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  1. I took trazodone for over a year and have never heard of getting nosebleeds but I did get congestion from it so they could be related. I would certainly follow up with her doctor with any new symptoms.
  2. Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about making these as a kid. I will be making some with the kids this week.
  3. I was married at 19, my dh was 20. We have been married for almost 18 years. It has been rocky at times but we love each other and have been committed to making it work. I don't think there is a perfect age, I think it depends on the maturity and level of commitment in the individuals.
  4. Ugh, I would also vote Phoenix, especially compared to Virginia in cost of living only. I despise Phoenix, it was a bad place for us. But all in all I know many people are happy there. And you can find affordable housing in the Phoenix area. If money wasn't an issue Virginia would win hands down but alas often times it comes down to finances. Good luck to you.
  5. I was pulled over in September for the first time ever in 21 years. I didn't get a ticket though, thank goodness. The officer was very nice and I apologized for speeding which I was doing and did admit to doing.
  6. Not sure, my daughter is still not 100 lbs. She is about 85 lbs right now.
  7. We live right on the border of Cleveland in a very socio-economic mixed city. I can usually sense when it's "safe" to say something and when it's not. There are certainly times when I wouldn't say something to a teen and those are usually the times when I just leave the situation anyhow. The funny thing is that I find worse behaving teens in the better areas of town.
  8. When my youngest, who is autistic, was little I dreaded going out in public. I never knew what would set him off and since he was not verbal until he was 4 it was tough. I tried so hard to put on a brave face and tell myself that if people understood they wouldn't judge. I could see from the snide looks on people's faces that they thought I was a bad mom or something. I realized though eventually that people can think what they want and it doesn't really affect me. I know that my son isn't a brat. I often thought about just not taking him out but I am not ashamed of him so I won't hide him away.
  9. Now that my kids are older I have this attitude but in the library I expect everyone to be respectful and would speak up and say something calmly. If that didn't resolve the issue I would talk to a librarian (i know 90% of them)or in the case of our library the police officer on duty.
  10. That is nice to know because I started mine at 11 and pretty much stopped growing then. I really am hoping my daughter will be a little taller because she is only 5' and I am 5'3" but her growth seems to really have slowed down in the past year or other kids are speeding up, not sure which.
  11. We usually do a big breakfast on Christmas morning but this year since Christmas falls on a Sunday I have been trying to think of something quick to eat before going to church. I plan on making muffins the night before and having a fruit salad.
  12. We buy used all the time, in fact we prefer it because they usually have good deals on used games. This past weekend it was buy two get one free. Plus with a store card (not sure what it's called) you get a 10% discount on used games. Also for an extra $3 you can get a year warranty on the game.
  13. I drive a 2009 Routan. I love it. I went from a big SUV (suburban) to this minivan and at first I thought I was going to hate it. But I don't. I will admit I was worried about being a soccer mom and driving a minivan. Which is funny because I am technically a soccer mom, I am just not a soccer mom. It's a nice van, it's room for my bigger kids and it has lots of compartments which they life. It also has a decent amount of cargo space. It fits a full size cello easily which was a must for us. We went with a mid range model but we did buy certified used because I can't justify buying new. I have a moon roof, heated seats, and auto start on mine because those were features I couldn't live without. There are a few cons to it. The gas mileage isn't that good, I do a lot of city driving and typically get about 15 mpg but when doing highway driving I get about 20 mpg. The other downside is apparently they go through brakes quickly. We had to replace the back brakes at about 40,000K miles. My husband replaced them and said they were very easy to do. We live in Northeast Ohio and get a lot of snow, it does great in the snow and I don't have snow tires. And yes it is a caravan but it has some upgrades including more comfortable seats, the seats are really comfy. We are a VW family. My dh drives a 2007 Jetta TDI and we are looking for another Jetta for our soon to be 16 year old. I have been happy with VWs. As for repairs costing a lot, I have found any car costs a lot to repair but my dh is hand and does 90% of repairs himself. Parts are easily obtainable but I know not everyone has a mechanically inclined dh. Good luck on your purchase.
  14. I feel your pain. My dd started this summer when she was 10. She wasn't excited though. She is very innocent and young for her age even though she looks much older. I developed early and was hoping to spare her that. We have eaten organic food since our kids were little and I hoped the lack of hormones in her food would help delay puberty to a more reasonable age but alas it didn't. Enjoy your moody preteen, I just try and be patient with mine and remember what it was to be that age and have my body being all weird.
  15. We like tilapia around here because it doesn't have that overly fishy taste that some in our family detest. It's nice to be able to make a fish that no one complains about.
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