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  1. We will be graduating our first. I'm doing a little happy dance about this. 12th Dual Enrollment. She needs 2 college level math classes and 4 electives to graduate with her AA degree. I'm not sure if she plans on finishing or will hold off on math till later. So honestly, no planning on my part needed. DD will need to start her college applications and possibly another try at the SAT (waiting on scores). 7th MATH: Saxon 8/7, Singapore Math Word Problems Lvl 5. LA: EIW / EIL 7, Spelling Made Easy. (Last year of formal spelling) Science: Holt Life Science & Technology, QSL experiment kit History: Holt McDougal World Geography /CIVICS Electives: Typing, Getting Start With Spanish, Notetaking/Study Skills Nephews will continue public school for 4th & 5th Myself: Summer: Composition I, Dev Math 2 & General Biology FALL: A & P I, Intermediate Alg, Intro to Healthcare, Medical Terminology, TEAS 6 review.
  2. She CAN do it... she just can't focus long enough to do it so it took her over 30 mins just to write it out.............. I will try shortening it by a couple sentences and adding in one per week.
  3. Quick question. We did Week 2 day 2 today. My DD 8.5 took forever to complete the copywork. Am I able to reduce the amount she copies per day but still have her identify the nouns etc by circling them on her printed sheet she is copying from, or do you think it takes away from the overall goal?
  4. Thanks 8 for answering those questions. My we just found out that my 3rd grader reading instructional level and independent level is a lot higher than we expected. So now I can really focus on her writing :) We originally were going to use MP Intro to Comp but I think we will be doing TC instead b/c of the amount of scaffolding it has. Thank you!
  5. let me know how the reprint went. I am going tomorrow. DId they have to update anything to reprint it?
  6. I am headed back there tomorrow as well. I wont be able to bring my computer but I will show them a printed page from my printer. I wonder if they will be able to access my print order with the uploaded file as I do not have a thumb drive.
  7. Mine has the same issue through out the book to the point it is unusable b/c you can't read it. Lots of little squares, questions marks etc. But when I printed a page out on my printer it printed fine.....
  8. My DD will be a 3rd grader this year. She has had little grammar and we have not start paragraph wriitng... still working on a cohesive complete 1-2 sentences. Reading and writing have been a struggle here. Will this be a good place to start with her? Also I am thinking about having my older child (8th) go through the note taking/outlining sections since she has not been taught this in public school. Thoughts?
  9. I know. I can't even tell you how many times I explained that and told them they were reading it incorrectly. I sent it to Staples (hoping I have no issues) and told Office Depot I would not longer send them stuff to print since they can't read a copyright correctly.
  10. I did but they stated b/c it states "or by a reviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review" that they will not print the whole book for me without written premission from the author. Im slightly PO'd.
  11. 8- I sent the file to my local office Depot and they called me and said they would not print it for me b/c of the copyright. Suggestions?
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