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  1. My 25yo has a telehealth appointment with her neurologist next month to discuss which vaccines would be okay to get and which would not. She has a 7 cm lesion on her spinal cord from transverse myelitis when her immune system started attacking her spinal cord last February. She has been fortunate in that she has regained nearly all of the ability that she lost, but we don't know that she would be so lucky next time. There are multiple vaccines out there, so she wants to discuss with the doctor which ones would likely be safe and which ones would not. For instance, live vaccines are genera
  2. I bought a Blue Air 211+ and Winix for my classroom. Combined, they can change out the air in my classroom in 12 minutes. With Covid spreading like wildfire in the schools, I think it's essential to have an air purifier in the room. I also double mask for my bigger classes. The Blue Air 211+ is rated for 560 sq ft. The Winix is at a great price right now at Costco and comes with 2 years worth of filters. It is also very quiet on the two lower levels.
  3. I was a secular hser. I hsed my kids K-12. I am now a high school science teacher. I can completely understand the desire to have a site that is really and truly strictly secular. It can be very hard to find materials that don't blast religion at you all over the place that aren't just standard textbooks. It was a huge pain to always need to work around the weird religious stuff that popped up in the weirdest places for no reason at all.
  4. Our hospitals and all health authorities are begging the governor to shut things down for at least two weeks to help stem the tide or at least give the local governments authority to do it (although most of our state needs it). He refuses. At least he did finally put a mask order in place.
  5. Remember that deaths lag hospitalization by 2-4 weeks. We were seeing deaths going down or staying steady at first. That is no longer the case.
  6. It's pretty bad in my local area. We have refrigerated trucks for the bodies that won't fit in the morgues. We have multiple hospitals that are turning everybody away now because they are full. We will be opening the convention center for overflow soon. These are the conditions you open schools in. What people don't seem to realize is that the schools would not be able to stay open with infection rates this high. With the levels we have in the community right now, we will have multiple students in every school who are positive and it will be transmitted to others. I doubt that we'd be ab
  7. The recipe that I use requires 85% ground turkey. If you have leaner ground turkey, then you would need to add grated butter to make it work. 1 pound 85% ground turkey 1 package fresh chives 1 jalapeno 2 Tbs bread crumbs 1 tsp chili flakes 1/4 tsp salt Remove the insides of the jalapenos and then chop the jalapenos. Chop the chives. Mix all ingredients together and divide into 4 parts. Press into patties using a burger press (love my burger press). Cook in a skillet on medium. This is one of the few things that my 22yo with food allergies and OCD eats.
  8. Do you think states should open back up? Not yet. I would feel better with widespread testing, quarantining those who test positive, and contact tracing abilities in place. Do you think it should be done state by state or all states at the same time? I think states should get together in groups. We obviously aren't going to have a national policy because our federal government is refusing to take part in anything. What do you think should open back up? The first things to open up would be elective surgeries that are elective only in the sense that they are not emergencies. Then any
  9. Re: Attendance policies at schools These are mostly determined by the state. In Texas, makeup hours are required after missing 10% of classes, even with confirmed illness. For instance, one of my students had surgery and a long recovery in the hospital. The state still said that after 10% of classes were missed for that semester, the student had to do makeup hours for the hours that were missed. Re: staggered start times Staggering start times would be a nightmare logistically. You would need twice as many teachers to manage this and schools don't have budget for that or enough
  10. I teach public high school. We are definitely limited in what we can do. We have permission to use zoom with students but with all kinds of threats about losing our license. I'm recording videos of my desktop using screencastomatic and posting that for my students. Once I have had several students with the same question, I post a new video explaining that. I'm available by email and I have a google voice number that parents can call or text me on (provided by the school). We are required to touch base with every family where the student has not turned in an assignment the week before. We don't
  11. I'm in the same boat. I have been at my current district for four years. There are only two teachers who have been there less time than me. I applied in the district where I live because I'm spending $120/month just on tolls to get to the school district where I teach. But I don't want to be the last hired/first fired either. I had no qualms about it before COVID.
  12. Central Texas, HEB at 11am on 4/10 Produce was fully stocked, including cut fruits and bagged salads. The meat department was well-stocked, but the ground turkey was almost entirely 99% lean. One of the meat guys told me that he knew they had 80% or 85% ground turkey somewhere and he found where it was frozen, so that's what I got. Dairy and eggs were fully stocked. Whole wheat hamburger buns have been hard to find, but I was able to get them. The pasta aisle was wiped out. There were some bags of various kinds of rice, but no basmati. I still have 2 pounds, so I'm going to wait
  13. I'm saving money on gas (usually about $40/week between the three of us at home now) and toll costs (usually about $150/month). One of my kids is an essential worker (grocery store) and is working full time, but she doesn't spend much on gas. Her grocery store is giving them an extra $2/hour hazard pay and issued every employee gloves and masks. Aside from that, not really spending less but not spending more either. I only ate out maybe 1-2x/month and then we all got pizza or Donkey Moe's 1x/month before COVID. I'm still ordering out maybe 1x/month to try to help local businesses stay afl
  14. I can't see school happening as normal in the fall. I'm sure some communities will try it and the death toll will be enormous. Remember that the 1918 flu had a massive resurgence when school started up again in the fall. I can see partial schooling happening. By this I mean that elementary schools may start up mostly as normal, but with the requirement to eat in their classroom. I think teachers will travel rather than students for specials. I think middle school and high schools will go to A/B system. Half of the students on campus on M/W and half ot them there on TuTh and none on Frday.
  15. it's available in stores here for the first 2-3 hours they are open. If you wait longer than that, then you won't have any.
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