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  1. My 24yo has been working full-time at HEB this entire time. My 27yo was furloughed for about 4 weeks from Office Max, but is back at work now. Office Max was open the whole time, but with much more limited hours. Masks are essential. I would actually be more worried about a salon than a grocery store because salons usually have pretty low ceilings and are much smaller places. HEB has a ton of people but the air volume is enormous. The air volume at Office Max isn't nearly as big as at HEB, but they don't have nearly as many customer/square foot either.
  2. The recipe that I use requires 85% ground turkey. If you have leaner ground turkey, then you would need to add grated butter to make it work. 1 pound 85% ground turkey 1 package fresh chives 1 jalapeno 2 Tbs bread crumbs 1 tsp chili flakes 1/4 tsp salt Remove the insides of the jalapenos and then chop the jalapenos. Chop the chives. Mix all ingredients together and divide into 4 parts. Press into patties using a burger press (love my burger press). Cook in a skillet on medium. This is one of the few things that my 22yo with food allergies and OCD eats.
  3. I'm a high school science teacher at a title I school. We haven't been told anything about next school year except that our calendar is supposed to remain the same as what had already been adopted for next year. Rumors (pretty well backed up rumors) - district is going 1:1 for high school, all teachers will be provided with a laptop, all professional development will be online What I would like to see happen is for all classes to be flipped and classes to be cut in half. Half of the class is allowed to come to the school on Monday/Tuesday to meet with the teachers they need to see during their scheduled class time. The other half is allowed to come on Thursday/Friday. Deep clean on Wednesdays with everything completely online. If all high school students are provided with a chromebook (and hotspot if needed), teachers can provide instruction with online videos. Students can come to school for help if they need it only on their designated days. Teacher is available to all students online on Wednesdays. Meals are still provided for pickup Monday-Friday. We need to go back to 3 lunches rather than just 2. With that vastly reduced number of students, the cafeteria is less of a hazard. Essentials/Life Skills kids can be at school every day except Wednesday (deep clean day). On Wednesdays, only the custodial staff and cafeteria workers are at school. With this plan, no students are required to come to school (except maybe for tests?) but every student can come to school at least 2 days/week to see each teacher once and get help with the work for that week. All assignments are made on a weekly basis. If you meet that class on Monday, then last week's assignment is due on Monday and next week's assignment is due next Monday. This can actually take care of issues with connectivity. The student can download everything they need to their chromebook while on campus. Experiments would be the tough thing here. For IPC, it isn't that bad because most experiments involve household materials and are easy to do. I can always video the experiments for them to use the data. I do that anyway for the students who were absent when we did the experiment. We typically have 2-3 teachers teaching the subject and have to take turns with the equipment. I offered up some experiments that my students could do at home with parent permission during online learning, like making ice cream. I don't know how to make things work for elementary schools. Of course once teachers start to get sick, all of this goes down the tubes. I at least know that my school will be taking it seriously since we have an administrator that has been battling covid since mid-March and is still not doing well.
  4. Do you think states should open back up? Not yet. I would feel better with widespread testing, quarantining those who test positive, and contact tracing abilities in place. Do you think it should be done state by state or all states at the same time? I think states should get together in groups. We obviously aren't going to have a national policy because our federal government is refusing to take part in anything. What do you think should open back up? The first things to open up would be elective surgeries that are elective only in the sense that they are not emergencies. Then any kind of store where you can either phone in an order or order online and they can bring it out to you (no customers actually inside the store). What do you think should stay closed? Any places where people are in a confined place for a prolonged period of time (>20 minutes) with close proximity to each other and inadequate ventilation (a classroom would be an ideal example of this) What modifications do you think should be made if things open back up? Mask wearing any time you are indoors has to be compulsory (at least 80% were wearing masks at the grocery store today!) and maintaining distance. My 24yo works at the grocery store, so I really want everybody wearing masks to keep her and everybody else there safer. Has your state peaked yet? No. I think we are supposed to peak in 1-2 weeks. What state are you in? Texas Does your state have a plan for opening back up? Yes. It isn't awful. He has pretty much opened things up like I said. He closed schools for this semester. Is your job (or dh's) been effected by Covid? 26yo is furloughed. 24yo is a grocery store worker and is working full-time and sometimes overtime. 21yo is going to college and has switched to online for the rest of the semester. I am a high school teacher and am teaching through remote learning. Have you or anyone in your family had Covid? No, but one of the people on staff at my school did. That was well after we were out from spring break, so nobody else at school was exposed. If your state opens back up, how will you behave? Stay home, go out to everything, only some things? Still keep outings to a minimum. If school starts up again in the fall with in-person classes, I am going to push for masks for all. I at least need to wear one. I have a heart arrythmia and Covid is supposed to cause havoc with that.
  5. Re: Attendance policies at schools These are mostly determined by the state. In Texas, makeup hours are required after missing 10% of classes, even with confirmed illness. For instance, one of my students had surgery and a long recovery in the hospital. The state still said that after 10% of classes were missed for that semester, the student had to do makeup hours for the hours that were missed. Re: staggered start times Staggering start times would be a nightmare logistically. You would need twice as many teachers to manage this and schools don't have budget for that or enough teachers availale for it. You would still need to cut all class sizes in half in order to manage social distancing. The only way I can see this working is if we split the kids in half and do alternate days. Your kid is either M/Th or Tu/F or some other pair of days. I can see elementary going to half-days while middle school and high school go to alternating days. Bear in mind that the average age of teachers is not low. 30% of teachers in Texas are 50+. 18% are 55+. We are going to be in a confined space with a lot of kids who may be asymptomatic. Teachers will definitely be hit hard if we don't put policies in place to protect them.
  6. I teach public high school. We are definitely limited in what we can do. We have permission to use zoom with students but with all kinds of threats about losing our license. I'm recording videos of my desktop using screencastomatic and posting that for my students. Once I have had several students with the same question, I post a new video explaining that. I'm available by email and I have a google voice number that parents can call or text me on (provided by the school). We are required to touch base with every family where the student has not turned in an assignment the week before. We don't start grading until this week, but we haven't been given grading guidelines yet. The board meeting was a few hours ago and they should be sending us grading guidelines in the morning. There is no way to socially distance at all in schools right now. We'd have to cut the school population in half either by having a morning shift and an afternoon shift or by having alternating days. We have an idiot governor. I'm afraid he's going to say that schools go back May 4th, despite the fact that we are still going up and our peak is several weeks away. While the Travis county judge is good. Our judge is not. He was mostly following along with the Travis county judge, but two weeks ago he "borrowed" fire fighter equipment and drove it out to his grandson's house to go to his birthday party while we were all under his "stay at home" order. He's hiding now.
  7. I'm in the same boat. I have been at my current district for four years. There are only two teachers who have been there less time than me. I applied in the district where I live because I'm spending $120/month just on tolls to get to the school district where I teach. But I don't want to be the last hired/first fired either. I had no qualms about it before COVID.
  8. Central Texas, HEB at 11am on 4/10 Produce was fully stocked, including cut fruits and bagged salads. The meat department was well-stocked, but the ground turkey was almost entirely 99% lean. One of the meat guys told me that he knew they had 80% or 85% ground turkey somewhere and he found where it was frozen, so that's what I got. Dairy and eggs were fully stocked. Whole wheat hamburger buns have been hard to find, but I was able to get them. The pasta aisle was wiped out. There were some bags of various kinds of rice, but no basmati. I still have 2 pounds, so I'm going to wait. We go through a lot of rice. There were plenty of paper towels, but the only toilet paper available was 4-packs of Vogue, which I'd never heard of. The limit was 1. No swiffer wet jet solution (but Target had it when I stopped there on my way home to pick up a prescription). The only cleaning item they had was Windex, which is what I have at home. Nothing with bleach at all. Frozen vegetables section was about half empty, but everything else in the freezers seemed well-stocked. About 1/3 of customers were wearing masks. About 1/2 of employees were wearing masks. HEB provided all employees with 4 disposable masks to rotate through, but they weren't great masks. They started cutting into my dd's ears. She is wearing a mask, but not theirs.
  9. I'm saving money on gas (usually about $40/week between the three of us at home now) and toll costs (usually about $150/month). One of my kids is an essential worker (grocery store) and is working full time, but she doesn't spend much on gas. Her grocery store is giving them an extra $2/hour hazard pay and issued every employee gloves and masks. Aside from that, not really spending less but not spending more either. I only ate out maybe 1-2x/month and then we all got pizza or Donkey Moe's 1x/month before COVID. I'm still ordering out maybe 1x/month to try to help local businesses stay afloat, but that's all I can do. It's expensive. My 27yo is spending less because she was going to Five Below for snacks while she was at work all the time, but she is furloughed now, so she doesn't have any money coming in either. At least she was able to get subsidized health insurance back in November. That has been a huge help. It is far better insurance than what my school district is providing and is at a much lower cost. Of course, she is only able to get the subsidized insurance because her income was so low. I worry that next year she won't qualify because her income won't be high enough (because Texas didn't do the Medicaid expansion, there is a huge gap between where Medicaid ends and where subsidies begin). My 24yo is the one who is a grocery store worker. She never has been a spender. She knows that she has a really hard time getting rid of anything once she has it so she rarely buys anything. She is working full time and sometimes has to leave early on her 5th day for the week to avoid overtime. My 21yo is still going to school online. They had their advising yesterday and their advisor warned them that fall semester will liklely be online also. They are part of my gas and toll reduction. I'm a high school science teacher. I'm still working, but from home. Teaching has gone down from 70 hours/week to about 45 hours/week now. Today was supposed to be a school holiday, but I've spent about 5 hours working on school stuff today. The amount of documentation we have to produce to prove that we are workign with our kids is phenomenal, and I'm just teaching gen ed. My coteacher has FAR more paperwork to deal with for SpEd. All three of the kids live at home with me and I'm very glad about that. I couldn't afford to keep the house without contributions from the two older kids and what my ex-h is paying for the next 4.5 years. That's all I have left though. Our divorce was finalized at the end of August.
  10. I can't see school happening as normal in the fall. I'm sure some communities will try it and the death toll will be enormous. Remember that the 1918 flu had a massive resurgence when school started up again in the fall. I can see partial schooling happening. By this I mean that elementary schools may start up mostly as normal, but with the requirement to eat in their classroom. I think teachers will travel rather than students for specials. I think middle school and high schools will go to A/B system. Half of the students on campus on M/W and half ot them there on TuTh and none on Frday. This will reduce the amount of spread because of less crowding. I also think mask wearing (or some type of face shield) being more of a thing. My 21yo has already been warned that their university expects to at least start the year online.
  11. it's available in stores here for the first 2-3 hours they are open. If you wait longer than that, then you won't have any.
  12. North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas
  13. My daughter works at HEB. They have temporarily stopped carrying so many different versions of the same product. If it is normally available in 4 different sizes, now they are carrying just 1 or 2. If they normally carry it in 20 different brands, now they have just 4-5. They have reduced hours to allow for deep cleaning and restocking. Normally the store's shelves don't get stripped bare, but that is happening every day. I know they would really really like for people to stop buying so much water because they are having to dedicate trucks just to water and that isn't helping anything. Some things are reappearing on store shelves though, like soap and paper towels. Toilet paper is still hard to come by. They stock it every morning, but it's gone within an hour.
  14. I am wearing a fabric mask when I go to the store and I'm limiting that as much as possible. I still need to go 1x/week and sometimes I have to go to two different stores to get what I need. One of my kids is an essential worker. When she gets home, she has to take off and put away her shoes immediately and then set her phone down and wash her hands. While she is taking a shower, I wipe everything down (her car, her phone, and everything she might have touched). After her shower, all of her clothes are wrapped up in the towel she dried off with and dumped into the washing machine.
  15. WHO offered tests back in January and they were turned down. The CDC developed it's own tests from scratch and they didn't work. So then they developed new tests from scratch and those worked, but production has been very slow because some of the materials needed are in short supply. The other issue is the level of PPE needed for healthcare workers doing the testing. We don't have enough PPE. And again supply chains are not helping. We could have ramped up production back in January, but didn't. We could have ramped up production in February, but didn't. We could have ramped up production at the beginning of March, but didn't. We have finally started ramping up production. It could have been a federal mandate back when the writing on the wall was very obvious back at the beginning of March, but of course there wasn't.
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