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  1. I had the oil changed in my car a few weeks ago and the mechanic said there was an unholy number of acorns in my engine. I asked him if there was anything I could do to discourage the squirrels from getting in my engine and his only recommendation was to trap them. I never had anything get into my grill, but in the past two years rats have torn off the siding on my chimney twice to get into the attic. It has been at least 5 years since I had a grill.
  2. Absolutely all of this. I am desperate to get out of teaching and into another career field. This is not what I signed up for. If I could actually just teach, I would love to continue to do that. But that isn't what the job is. I got my alternative teacher certification when my youngest started dual credit. I should have done some other type of program for re-entering the workforce. I would love to teach at the community college, but full-time positions rarely open up. Classes at cc don't have the behavior problems that you see in high schools.
  3. Things are messy here since my divorce was finalized in August. I am having an accountant do it. I've used an accountant for our taxes for a long time. He was a huge help with going through the financial agreement for the divorce.
  4. I used to buy Oster but those died on meabout every two years. I switched to Ninja and those last me 6-8 years.
  5. All three of my kids are at home and likely to remain living with me up until they find relationship partners. My 26yo has Asperger's, OCD, ADD, and chronic depression. The psychiatrist thought bipolar type II was possible instead of ADD and depression but ultimately decided that it was probably ADD and depression instead because the ADD meds actually help instead of making things worse. She didn't finish her university degree, but she did go back to cc this past summer to finish out an associate's degree. She has had a cashier position at Office Max for three years now. It is part-time (20-30 hours/week). I'm just thrilled that she has a job and has been able to keep that job for several years. There is only one other employee at the store that has been there longer than she has. She doesn't do well on her own (like when she was at university) because she spirals into a depression and stops taking her meds, which makes her depression much worse. She has regular responsibilities around the house that she completes each week, pays for her own gas, health insurance, and car insurance, and contributes money each month for common expenses. She pays her own medical bills (monthly psychiatrist appointment and medications). I tally up the common expenses each month (electric, water, cable/internet, phone, groceries) and let her know what her share is that month. She actually only has about $200/month left over for spending money after paying her expenses. She really can't live on her own. My 24yo has Asperger's and MOG antibody disease. She finished her university degree but is much more Aspie than my oldest, so employment has been more difficult. She works as a custodian at HEB and works 32-40 hours/week. She had to go on medical leave for three months when her immune system attacked her spinal cord and left her unable to actually do her job. After she finally got appropriate treatment (first neurologist was incompetent and sent us to an orthopedist who sent us to a physical therapist who sent us to another neurologist who finally did an MRI and then transferred her to an MS specialist), she regained most of what she had lost. She still has numbness in her hands that will probably never go away but she can tell where her arms and hands are without looking at them again. She owns her own car and pays all of her own bills. She also pays her share of the common expenses. She is actually capable of living on her own, but there isn't any reason for her to live on her own and spend all her money on her own place to live when we can all live together in our house. She can also wake up any morning blind and/or paralyzed and that condition could be either temporary or permanent, so I'm not exactly eager for her to live on her own. She has made it through two illnesses since her MOG diagnosis without having an attack, so I'm not feeling as nervous as I was about this really crappy diagnosis of a condition that doesn't have a cure and could cause major physical disability at any time. My 21yo is still going to university. They have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, OCD, and PTSD along with chronic depression. They have had a handicapped parking placard for the past year which has really helped a lot. The first university they attended didn't want to comply with ADA and everything was a fight. They were home for one year after that and then went to the cc for one year to complete an associate's. Now they are attending a local university again. They can only handle 3 classes/semester (which is actually full-time at this university because every class is 4 credit hours) because EDS is such a strain. They had a part-time job while attending the cc but they can't handle a job while attending their university because they courses are so much more rigorous. They can't live alone unless they pay someone to come do the things they are physically capable of doing. They can put clothes in a washing machine, but can't get them out afterwards. Picking things up off of the floor is extremely difficult. They dislocate 10-12 times on a good day. On a bad day, they have to do the best they can not to move at all because any movement causes dislocations. They are in constant pain and have been in constant pain for the past 6 years and the pain will never go away. Despite all of this, they still manage to do a lot. They had surgery this past summer which reduced their pain quite a bit. It's amazing how removing nearly 2 pounds from your chest reduces your overall pain. So I expect my kids will be very likely to live with me until/unless they find lifetime partners. And I'm fine with that. We make a great team together.
  6. Both of my older kids went to UT Dallas on full tuition scholarships after hsing all the way through (oldest did go to ps for 6th and 7th grades). It was a great school. My oldest had to withdraw one week into her 2nd semester for medical reasons and was able to keep her scholarship. She returned to school the next fall. When she did start having issues with keeping her grades up, she was given two semesters to salvage her grades. She ended up leaving school after 5 semesters. She finally went back to the local cc to finish the one class she had left to get her associate's degree this past summer after her youngest sibling got their associate's degree. They didn't want to be the only one who hadn't gotten a degree past high school. My middle dd was able to graduate with a double major in three years because of all the dual credit she took in high school. The campus is very quiet. It is NOT a party school. Both of my girls were thrilled that there was NO football team.
  7. My 24yo was diagnosed with MOG antibody disease 5.5 months after initially presenting at the ER. She should have been diagnosed much sooner. She started off with mild numbness in her right hand and arm. She went to see the doctor who wanted to do bloodwork. We scheduled the bloodwork for three days later when I'd be able to drive her. That morning when she woke up, the numbness had spread to both arms and was creeping down her torso. We went to the ER. They ran some bloodwork and got us an appointment with a neurologist for the next morning. That neurologist was incompetent. He thought my daughter was making it up and the numbness was from playing video games. He sent us to an orthopedist. The orthopedist thought it was neurological, but since the nuerologist said it wasn't, he said we should try physical therapy. During the months all of this was going on, her symptoms were getting progressively worst and every search I did of her symptoms was pulling up MS. The physical therapist said to try a different neurologist. The new neurologist ordered an MRI. Once the MRI happened, things moved more quickly. When you have a 7 cm lesion on your spinal cord, they finally do realize that your symptoms are real. She was sent out for bloodwork and transferred to an MS specialist, although his next available appointment was two months away. The bloodwork showed MOG antibody disease.
  8. Personally, I would rather have a screened-in deck. I don't need more interior space. A screened-in deck would be a place where the dogs and I could be outside but not getting rained out. The screening would keep us from getting eaten alive by the mosquitos. It would also act as kind of a buffer area for dogs to get mud off of their feet before coming into the house. I really miss having a covered porch. My last house had a wraparound porch and this house (16 years now) doesn't have any covered area in the backyard at all.
  9. 1. Don't fall again. My fall the week before Thanksgiving has cost me almost $6000 so far and the physical therapy starts this month with my $2600 deductible back down to $0 before insurance pays for anything. 2. Eat healthier. That really fell by the wayside after my fall. 3. Find another job outside of teaching.
  10. I teach high school. My students already don't do their assignments during the school year. They absolutely would not do them over a break.
  11. I was very happy to get rid of our pool table. It came with our 2nd house and then we moved it to our 3rd. We didn't really have enough room for it here. We gave it away and nobody missed it.
  12. We have three female dogs. We got our German shepherd mix, Kylie, as a 9 week old puppy from the shelter. She needed a companion once I went to work full-time outside the home when she was 2yo, so we scoured the shelters to find another female dog about the same age and got a (probably) golden retriever/rottweiler mix who was 1.5yo at the time, Jenny. They do get along very well, but Jenny has abandonment issues from having been left at the shelter twice and she has a lot of anxiety. I feed them in their crates because Jenny can be defensive around food. It has worked out fine because Kylie is submissive. Then three years ago my youngest got a 12 week old rough collie puppy with eye problems from a breeder who couldn't use her for showing or for breeding. We were worried that there would be problems with Jenny, but Jenny still sees Aspen as a puppy even though she is 3yo now. It may help that Kylie and Jenny are both mine while Aspen is my 21yo's dog. Or my 21yo belongs to Aspen while I belong to Kylie and Jenny.
  13. I love my air fryer. It is rare for me to go more than one day without using it. I made toast in it twice today and also made roasted brussels sprouts. My favorite things to make in the air fryer are toast and fried chicken.
  14. My 21yo also has Ehlers Danlos, which can cause digestive issues. The feeling of a food not being safe isn't about taste. It's about texture. There are some foods that are right on the edge between what they can and can't handle. Some foods they love the taste of, but can't eat because of the texture.
  15. My 21yo has not been diagnosed but it fits them very well. Neither of us had ever heard of it before until a few days ago. I was also like that all the way up until partway through my freshman year in college when suddenly all those foods that had previously been so repulsive to me that I couldn't even look at them suddenly didn't cause that reaction anymore. But I had a lot more foods that were safe than my 21yo does. I have no idea why my food block suddenly went away. Complicating the issue, my 21yo has food allergies and OCD. We had always chalked up the food issues to that combination but ARFID makes a lot of sense. There is very little they can eat outside our home. They have tried for years to expand their diet and have been only marginally successful. I tried all the same strategies with no success until my block suddenly went away.
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