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  1. Can't very hot pans get warped if put in cold water? Seems like I read that somewhere....
  2. I have a relative that is seeking a second opinion because their post COVID symptoms line up with POTS. The treatment they have been given from current Dr. lines up with POTS treatment, but so far they Dr. just shrugs and says they do not know. COVID illness was a year ago and they are still struggling. This is a person younger than 40, had no pre-existing conditions, and did not have a severe case of COVID. They are fully vaccinated, it didn't reverse the symptoms.
  3. This is so funny and true. Very very rarely do I actually find an opportunity to nap. If by sheer luck a day comes that I can, I let DH know that I need a nap and I'm going to go take one. About 15 min later he will forget and decide it is time for some music to do chores with....very very loud music...with a lot of bass and/or electric guitar. If I show up looking like I just woke up he says...hey weren't you going to go take a nap?
  4. I say Birkenstock shoes. They have them. I have a pair of the boots. I love them!
  5. It is definitely under construction. I am a long time user...I'm looking forward to the death of Locklizard. So far we are still waiting for our stuff to be uploaded to the new system. If you are interested in TOG, you should probably check back in a month or so. Maybe by then it will be more understandable.
  6. I think you might mean Newberg, Oregon? It is affordable, but not very LGBT friendly. It is more conservative. There are outlying areas of Portland that are more LGBT friendly that are also "affordable", but even still, prices are high out here and housing is hard to find.
  7. I have a relative that had COVID symptoms, but before her area was testing. She has heart troubles now that she never had before. They did an antibody test about 9 months afterward and she didn't show antibodies. They still suspect COVID though, based on long term issues.
  8. Sign me up! I want a nap! Oh wait, I already had my two doses of Pfizer. Nevermind.
  9. This was in response to Not_a_Number's question. Somehow the quote went poof! I have been sheltered at home for the last 15 months. So I am not around as many kids. But I know of for sure-as in officially diagnosed: 1-2yo (cold like) 1-3yo (asymptomatic) 2- 6yos (1 cold like, one flu like had COVID 2x) 1- 9yo (cold like-was helped by asthma meds) 1- 10yo (flu like COVID 2x) 1- 12yo (flu like COVID 2x-Major problems with breathing the second time, felt panicked, was scared-no previous health issues)-has had first vaccine now, their family really doesnt
  10. In my family/friends... Adults between 35-65 have had about just over 2 days of feeling crappy. The first day being laid out flat, the second day feeling better but not awesome, and the next half of the day just getting energy back. I have only heard a couple that felt completely fine for both doses and they seemed to all be above 60. I would say the majority felt fine on the first and horrid on the second. A few felt horrid on both. The kids between 12-16 have been about 24 hrs of tired and achy and sore arms. Another day of just sore arm. I know people who had COVID from age
  11. I would like to vaccinate my youngest because he wants to go back to orchestra. Also, he has a high risk brother and mom. I feel more comfortable not having someone catch COVID and increase the chances of vaccine breakthrough in my home. Yes, I know that they aren't so sure how often kids spread it, and the breakthrough on the vaccines is small, but it is also true that more exposure to COVID makes catching it more likely. Then there is the fact that I am concerned about the long term consequences of this virus for people, including little kids. Kids have a long life in front of them. I feel t
  12. I have dyslexics. The older two are stealth dyslexics...I am guessing the younger is too, but not tested. I use All About Spelling with all of them. The middle kid took longer to be ready for spelling than the other two. It finally started to click around 11. My youngest one has used All About Reading as well as All About Spelling. He is reading with more fluency than his brothers did at his age. I think using All About Reading really helped with that. All are now reading on grade level. They do make the common mistakes of stealth dyslexia. They each have different areas where their dyslexia s
  13. Thanks Acadie! She will feel better just in time for DH's second vax, LOL! This is a week of taking turns feeling bad I guess. Only the little guy, who is too young for the vaccine, and I are safe. I am already a week past my second.
  14. It is now nearly 48 hours from vax. DS 1: feels almost completely fine. Still mild arm soreness, he says it is better than it was. He slept a a couple hours or so longer than usual last night. DS 2: has smiles again. He says he still has a sore arm and his headache is mild now. The joints also feel better. He slept hard for 14 hours last night. Guess that helped! 😆 Now DD feels rough (her second shot was yesterday). She is dizzy and headachy. She is not in the 12-15 group though.
  15. My boys got theirs yesterday. DS 1 had 24 hours of a bad headache, sore arm, and took naps...so tired. He is feeling better now. Headache is less and less tired. Arm is still sore. DS 2 is still feeling very rough. Migraine, sore joints, sore arm, very tired, a little queazy. He has a very overreactive immune system and this was expected. His Dr warned us not to let him out of the house because if he got COVID it would probably be bad. He is high risk. He is happy to be getting his vaccine started because it means less fear for him. But he is now a bit worried about ge
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