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  1. The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History This is a longer book about 250 pages on the black panther movement, what they did, why they were supported and who was a part of it. I found it to be a great read and learned a lot about the interaction between the police and others during the moment. Lots of talking points about the moment, the behavior of police in the 1960's and today as well as rights and how they can be applied in daily life.
  2. Thanks for the answer. I had to know with that amount if it worked for any school.
  3. Question Did any of the material sent to you help your daughter in deciding what colleges to apply to?
  4. Why do you HAVE to learn it like that? Not all college teach chemistry in that order but the programs that finish not start with general chemistry demand a APchem of 4/5, or they did when I applied. I meet and talked to a friend that got in to one of those programs. He stated that he know the how and why of the faith statements of chemistry that could be proved with undergrad classes. However he had to know the faith statements and how to use them to get into the program. His better knowledge and understanding of the faith statements didn't help in teaching basic chemistry.
  5. Sorry I am very slow to give the advise to do labs to learn chemistry after giving the advise to do a learn chemistry by lab book which is well reviewed but I hadn't used and watching it fail. I also at the private school saw students fail to learn with a different chemistry teacher that taught 100% chalk and talk with lots of memorization including things that don't need to be memorized like a formulas for moving moles, gram and g/mol without understanding. As such I don't know if more lab would help. I don't know any magic/best way to learn chemistry. I do believe that 0 lab doesn
  6. Chemistry is about understanding content not mathy problems. Yes there are some problems but all the basics for chemistry is at Algebra 1. I like the hodders edu cie chemistry as&a2 9781510480230 please note this book is a two year text but and pretty lower on problems to be done however it is about the concepts of chemistry. Taking a look at the IG level book may be helpful first. Please note I taught chemistry at the IG, AS and A2 at a private school. Chemistry is a subject where tons of hands on helps in learning but chemistry also has a fair amount of memorization and things
  7. I am looking at Museum of the bible, four book set on the bible and it say that curriculum focuses on the history, narrative and impact of the Bible. I have not purchased the program yet. https://shop.museumofthebible.org/collections/student-edition-textbooks
  8. A Failed class can cause the college to withdraw the offer or loss of some to tons of finical aid. The school will note the failed the class and if they don't bring to the college now they may not find out in time to come up with plan B if that college will not honor the offer as it was conditional. If the school does withdraw the offer they should return the deposit at this time. I had two friends in high school with a failed class senior year of high school. One talked to the school in January and kept their offer with a small loss of finical aid. The other didn't tell the college until
  9. A comment on schools, most schools/districts have tons of resources, a new resource is not the answer. I read an article on a school district that did a reform that really was helping students. I have lost the article sorry. The school placed all all students in same size random K class and at the end of the year had a test on reading and math or on first day of the next year. In grade 1 all students were placed in class based on the test scores. The classes with the lowest test scores had the fewest students as low as 10 kids along with more experienced teachers and highest scores
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