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  1. Resurrecting an old post, but wondering if you used the TG, Merry? Or was the text good as a stand-alone?
  2. Is the Solutions manual the teacher's guide as well? I have only been able to find the Student text & the solutions manual (Rainbow Resources). It is the Classics edition...
  3. I am not sure what you mean by guess, but yes she can solve this type of equation and she knows how to put the answer in to check.
  4. Yes, she could do that without any trouble.
  5. It's the introduction of new concepts. She finds the lecture confusing. I'm not sure what I am not explaining well?
  6. Currently she's working on solving for x when there are variables on both sides of the equation. It's lesson 44 of the Alg 1 book. It isn't the concept itself that she seems to struggle with, it's the lecture, as I said. For past books (she's done TT 6, 7 & pre-alg, she's been able to watch and understand the lecture) with Alg 1 she is watching the lecture and working the practice problems and is immediately frustrated because she isn't understanding the lesson itself. So then we go over it and watch the see how to do it's and sort it out. I'd like to find something else that is clearer for her to understand.
  7. She completed the TT Pre-Alg book last year. I am going to look in to that test, thank you! I've really been wondering if it's a case of readiness, as these struggles are not typical for her at all.
  8. There isn't one specific concept. She's struggling with a lot of the lessons and understanding them and it's taking her longer and longer to work it out on her own. In the past she could watch the lecture, work the practice problems and have a pretty good handle on it, now she said she finds a lot of the lectures to be longer and wordier and she's having to watch the see how to do it's over and over to try to sort out the process. As a result, it's not really sticking because she's basically trying to memorize the "how's" without knowing the "why's."
  9. Will check it out. Thank you! 🙂
  10. She says she finds the Alg 1 lectures to be extremely confusing. She didn't have trouble in past TT books, but has definitely struggled with the Alg 1 book since very early on.
  11. So middle kiddo (13, Gr.8) has done BJU for grades 1-5 and then grades 6-7 she did Teaching Textbooks. This year she is working through the Alg 1 TT program (using text & videos). She's on lesson 43 and it's just becoming a constant struggle. She isn't understanding and is becoming very frustrated. Math has never been her favorite subject, but she's always done quite well up until now. We've tried to supplement, but we're ready to throw in the towel and try something else. she likes clear, to-the-point instruction she kind of hates video lessons, but will tolerate them if they are helpful she doesn't tend to need much review (Saxon makes her squirm) Suggestions, please! 🙂
  12. We used EiW 7 last year and didn't notice any of these issues. I'd call them and see what's up. They have excellent customer service. 🙂
  13. No, we buy the cd/text combo. They don't write in the text, but keep a math notebook, allows me to use each level for multiple kids.
  14. Oldest is entering grade 10, so I can't comment on the end-game of TT. There are some other threads on that. I'd also search outside of TWTM. My biggest piece of advice would be to check up on your kids often and make sure they are understanding and mastering the material. We typically have the kids view the lecture, work the problems on paper and then I correct. If you don't want to correct, you can have them enter the answers in to the system. We do all tests on paper and I correct them. This allows me to see what they are learning and remembering.
  15. Some things that helped - I read the passage first, then DD highlighted the punctuation, then we took turns reading, then she read it again. Taking turns seemed to really help her, as she would automatically try to match my tone and pace.
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