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  1. I feel ya! Only I want a bird not a cat.
  2. Addi turbo circular hands down. If it have a very slippery small yarn I grab some bamboo ones if needed. But they are nothing like addi turbo.
  3. Did you read the directions before asking me how to do this? I didn't ask if you wanted to do it; I said it needs doing. Look it up. Food. (This is my response to "what's for dinner". If I told them what we were having, at least one kid would then whine about I just say food) That is none of your business.
  4. I get uncontrollably shaky and have stomach pain with anxiety/panic attacks... Just another thought.
  5. Mine grew sideways under the gum, never actually erupted. I didn't have the money to get them out until I was married at 25 and under DH insurance. Unfortunately, all those years of orthodontia was semi messed up. All my bottom teeth are overlapped in the front and very tight for flossing. Do get them out early! The surgery wasn't bad at all. I don't remember anything. My only negative part of it was the painkiller made me feel ill afterword.
  6. I did have abdominal migraines as a teen when I first started my period. It lasted for about 3 years and then just lessened to normal cramp levels. I would be completely fine and then my period would start. I would go very pale, be in intense pain, fetal position, throwing up, the runs, and feel basically like I was dying. I didn't know at the time it was called abdominal migraines, and my mother convinced the Dr I was being they didn't realise how bad it was. They did offer me the pill because I was irregular, but my mother didn't allow it, so I cannot say if that would have helped or not. I know Tylenol didn't touch it. That was what we had in the house for me to take.
  7. start, hot showers aren't the best for eczema, so there is that. If you, like me, love a hot hot shower, you probably need to cool it down. As for soaps and shampoos... A big one for us is sodium laurel sulphates. It is in so many soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc etc. And finding sls free often is more expensive. Trader Joe's toothpaste is also free. Jason brand makes SLS free shampoos, soaps, deodorant, and toothpaste. They are definitely more expensive. As for food aggravators, diary is highest on the list for common causes. If it isn't that, then hopefully you find what it is. In my case, it is mostly stress induced or dry air or grass allergy. It isn't food induced.
  8. Hamburger helper, canned veggies, Lima beans, shake and bake, rice a Roni, tuna casserole, cabbage salad, Velveeta cheese, and empty the fridge take every leftover from the fridge and put them into a lot together...warm and serve. My mother was a good cook, but she worked and so we often had fast meals.
  9. After feeding my brain didn't make sense 😁
  10. And yet, there is a bill in Oregon that has already passed the first step, to take away those exemptions based on these very few cases of measles. I'm not seeing a ton of press on it either....which makes it feel a little sneaky. Also, people don't take into account in discussing the philosophical exemptions Vs medical exemptions, that some people are forced to use the philosophical exemption for a very valid medical reason simply because the their medical issue doesn't line up with the CDC medical exemption listed. I know a family that nearly lost a child (documented) from a reaction to vaccination and if this law passes, they have had to use the philosophical exemption to not vaccinate their younger child due to their medical history. I do believe that it should be parents choice. I also agree that if you have a big outbreak, like in NY, then quarantine makes sense for safety. I don't agree with laws that force. And yes, we vaccinate.
  11. Just to not be confused with the honey and other immunotherapy things out there. The sublingual immunotherapy that I receive from my allergist is basically the same thing as the shot treatments but in a sublingual form. This makes it possible for those who do not live close for weekly shots to still receive the same benifits in a form they can do at home. The amount is regulated by having a bottle made especially for your particular allergies and by taking a measured dose...per allergist instructions.
  12. Similar to others...sitting at a dance school on a bench with other moms, watching our kids in dance class. The kids were talking and stuff before class started and then of course dancing and playing games together during class. One mom then says to me, "I know you homeschool, I just don't agree with it. I mean, how are they ever going to around kids their own age and be normal." I replied, " well I did let them out of the basement to come and play with these kids... hopefully they are normal!" (This was before the ca incident with the horrible parents "homeschooling" 13 kids happened. I wouldn't say that now) I've also gotten the, ruined them from ever fitting in because they are too advanced and/or awkward. Yup some of mine are on the spectrum...they ARE awkward...does the ps have a magic potion that fixes it?
  13. We have also had extensive skin tests for food and environmental allergies. We have both in our family. The cross pollination thing is real. I had huge issues with grasses. When eating certain foods my whole face would go numb, tingling mouth, hives etc. However, the same item cooked wasn't a problem because it killed the grass pollen in the food. Immunotherapy, in my experience has been worth every penny for seasonal allergies. We do sublingual because we live too far away for weekly shots. Sublingual is taken daily at home. Unfortunately, insurances cover shots but not sublingual, so plan to pay for it out of pocket. I'm in my 4th season of immunotherapy. Last season I only had to take one antihistamine...the day we were in a horse barn and riding horses all day. The rest of the season I've not had to take anything. I may get a little sniffy...but that is it. It has been so worth it! And I agree...much better for your health than taking constant antihistamines if you can help it. I agree with the zyrtec issues. Unfortunately for me, Claritin caused major depression/suicidal thoughts and I had to go off of it. Allegra worked great for 2 years and then just didn't work. Zyrtec always works for me...but not without side effects, so I'm super happy that I almost never have to take it. And this is coming from someone who lives out in the country where the surrounding farms are harvesting hay and other grasses less than a mile from my house.
  14. We had to be careful with mold bree and bleu. This same kid also has issues with penicillin.
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