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  1. Extra chicken feed, an oximeter, extra meds, and a grain mill and wheat berries. We cannot get flour here anymore or bread. I already had 30 lbs of flour, but it is nearly gone now. The kids are going through growth spurts and eating a lot of sandwiches. I am going through a loaf a day pretty much.
  2. Add to that...the people getting off cruise ships in US are not required to test. They are then released after 14 days after being quarantined together.
  3. I have kept up with this thread since it first started in Jan. I've lurked the whole stinking time. Love this thread! Please let's not get it shut down! I know I don't post a ton, I'm a pretty private person and like my anonymity. So I don't say what state I'm in or things that might flag me to a person that wants to identify me. All that to say, I finally feel compelled to say something. I have about a dozen family members in a Gov mandated quarantine for this. Some have been tested and have tested positive. Some have refused the test (even though they were caring for the ones
  4. I wouldn't say they are any more noisy than the next machine. Sewing machines aren't super quiet in general. I know some computerized machines may be a little quieter. The strong and tough us quieter than a surger...does that help?🤷
  5. It depends one what exactly you want. If you want to see thick items...I have the strong and tough machine. It is great! I can sew multiple layers of denim without any issue. It has manual dials...no computer. I've also had their $200ish computer quilting machines. My daughter uses one of these. They have fancier stitches and also the speed control. She has had hers for about 8 years. She is an occasional user. I use mine nearly every day...so I tend to wear them out (thick layers) every 5-8 years. I wore out the Viking in about the same amount of time. This is why I stick to brothers no
  6. I think you have two semi conflicting criteria...old machines usually don't have speed control. New machines generally don't have metal parts. Going old, if you can find them, will get you a heavy duty machine that will last forever. Going new, you have to be more choosy about brands, but they have lots of bells and whistles. I've personally had the best luck with brothers and I know janomi are also good machines. I would not waste any money on new singers or white machines. Vikings are ok...but honestly you can get just as good of a machine with a brother for way less money. Brother
  7. I use the scrapings method. It works but requires advanced planning. I do not have discards. The scrapings method is when you already have a good active starter going. You use what you need for the bread, then store the remaining in the fridge. The night before you want to bake, take out the little bit of starter you have and feed it enough to have the amount you need for the recipe. So if you need 400g of starter, feed it 200 flour and 200 water. Let sit overnight. In the morning it should have more than doubled. Use the 400g you need, you will now have the little bit left over (mine is usual
  8. I feel ya! Only I want a bird not a cat.
  9. Addi turbo circular hands down. If it have a very slippery small yarn I grab some bamboo ones if needed. But they are nothing like addi turbo.
  10. Did you read the directions before asking me how to do this? I didn't ask if you wanted to do it; I said it needs doing. Look it up. Food. (This is my response to "what's for dinner". If I told them what we were having, at least one kid would then whine about it...so I just say food) That is none of your business.
  11. I get uncontrollably shaky and have stomach pain with anxiety/panic attacks... Just another thought.
  12. Mine grew sideways under the gum, never actually erupted. I didn't have the money to get them out until I was married at 25 and under DH insurance. Unfortunately, all those years of orthodontia was semi messed up. All my bottom teeth are overlapped in the front and very tight for flossing. Do get them out early! The surgery wasn't bad at all. I don't remember anything. My only negative part of it was the painkiller made me feel ill afterword.
  13. I did have abdominal migraines as a teen when I first started my period. It lasted for about 3 years and then just lessened to normal cramp levels. I would be completely fine and then my period would start. I would go very pale, be in intense pain, fetal position, throwing up, the runs, and feel basically like I was dying. I didn't know at the time it was called abdominal migraines, and my mother convinced the Dr I was being dramatic...so they didn't realise how bad it was. They did offer me the pill because I was irregular, but my mother didn't allow it, so I cannot say if that would have hel
  14. Well....to start, hot showers aren't the best for eczema, so there is that. If you, like me, love a hot hot shower, you probably need to cool it down. As for soaps and shampoos... A big one for us is sodium laurel sulphates. It is in so many soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc etc. And finding sls free often is more expensive. Trader Joe's toothpaste is also free. Jason brand makes SLS free shampoos, soaps, deodorant, and toothpaste. They are definitely more expensive. As for food aggravators, diary is highest on the list for common causes. If it isn't that, then hopefully you find wh
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