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  1. That's what my "gut" was telling me. I've tried to keep them all together but science is getting tricky. Thanks for the recommendations. I've never heard of either science program. I'll definitely check them out.
  2. I have three girls going into 1st, 4th, and 7th grades this year. Science has been one of those things that we've just struggled to get done. Now that my oldest will be in 7th grade, I'm getting worried about preparing her for high school science. She really doesn't have a very strong foundation in any science. This past year was probably our best year but we only managed to complete about 2/3 of the material. We did earth science and weather. The year before we spent the entire year dissecting animals and doing lap books on the animals we dissected. My 7th grader really wants to d
  3. Thank you, everybody, for your input. We do not use any of the writing assignments in the book; we use Writing With Skill. I'm not really in a hurry to push her through, I just wanted it to be challenging for her as grammar is definitely a strong point with her and she enjoys the challenge.
  4. My rising sixth grader breezed through the R&S grade six. Would it do any harm to skip book seven and dive into book 8 this fall? I've heard that the odd years tend to be light. I would not rush her through book 8, but I would let her work at her own pace. Would I miss anything in book 7 if we skipped it??
  5. Thank you very much for the recommendations. I'll be checking them out.
  6. My oldest is in fifth grade this year; this is the first successful year of science we've had. I ordered a dissection kit and we've been dissecting and making lapbooks. Before that we dabbled in Apologia Astronomy, Elemental Science Biology, Sonlight science...... We just aren't science people. This coming year I will be teaching three girls (6th, 3rd, K) and I'm not sure what to do with science. I noticed that Elemental Science has a new living books curriculum out that spans K-5th. I'm sure my 6th grader wouldn't mind doing it. Has anybody used it? What are your thoughts. We've
  7. My fifth grader is going through WWS 1 and loving it. Writing comes naturally for her but unfortunately spelling does not. How you do you handle misspellings? I think she just enjoys writing so much that she doesn't want to take the time to pay attention to spelling. (We are doing AAS Level 5 right now and she is doing great in that book.) Just curious what others thought.
  8. They think that somehow I started miscarrying last month and it's taken a while. It hasn't been a normal miscarriage.
  9. I just got my results back. It was a miscarriage. I wasn't very far along. I didn't know I was pregnant in the first place. We had no intention of having anymore kids. But... I'm still a bit sad. Not exactly sure how to process it all but I'm so thankful for an answer. Thanks for the support. I just needed to get it out.
  10. I went to the doctor because I have having a period that lasted for three weeks. I figured it was most likely due to hormones since I recently weaned my baby. I had only had one period previous to this one. Anyways, they did several tests including a HCG test to check pregnancy hormone levels. I was certain that I was not pregnant. My husband was deployed March 1 and I had my first period March 10 since weaning my baby (2 weeks long, abnormal for me). My HCG levels came back at 118. Very low considering how far along a pregnancy should have been. I'm waiting on the results of another H
  11. Thanks Ladies. I might just get the Grade 6 book. We homeschool year around with short breaks so she doesn't really need a lot of review. Thanks for the info!
  12. We are finishing up FLL Level 4 this year and planning to move to R&S grade 5 next year. Do you need the entire package with the tests and worksheets or can I get away with the teacher's book and the student text? I don't do testing and we avoid "busywork". I'm not sure though what the worksheets are or if they are a necessary part of the curriculum. Also, if R&S appropriate for using right after FLL level 4? My dd finds grammar to be extremely easy and enjoyable so I'd like to keep pushing her forward. If R&S grade 6 would work I wouldn't mind taking it slowly. I just do
  13. I need some recommendations for exercise videos that deal with strength training. I've never really done strength training. I can tell I keep getting weaker and weaker all over but my back/core is pathetically weak. We just had our last baby (hopefully) a year ago. I'm about 50 pounds overweight right now (my profile pic is old). I've got a Waters Tsunami Pro indoor cycle that I really love for cardio. I also enjoy walking. But I would really like some videos that would run me through a strength training program. I really need the interaction rather than just reading through exercises i
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