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  1. I don't want her to use it while sleeping, but I think it would be great for warming up the bed prior to sleeping.
  2. My 23yo has always had super cold feet and hands. She sleeps with 8-10 blankets every night because she just doesn't retain body heat. Her feet are still freezing. She wears two layers of wool socks year round - in Texas! I'm looking for recommendations for foot warmers that she could use while sitting at her desk and while in bed.
  3. AngieW in Texas

    PS High School competition- is this similar where you are?

    I'm at a Title I school, so what is more likely is that a teacher will post asking if anybody has a spare coat or shoes for a student in need. As of yesterday, 50% of my IPC and physics students were failing. I had a lot of students turn in missing work yesterday. The final deadline to turn in work from the last unit (finished the week before Thanksgiving break) is Monday next week and I sent out failing emails the first day of break, so I should have a slightly lower failing percentage after I grade tonight.
  4. AngieW in Texas

    new teaching Job-cheating is making me crazy

    Cheating like this is rampant at the school where I teach. I give enough time in class to complete all assignments if you are actually using your time (aside from those who truly need more time, like one of my kids). For calculation problems, I provide all of the answers in numerical order (not in the order they are on the page). I stopped handing assignments back to them because then the kids who didn't bother to do their work just copied the ones who had gotten their papers back. I still have issues with them copying off of each other, but I do have better success with this. I have had up to 6 versions of a quiz or test to try to stop cheating off of each other. This year I'm teaching Physics, IPC, and Forensic Science. It doesn't help that they have given me a new subject to teach each year. My first year was just IPC. My 2nd year was IPC and chemistry. My 3rd year was chemistry and forensic science. This year is forensic science, IPC, and physics.
  5. Where I teach the break is two weeks for the teachers, but two weeks and one day for the students. Teachers have to be at school on January 7th (Monday), but students don't arrive until January 8th (Tuesday).
  6. Have you looked at local thrift shops? We went on this same search this summer and had a choice of three different sewing tables at prices ranging from $20-$50. We ended up opting for a $25 sewing table. We do need to make some adjustments to it so the sewing machine will fit into it properly since it was made for a sewing machine that was narrower than the one we have.
  7. It looks like Python is the language that is most often listed as desired for positions in my area. There are a ton of different Python courses to choose from. Do you have any specific recommendations about which Python course to try? There are several on Udemy. I would be starting from pretty close to the bottom. I took a couple of programming classes in assembly language and Pascal in college about 30 years ago and have not done any programming since then.
  8. AngieW in Texas

    Years of insomnia---

    Trazodone was like a miracle drug for my youngest. After two years of severe insomnia, it worked like a charm starting from the very first night. The doctor had said to start with one 50 mg tablet the first night and then go up or down as needed to no less than 1/2 of a tablet and no more than 2 tablets. A full tablet was too much. A 1/2 tablet was too little, but 3/4 of a tablet has been a perfect dosage level. A has been taking 3/4 of the 50mg trazodone tablet for 8 years now. The only time it was a problem was when the pharmacy switched suppliers from Teva to Apotex. The Apotex version didn't work even at any level from 3/4 of a tablet all the way up to 3 tablets (after asking the doctor what to do). When we were able to find a pharmacy that still had Teva trazodone, the old dosage worked just fine and there were no more problems. All that being said, my older two kids have had periodic problems with insomnia and both had trazodone prescribed as a trial med at different points in time. They each took it one night only because it caused extremely heightened anxiety and restlessness. Neither one of them will ever try it again. We have determined since then that my youngest needs entirely different meds from my other two because anything that works for my youngest is really bad for the others and anything that works for my older two is really bad for my youngest.
  9. AngieW in Texas

    How to "choose" professors (good vs. not rated profs)

    My kids have used ratemyprofessor extensively. When there is a choice of which professor to sign up for, it is useful to read the reviews. Ignore the numbers and just read through the reviews. They have still gotten occasional awful teachers. In those cases, we have gone back and looked at the reviews again and actually saw signs of it in the reviews that we just overlooked because of the other positives. Many times what students are posting in their review as a negative are actually things that my kids look at as a positive. Like a poster higher up in this thread, my kids have chosen "staff" before because the unknown probably wouldn't be worst than the other section with a known bad teacher. Sometimes that has worked out well with a different instructor and sometimes it turns out to be that bad teacher anyway.
  10. AngieW in Texas

    How long do you keep your cars?

    We drive cars until they cost too much to keep repairing.
  11. AngieW in Texas

    comfortable shoes for being on feet all day!- updated

    I teach high school and have always worn sneakers. I tried wearing dress shoes the very first day and could barely stand by the end. I generally have 10,000 steps by the end of the school day.
  12. AngieW in Texas

    Hyundai vs Honda?

    I think a lot is personal preference. I am not comfortable in Hondas. The way that the seats are made is just uncomfortable for me. I love my Hyundai. My Hyundai is also the only car my 20yo can drive without aggravating their shoulder (chronic pain condition). When my 23yo bought her car this summer she was looking at Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Hyundai. She ended up buying a Hyundai Elantra two years older than mine.
  13. AngieW in Texas

    Please talk to me about taking Melatonin :-)

    5 mg is a lot. I take just 1 mg and then occasionally take a 2nd tablet if I need it.
  14. AngieW in Texas

    Big dog problems

    My dogs are not happy without the covers on their crates but that won't work if your dog will pull it into the crate. I have to keep an eye on Jenny around anything small enough for her to swallow. She keeps getting socks and then throwing them up later. I'm worried one is going to get stuck. She is very good at being sneaky about stealing socks. She has even swallowed my dh's knee high tube socks. Once I realized that was happening, we all started watching out for socks and any other small cloth items. She likes to suck on blankets and pillows, but doesn't eat them. Every year she seems to come up with a new coping mechanism for her anxiety.
  15. AngieW in Texas

    Big dog problems

    I have two of them in my living room for my German shepherd mix and my golden/rottie mix (that's our best guess). I don't actually notice the crates much. They are against the wall on either side of the fireplace (which doesn't ever get used because I'm in central Texas). I have a king-sized sheet over each crate so they have nice dark rooms for bedtime. At least my 20yo's rough collie doesn't have hers downstairs too. She sleeps with my 20yo upstairs.
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