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  1. I have a 12, 9, and 7 year old. Literally everything takes so long, and the school day never ends. From getting ready in the morning, to cursive practice, to writing a spelling sentence, this getting a pencil, everything takes longer than it should. My 9 year old son (ASD) frequently spends an hour collapsed on the floor refusing to do whatever. Then when he decides to do it, does just fine. The 7 year old got out of his chair after every single word in his spelling sentences. If I leave him alone with math he makes no progress. Everyone in this family could sit at a page
  2. I’m trying to decide between English Lessons through Literature or piecing together our English and grammar. We’ve done ELTL for a while. It’s a Charlotte Mason style program, also compatible with classical education. All my kids have loved it, and I like it too. Currently my daughter is in 4th grade, and doing level 3. She’s just not retaining the grammar. I noticed this in previous years too. She is just lost in the diagrams, and some days can’t tell a noun from a verb. We supplement with the Grammar Pop app. I don’t know if a different program would make a difference with grammar. She
  3. sorry for the late reply. We're using about .75 mg. He is asleep about 45 min after we give it to him.
  4. We have an ASD 7 year old who slept very little from 3 months to 2 1/2. That's when we started melatonin. After that, he learned to speak and stopped falling all the time. So melatonin is a miracle for us. We've tried going off, but he still needs it. The only alternative is 4 solid hours of active outdoor time. D has trouble falling asleep, but once he is asleep, he is out cold. For us liquid melatonin works much better than gummies, tablets, or quick dissolve. We use this brand. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B002VPEE7M/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&th=1 Perhaps fo
  5. When my kid is on a stage, if he doesn't pick his nose it's a victory. He might be disassembling the microphone, but at least no fingers up the nose.

  6. Thanks, everyone! I will keep an eye out for Prismacolor deals. Maybe also try Staedtler since it looks cheaper.
  7. You all have been so helpful with pencils and eraser caps. What does the hive mind say about colored pencils? I’m not sure I want expensive ones. They will be used for SOTW maps, science sketches, literature illustrations, and just for fun. I want ones that lay down enough color, like... not the equivalent of off brand crayons. What brands do you like? (I don’t throw away useful things, so the colored pencils I had when I was a kid are still in use, although they are only 3” long. They were a Canadian brand, and better quality than the others I’ve used since.)
  8. The thought of switching is mostly because she hates math and takes so so long to do it. And I don't know if a different curriculum would make it easier learning math facts. I've resisted switching, telling myself that a shiny new curriculum won't make her fall in love with math. But I don't know...maybe something else could make math less painful. It will be hard for me to have her working in 3rd grade books in 4th grade, especially since she's working a grade lower in spelling, and a number lower than her grade in ELTL. I know it shouldn't matter, but somehow it's a big deal to me.
  9. We've been doing Singapore math since K. I really like it. I did terribly in math when I was a kid, and never really understood how things worked or why. Singapore has helped me to think mathematically. B is going into 4th grade. She has always been slow at math. It takes a while for her to grasp new concepts. It takes foreverrrrrrrr for her to do mental math and her workbook pages. We are way back at the beginning of 3b because math takes her so long. If she has a bad day and only gets 5 questions done, we can't double up the next day because she's not capable of doing that many questio
  10. Our home inspectors have been way more helpful and chatty. I think the realtor knew better and wanted to make the sale.
  11. Update: We are for sure going to do a full neuro eval. Don't know where yet. Hoping to get in sometime this summer. I had already scheduled her first standarized test for the first week of May. I'm sure the evaluators will want to see test results and grades. Thank you all so much for your help!
  12. What test would I ask for? As a 2 year old, she had excellent vocabulary and was as clear as a bell. She is able to infer the meaning of new words in context. Above average vocabulary for her age and good at picking up new words, just not pronouncing them when she hasn't heard them. I don't see major problems in her reading or listening comprehension, but it could still be there. It's surprising what seems normal or goes unnoticed.
  13. This is the OP. So, I've been thinking, stressing, getting teary, reading all your responses, talking with my husband. Then I reread an article I've looked at before, about stealth dyslexia in girls. Then on to inattentive ADHD in girls. Both these articles sounded so much like my girl. i haven't let myself go here before, because I needed her to be the "normal" child. All the testing, therapy etc for our ASD middle child has been so much for us, mentally, emotionally, financially. And we love our boy and his quirks, but I can't say that living with him hasn't caused a huge amount of
  14. I feel bad shortchanging the third child. By that point I’ll be tired of most of the stories and not want to read them aloud. Except Five Children and It. We’ve read that aloud 3 times in our family and I still love it. And I won’t read Peter Pan aloud even once. Not a fan.
  15. I could do librivox for the books, and just pick my own longer read alouds to do all together. I've sometimes had the kids read the poem aloud to get that practice in. Maybe I should do that every time. I'd have them read the Aesop's fable aloud, but there are too many ... ahem... Roosters if you know what I mean. I have thought about using ELTL for literature and copywork, but switching to something more workbook style for grammar. My oldest doesn't have an easy time of it, and I wonder if a workbook would be more her style. I'd still love to hear from any who use ELTL about how you d
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