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  1. One thing to be aware of is that getting into grad school for SLP is VERY difficult. There are many more applicants than there is space for due to the need to have clinical hours. Also, many grad school programs appear to prefer students who went to undergrad in a different state.
  2. I recommend calculus-based. If she has the math for it, it will be easier than algebra-based. With calculus, all of the equations make sense because you can derive them. With algebra, you have to memorize.
  3. Both of my older girls went to UT Dallas. My oldest went for 2.5 years and then decided that she was done with college. She did a reverse transfer to community college and is actually finishing up the last class she needs for an AS degree this summer after a very long break. My youngest just got her AS degree in May, so that prompted her to finally go back and take the last class she needed to graduate. My middle dd completed her BS in Speech Pathology and Early Childhood Learning and Development at UT Dallas. I thought UT Dallas was awesome. My oldest had to withdraw from school one week into her 2nd semester due to medical issues and they held her scholarship for her so she still had it when she returned the next semester. The dorms there are fantastic. My middle dd was in the dorms the entire time she was there and loved it. The dorms are very quiet. My oldest was in an on-campus apartment and loved it. The apartments were really quiet too.
  4. Definitely check out UT Dallas. It has a very strong nerd culture. There is a good bus system. There is NO football team! That was a huge selling feature for my kids. Both of my older kids got full tuition scholarships there. They want your transcript. They don't want course descriptions. We had no problems getting in as hsers. All of my kids were hsed K-12 (except for 6th and 7th grades for my oldest). They all did dual credit in high school. Only my middle dd did an AP test and she only did AP Physics B and got a 3.
  5. I normally have my phone automatically scheduled for "do not disturb" mode from midnight to 7am. Right now I have "do not disturb" turned off because one of my kids had surgery last week and once they go to bed at night, they are trapped in the bed until I come to help them get out of bed. I think it will be at least one more week before they can safely sit up from lying down. So they are supposed to text me if they need anything. It's progress. I was sleeping on the floor in their room for several nights after we got home from surgery. I know my two younger kids have their phones set to automatically go on "do not disturb" at night. I'm not sure about my oldest, but she generally doesn't hear anything during the night anyway. It was a challenge to find an alarm system that could wake her up.
  6. At my high school, consequences can either be a reduced grade or disciplinary, but not both. After trying the disciplinary route, I gave up on that one. The disciplinary route just meant that the grade-level principal talked with each of the students and they all said they absolutely didn't cheat and they nothing happened at all. As far as the grading consequences go, I can give them a zero immediately, but I am required to offer them a retake. I can cap the retake score at 70 so that their maximum possible grade is 70. Generally they don't manage any higher than 50 on the retake.
  7. I teach science at a public high school and cheating is rampant. We had a total of 9 sections of physics. I had the very last section. By the time my class took any of the tests, they already knew the answers. We tried doing two versions of the tests, but that wasn't good enough. I finally committed to writing additional versions (completely different from each other, not just scrambled answers for the multiple choice part, but completely different) so that we had 4 different versions. That took care of most of the issues with cheating on the tests. There were just too many to have a good chance of having the version you had memorized. By the end of the schoolyear, they would start to groan as soon as they saw my multicolored stack of tests/quizzes (each version a different color) and complain that it made it too hard to cheat.
  8. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Mine appears to be a much better as an exhusband than he was as a husband. We haven't filed yet (been working on details), but I think we are about ready to. I'm just waiting for the lawyer to get back to me.
  9. The orthotics combined with exercises from PT took care of it for me. I have to be careful not to spend too much time barefoot or I will start having problems again. I am a teacher, so I am on my feet 8 hours/day during the week. As long as I have good quality shoes (Brooks Ghost for me) and my orthotics, I am fine.
  10. I'm going to try contacting the career services center at my university (5 hours from where I live now) and see what they can do to help with fixing up my resume. It wasn't a great career center when I was actually going to the school 30 years ago, but I figured I might as well look into it.
  11. Has anybody used a service to help with their resume and job search? I've been watching the videos from Work It Daily. I'm really lousy at promoting myself.
  12. I was hoping to read some great replies because I'm curious too. At least my post will bump you to the top again.
  13. Our retirement benefits keep getting cut and the medical premiums for retired teachers keep going up. We are on a different system from state employees. Their retirement program and health program is fine. That's what our legislators get. Anybody in education (and it's not just teachers, it's bus drivers and cafeteria workers and janitors too) is pretty much screwed in Texas. They keep saying they are going to put through a raise for teachers, but I'll believe it when I see it. They have promised a raise before and then not done it. Our teaching contracts have NO pay attached to them. They say that the pay will come from the salary scale that is published in August (we have to sign our contracts in early May). The health insurance plan was more expensive this past school year and covered less. The copays all went up along with the monthly cost. If a pay raise actually does go through, I am sure they will cut back health insurance even more to pay for it.
  14. I am in Texas and our retirement fund is NOT fully funded. They keep cutting benefits. The grocery store where my middle dd works actually has better medical benefits at a lower cost than my school district does. Our ESL program is ONE teacher for the entire school. She is awesome! But she is horribly overworked. We used to have two teachers sharing the load, but now we have just one. We need to have at least 3. The district has cut teacher positions every year and our classes keep getting bigger and bigger. This isn't an issue unique to the school or district where I am teaching.
  15. I am currently a high school science teacher. I've been teaching in the public school system for five years. Now that I am getting a divorce, it is urgent that I find a different job. I can't handle another year in the classroom. Conditions for teachers went way downhill this year and next year is going to be even worse based on what they are telling us. I would, of course, love to get a job that pays more than teaching, but I will take one that just matches my teaching pay so that I can get out of the classroom. I can't take a pay cut, but I am willing to work for the same pay in a field that actually has advancement opportunities. I've been hunting for another job since January. I had two interviews with Houghton Mifflin and I thought that was going really well, but I didn't make it to the third stage. Aside from that I've had phone interviews with two other companies that didn't go any further than the phone interview. I have a BS and MS in Physics, but I graduated in 1989, so my degree is very much out of date. I am certified in Special Education, Secondary Math (7th-12th), Secondary Science (7th-12th), and ESL. What I have done all of these years is mostly teach. I hsed my kids from K-12. I tutored high school science and math through a tutoring service. I was a contract physics author for Sapling Learning for six months writing online homework problems. I have been teaching for 5 years now in the public school system. I was a high school special education teacher for the first 1.5 years and have been a general education science teacher for the past 3.5 years (IPC, chemistry, physics, forensics). I also coached the UIL science team this year (made it all the way to state!) and have been an active sponsor of the campus GSA for the past two years. I've been applying for instructional design, curriculum development, and corporate trainer positions because I actually have the qualifications for those types of positions. I'm starting to run out of time to find another job though. There is one week left of this school year and then there are 9 weeks off before we report back for the next school year. I don't want to start the schoolyear and then leave. That really isn't fair to the students. I need to find another job before teachers report back to work. I haven't even had a company ask for a phone interview since late April. I'm considering going through a coding camp program, but they all appear to cost upwards of $10,000 and take at least 6 months. I would still need to have a nonteaching job while going through such a program because teaching is so all-consuming. I also really don't think my psyche can handle another year in the classroom. There is only so much you can take of being treated like garbage by students, parents, and administration. I have some really great students, but they are very much in the minority. I know what they have proposed for my teaching schedule for next year and I am scheduled to have half of my classes be with behavior problem students. Any suggestions?
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