so it should offer something new for your ds.
  12. Yes, my dd was on it for about a year when she was 14 (2017-18ish). In some ways it was a great community. The peer feedback was good - she learned how to effectively critique other's work and the kids are so supportive of each other. She learned a lot that helped her own writing. There were also sometimes debates in the comments section - the kids kept these very respectful for the most part and really attempted to hear the pov of each other. She made a friend that she still keeps in touch with. The downside... it is filled with angsty 13-15 year olds. There are some older kids but participation seems to drop in the 16-19 year old group. There are a lot of pieces written about how nobody gets them/ their problem and how their parents hate them/ do everything wrong. Whatever, pretty typical for this age but it is not necessarily helpful to immerse yourself in that stuff. The boards are moderated but I saw so many pieces dreaming of suicide and discussing cutting. They eventually got pulled but it would often take awhile. If I could do it again, I would not let my dd join when she did. I ended up limiting our internet use for other reasons, but getting her off WtW was a definite side benefit. Ultimately, it was not an overall positive for her mental health. This, however, is very specific to her and some issues she was dealing with at 14 yo. The site is open to the public. You can follow it for a few days to get a feel for the environment. People come and go so the dynamics change. You will also notice that some writers are very dedicated to improving their writing while others are using WtW as a place to vent. There was a mass exodus a while back because the kids felt they were too heavily moderated. I think that helped get the focus back on writing. I think the positives outweigh the negatives for most kids, but there definitely are negatives. I wish I would have been more aware of that going in.
  13. Agreeing. My dd tested twice and both times she was within 1 point of the official ACT practice test.
  14. I would estimate that my oldest spent around an hour on Alg 2. I'd call that about 20-30 min instructional time and 30-40 min finishing the assignment. She is a very fast worker so those times are probably on the high end. I could see my other kids taking 1-1.5 hrs. Still that would absolutely be at most. I have a hard time imagining math taking up to 2 hours unless it was "for fun" at that point. I know I run shorter high school days (4-5 hrs) than a lot of this board, so to give a slightly different pov, I wouldn't bat an eye at 45-60 min if it was focused time spent.
  15. My oldest is a junior. She plans to have an associate's degree by the time she graduates high school, but she has no interest in continuing to a 4 year college. She has a job working at a farm and she absolutely loves it. She would like to take over the business as the current owners are getting older. I am wholeheartedly behind her pursuing this even though it was very much not in the original plan. I feel strongly that 4 year college is not for everybody. I also feel like life is too long to have a job you don't enjoy. There is no doubt that my dd loves what she is doing. If she can manage to make a living at it, hurray for her. If, otoh, it doesn't work out or she changes her mind later, college will still be there.
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