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  1. AngieW in Texas

    fitness tracker?

    I am looking for a fitness tracker, but my primary need is for something wearable that will measure my pulse. I would really like something for under $50, but I don't know that there is something reliable that will do that. Fitbit is what I hear so much about, but those are expensive. I'll do it if that is the best option though. What is your suggestion?
  2. I used both as supplements when I taught high school chemistry and physics class at my house. I sent the videos to kids who missed class. If you order the cd-rom from Georgia PBS, you will have a complete course with lesson outlines, pacing, assignments, labs, quizzes, and tests.
  3. I recommend the georgia public broadcasting physics course. It's a solid high school level course.
  4. Saxon is an entirely different methodology from TT. Instead of reinforcing what she learned in TT, you might find that you completely throw her off the bus. If your goal is to ensure that she has enough practice to reinforce what she is learning, then Aleks as a backup resource is a good idea. I don't like Aleks for teaching, but I do like it for finding and filling in gaps and misunderstandings. If your goal is to raise the math score on the SAT, then she needs SAT practice, not some other math program. The best way to prep for the math portion of the SAT is to work through a ton of practice tests and go over EVERY missed problem to see why it was missed. Working with a tutor is a good idea. It will pay off. I spent $600 on the SAT prep program my oldest went to. That was a LOT of money, but it raised her SAT score to the point where she got a full tuition scholarship and she wasn't anywhere near that range before taking the prep course. It worked so well for her that I did that same course for my other kids. They all had much higher scores after doing the prep program than they did before and it paid off in terms of scholarships.
  5. AngieW in Texas

    OTC sleeping aids

    During the schoolyear (I'm a ps teacher), I take 1mg of melatonin every night to help my brain stop spinning in circles. I don't need it in the summer. Sometimes that isn't enough by itself and then I use an app on my phone called mysleepbutton. That nearly always does the trick if the melatonin isn't enough. It gives my brain something else to do instead of getting stuck on what I need to do at school the next day.
  6. I think it's awesome. You have no idea how many of the kids in my high school are sexually active. I would far rather they be able to get condoms from the nurse than do without. I hope the nurse gives them several and not just one. Being able to get condoms from the nurse is not going to make a student decide to start having sex, but it might prevent a teen pregnancy.
  7. AngieW in Texas

    Plantar fasciitis/heel spurs

    I was treated by a podiatrist. He had a series of exercises that I needed to do and taped my feet every week. I had to wear night splints for several months as well. After he had gotten the problem to subside, he got me some custom orthotics. I get a new pair of orthotics from the foot doctor every 3-5 years. I have to be careful not to spend too much time out of my shoes or I start having problems again.
  8. I don't know what employers are looking for in a Linked In profile. Any recommendations for resources to look at to update my profile?
  9. AngieW in Texas

    Make sure your kids keep copies of their syllabi!

    It was an issue with the university my 20yo transferred from. One of the professors left the school at the end of that year and they didn't have his syllabus. That was the only one we weren't able to retrieve.
  10. If your kid ends up needing to transfer to another university, they will need copies of their syllabi if the university they are transferring to does not already have a transfer agreement with the school they are switching from. So make sure they keep syllabi until they are in their last semester.
  11. AngieW in Texas

    Frustrated in my job search

    At this point, I'm only interested in teaching if I get to teach adults. I'm tired of being treated like garbage by my students. I do have some amazing and awesome students, but they are very much in the minority.
  12. AngieW in Texas

    Frustrated in my job search

    Part of my frustration is that I don't have a particular career field that I feel I'm suited for outside of teaching. It would be easier if I had a particular type of position that I could search for. Instead I'm making my indeed searches based purely on location and salary. I just absolutely hate my teaching job now. My A days are fine. That's the day that I have good classes. My B days are miserable. I am spending most B day evenings combing through job listings on Indeed and filling out applications. My B days are so miserable that I find it difficult to steel myself to do the lesson planning for them. It's just hard to find much that I'm qualified for. My physics degree is very outdated now and all of my experience is in teaching (mostly from hsing although I've been a ps teacher for 5 years now). I'm trying to find time in the evenings to work on learning Python, but that's really difficult to do with all the grading and planning that I need to do for the job that I have now. If I get a good offer, I will leave midyear. I am going to be pushing hard to find another job during the last month of school (when planning time requirements go way down). Hopefully I'll be able to start a new job at least mid-summer and then quit my teaching job. Nearly all of the bites I've had on my resume so far have been for life insurance sales and I am not interested in that at all. Those have been from employers looking at my resume on Indeed and Monster. I guess I don't really have much of a point for this post. It's more a matter of just getting it off my chest. I've had two staffing firms contact me to do a temp-to-hire job, but I'm not leaving mid-year for a temporary position. I did let both of the firms know that I would be happy to consider one of those positions as soon as the schoolyear is over. I really am hoping to find something else before the year is over though.
  13. AngieW in Texas

    Recommendation for electric blanket?

    My 23yo is cold all the time. She does not retain body heat. We live in Texas and she has to wear wool socks even in the summer when it is over 100 degrees and her feet are still cold. Even her core is cool to the touch. It is worse at bedtime. Right now she is wearing her coat and underneath 6 blankets (her usual load of blankets at bedtime) and she's still cold. This is a regular thing for her. I'm the exact opposite and sleep with just a sheet and have two fans blowing directly on me and I'm still hot. I got her a foot warmer, but it doesn't actually get warm enough and shuts off after two hours and then she's cold again. I was looking at heated mattress pads, but she's worried that it will feel uncomfortable, so I'm looking at electric blankets now. Any particular recommendations?
  14. AngieW in Texas

    If you did DE....

    I do NOT recommend online classes. These classes count on your college record and it is very hard to start off with online college classes. My cc only allows DE students to take 2 classes (class with required lab counts as one class) per semester until you have completed at least 12 credit hours. After that, they can apply for permission to take up to 4 classes per semester if their GPA is high enough. My two older kids each took 2 classes per semester for the fall and spring and 1 class each summer session (for the entire summer). My middle kid was able to complete a double major in 3 years because of dual credit. My youngest has learning challenges and physical challenges, so they took just 1 class each semester until the last semester and then they took 2.
  15. AngieW in Texas

    Help! What stores carry "squishy" toys?

    Walgreens is where we found the best selection. They were near the registers at the front of the store. I don't know if they were also on the toy aisle or not.