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  1. There is always the possibility that you will still be able to get it. I came in 2nd for my first teaching position. They called and told me that I had come in 2nd and they would keep me in mind. One week later, they called and offered me the job. The other person had initially accepted and then turned it down when it came time to sign the contract.
  2. I teach at a public high school. Kids switch out of AP into preAP or on-level all the time. It is very common for this happen during senior year at the end of the quarter or at the end of the semester.
  3. I just mailed the transcript. The universities my kids applied to wanted me to get the transcript notarized. I also had the notary stamp across the seal of the envelope after I put the transcript in and sealed it.
  4. I hope school #1 works out for you. The competition for school positions is not as fierce once the school year has started, so your odds are good. My interview got rescheduled to start 15 minutes later to work around the 2-hour delay bell schedule, so it was all good. I have no idea if there are still more interviews to come or if that was the last stage.
  5. And guess what? We are having severe weather. It is currently raining and it is 34 degrees, but it is expected to get down to 26 tonight and not get above 32 until about 10am. If we do a 2-hour late start, I will not be able to do my interview at the scheduled time because I will still be in class until 5 minutes after it starts. I emailed them tonight to let them know that there is a possibility that I might have to start 10 minutes late (web interview, so I don't have to actually arrive anywhere). My district hasn't called for a 2-hour delay yet. They also haven't issued a policy statement saying when they will make that call. The other local districts haven't made a decision yet, but they have all stated a time that they will do so.
  6. My two older kids went to UT Dallas. My youngest is currently at Southwestern. I'm happy to answer any specific questions that you have if I can. Disability services are very good at both schools. Southwestern has very nice scholarships even for transfer students. We wouldn't be able to do it without the scholarships.
  7. I hope you get an offer out of it. I'm still in the interview process for a job that I applied for several months ago. I've had a phone screen interview, two one-hour web interviews, and a skills test. I have another one-hour interview scheduled next week. I really hope they make a decision after this next interview. And I hope they choose me.
  8. I wear Lee jeans and dress pants. I'm a high school teacher. When I take up phones, I need to have somewhere safe to put them where I know another student won't steal it. Yesterday I had my phone, clicker, and expo marker in my right front pocket and three phones in each of my back pockets and two phones in my left front pocket. I still had room for a couple more phones in my front pockets.
  9. Was he also tested for MOG? Some people who were diagnosed with MS years ago have had their diagnosis changed to MOG antibody disease since the test first came out a few years ago. It is also a demyelinating disease. My 24yo was just diagnosed with MOG antibody disease this summer. The major reason this is important is because some MS treatments make MOG much worse.
  10. I'm 52yo and I am still awful at swallowing pills. I can swallow pills as small as Claritin with no problem. But pills as big as Advil trigger my gag reflex. I can get an Advil down maybe half of the time and even then it takes me about half of a glass of water. I get liquid or chewable if I possibly can. If I can't, then I have to either chop up the tablet into smaller pieces to swallow or I have to dump out the capsule into a small amount of liquid to swallow.
  11. My mother did. She was about 60yo when it hit the first time. The original cause was a problem with her kidneys. Her left kidney was shriveled up and pouring out cancer toxins. It was some kind of cancer that grew up on little stalks from the walls of the bladder. The second bout was three years later. This time it was more invasive and was in the wall of the bladder itself. The third bout was the worst and came about one year after she finished treatment. She died shortly after that. All of this was a long time ago. She died in 1998. I know the treatments are much better now. I don't know a whole lot about it. I was estranged from my highly toxic family and only had limited contact with my mother and no contact with anybody else. I have had no contact with them since she died.
  12. I was on a heart monitor for two weeks and just got that mailed off one week ago. I'm still waiting to hear back on the results from that. I do know that I was having a premature heartbeat. When I had my cardiology appt three weeks ago, every 4th beat was coming early. It was nice to know that there was a reason for the oddness that I had felt. I had no idea that the monitor was causing me a lot of anxiety until I took it off at the end of two weeks. Have you been sent for a CT calcium scan? It looks at the amount of placque in the arteries of your heart. I had one a little over one week ago and just got the results back. I was relieved that I came back as minimal risk of heart attack since my family history is horrible.
  13. I'm a "no problem" person. That makes much more sense as a response. I'm almost 52.
  14. That doesn't seem to be the case here. I'm a high school teacher and my students (good students who would be great employees) talk of applying for 40-50 jobs to get 1-2 interviews. And these are just regular retail cashier positions for 17-18yo kids. I was really hoping to get out of the classroom. I submitted more than 70 applications for jobs in instructional design, curriculum development, and training. I only got 5 interviews and two of those were bogus. They were through employment agencies so I couldn't see what the company was and although the job description was about training, they were actually straight up sales positions that were 100% commission. The other three were legitimate and I had phone interviews and got to the second stage of online webex interview with people in three different cities with one of them. Unfortunately, they wanted a current math teacher and while I am also certified in math, I've been teaching science for the past four years.
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