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  1. I'm stressed - this is my first senior. Of course, just my luck the #1 choice uses the Coalition app instead of the Common app so now we have to make sure we get all the pieces in place for both. Still trying to finalize the college list. DS would be happy with two but I think we need to have some other alternatives just in case. Here's where we are at:First deadline - Nov 1 (others due Nov 15 and later)App Activities Listing - Ds is working on this. LOR - Completed. Counselor Letter - Working on this. All the samples I read are not helping me. School profile - CompletedTranscript - Almost DoneCourse descriptions - Hoping I don't have to do these. Depends on final college list.Number 1 App Essay - Revised draft but needs some tweaking. Supplement Essay #1 - Possibly some Why this college? types. Haven't started yet.FAFSA - No,
  2. Mostly looking for information on the general atmosphere/culture on campus.
  3. Margaret - Wondering if you have any updates on your dd's experience at Norwich. My ds is really interested in Cybersecurity and they appear highly ranked in that regard. He also loves cold weather. I don't think he's interested in the Cadets at this time but we just started researching.
  4. My ds is a senior interested in Computer Science. We are aiming for our in state school University of Washington. However, CS is very competitive for admissions there right now and they basically say don't come if you don't get admitted directly as a freshman. So, I am looking for some other safeties in the mountain states where tuition would be low due to the WUE program. Does anyone have any anecdotal experience with University of Utah, Universtiy of Idaho, or Montana?
  5. Excelsior Academy has a class called WWII: Stories and Analysis at Excelsior. that focuses on military history. It's taught by Gene Doremus. There is also Battles that Changed the World. At Open Tent Academy, they have International Justice. Big River Academy has a few Criminology classes as well.
  6. When I signed up for a teacher's account, I did it under the Washington State Homeschool code. I have access to reports on all the subjects in which I submitted an approved syllabus. The reports show all the students who took the tests using the Homeschool code including my sons. Since they took 5 exams this year, I was able to see the number of participants and scores for each of those exams. I was also able to look at last year's reports as well. The reports list the actual scores and grade level for each student and also show a comparison with overall State and National statistics. Art History & Macro had only 1 participant (my ds) while Lit, World History & European History had 2-4 students. I suppose some of the homeschool students may be reported under separate codes for online Academies.
  7. Thank you for posting this. I didn't realize we could access scores that way. I'm surprised how few homeschoolers take APs in my state - even the popular exams only had 3 or 4 students. I guess everyone does dual enrollment instead.
  8. If the College Board really believes this index is valuable, why are they keeping it hidden from students? Don't students have a right to know what kind of information is supplied on them via the CB. If personal data is used to build the index, I believe the student's should have the ability to determine if the index is supplied with their scores as it may influence the admissions decisions.
  9. The strangest thing happened today. Dropped my ds off at local high school to take the AP Art History exam. He was the only one taking it so they escorted him to a counselor's office where the counselor would proctor the exam. I arranged to pick him up after the exam. The exam starts at 12:00 and was supposed to last 3 hours. I arrive at 3:00, 3:30 passes, 4:00 rolls around and now I'm really confused - where is he? Stop in high school office to inquire and they confirm he is still taking the exam. Finally about 4:20 my son comes out. Apparently, the counselor reading from the instructions said homeschoolers get an extra hour and a half. My son told the counselor he really thought it was only 3 hours but she insisted it was 4 1/2 hours. What??? I really hope his score doesn't get cancelled for this. Earlier in the week, I had gotten an urgent call from the school regarding my request for a scribe for ds' broken hand. Scribe?? I informed them at the time that this was a mixup - he did not need any accommodations and he did not have a broken hand. Wondering if they somehow got confused again and gave him an extra time accommodation instead. Anyway, exam seemed to go okay - he was just left twiddling his thumbs during the extra time. Finally, convinced the counselor to release him from the FRQs before the time was up. This will go down as the longest AP yet. One more to go tomorrow, AP Macro, hopefully they will keep it to the scheduled two hours.
  10. If you might qualify for financial aid, I would suggest looking first at the list of schools that meet full need. Almost all of these schools would be considered reaches for even the best students in the current admissions environment although some of them might be a match. Many of these are liberal art schools that would be likely to have pretty good philosophy and classics departments. Some of these schools may also provide merit aid for those ineligible for financial aid. However, generally the more selective the school, the less likely they will offer merit. If you think you will qualify for little to no financial aid, then I would look for schools with good merit. Trinity University in San Antonio has a good reputation as a solid liberal arts univ. with good merit aid that would probably be a match. University of Dallas is a Catholic university which has a strong focus on the classics and philosophy - not sure about merit but I think this would be a match. St. Johns College (in Annapolis or Santa Fe) has a unique curriculum but might appeal. Further afield some smaller liberal arts schools that offer merit and would probably be matches: In the midwest, Lawrence, Gustavus Adolphus, Denison, College of Wooster, Knox, On the east coast, St. Lawrence Univ, Hobart and William Smith are ones that do not meet full need but do offer some financial aid as well as merit. On the larger side (5000+), try University of Tulsa, University of Rochester, Case Western, Fordham, Wake Forest, St. Louis University.
  11. Has anyone had a dc take the Admissions Essay Workshop (Maya Inspektor) at PAHS?. Or can you suggest another workshop or private consultant that can help edit/provide advice on college admission essays? I just feel like ds will not be very receptive to my input on his essays and I'm hoping to find some intermediary to help him.
  12. Hopefully Lanny will check in, I believe his daughter is graduating from Texas Tech's High School and that seemed to be a traditional correspondence course. Other possibilities include BJU (you can do the online videos/dvd or just textbook), American School, Oak Meadow and maybe BYU.
  13. Here's a link to ASU's Vietnamese Language program. It looks like they have an online class. You can also see which books they use for the Beginners Class.
  14. If you're going with Notgrass, you might find used copies at a discount on ebay and homeschoolclassifieds
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