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  1. We used EiW 7 last year and didn't notice any of these issues. I'd call them and see what's up. They have excellent customer service. 🙂
  2. No, we buy the cd/text combo. They don't write in the text, but keep a math notebook, allows me to use each level for multiple kids.
  3. Oldest is entering grade 10, so I can't comment on the end-game of TT. There are some other threads on that. I'd also search outside of TWTM. My biggest piece of advice would be to check up on your kids often and make sure they are understanding and mastering the material. We typically have the kids view the lecture, work the problems on paper and then I correct. If you don't want to correct, you can have them enter the answers in to the system. We do all tests on paper and I correct them. This allows me to see what they are learning and remembering.
  4. Some things that helped - I read the passage first, then DD highlighted the punctuation, then we took turns reading, then she read it again. Taking turns seemed to really help her, as she would automatically try to match my tone and pace.
  5. If you email High Noon they will send you a really nice ebook sample. We also got a set of 4 free books mailed out to us to try out. I can't remember if that was a promotion or was quite some time ago...
  6. Sorry, my post was very vague! I was curious if it would be meaty enough for an 8th grader without adding in all of the literature elements? We have a literature program already and would probably only get to a couple of the history selections.
  7. Can this work for an 8th grader? Does it need supplementing?
  8. You can definitely skip levels. There is a lot of touching on previous topics. They usually recommend going in at grade level for this reason, but you can email them to verify. They were very helpful in placing my daughter - we ended up doing Level 8 in Gr. 9 and it was a good fit.
  9. We are planning to do similar. I found a book called Models for Writers: Short Essays for Composition by Alfred Rosa & Paul Eschholz. I haven't had a chance to really dig in to it, but at quick glance it looks like it might be very useful.
  10. I believe there are changes between the editions. I'd just email them and ask. 🙂
  11. I second the recommendation for these: Love all of her INB's!
  12. I do a search for past sales on the company FB page. It isn't a guarantee they will run it again, but it gives you a good idea if they have an annual promotion.
  13. I think CLE is more open and go, but there is much more variety with Mosdos. CLE is also a lot of writing, which is an easy enough fix if you do some or all of the questions together. The kids found it very boring though and much preferred Mosdos. We only use the textbook and we read it aloud together and then discuss. Sometimes I add in a writing assignment from the text. They are HUGE books though and we have never covered an entire book in a year.
  14. I'll echo the NIrV recommendation. This is what we used as a transitional bible for all of our kids - it's also what I pull out for my bible study when a passage is tough to understand. And as an added bonus, the NIrV Adventure Bible has really cute covers! 🙂
  15. We love AAR, but my son also struggled with the progression of some of the skills! We ended up setting AAR aside from time to time and using Progressive Phonics and Phonics Pathways. We also used the Abeka Readers.
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