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  1. I believe there are changes between the editions. I'd just email them and ask. 🙂
  2. I second the recommendation for these: Love all of her INB's!
  3. I do a search for past sales on the company FB page. It isn't a guarantee they will run it again, but it gives you a good idea if they have an annual promotion.
  4. I think CLE is more open and go, but there is much more variety with Mosdos. CLE is also a lot of writing, which is an easy enough fix if you do some or all of the questions together. The kids found it very boring though and much preferred Mosdos. We only use the textbook and we read it aloud together and then discuss. Sometimes I add in a writing assignment from the text. They are HUGE books though and we have never covered an entire book in a year.
  5. I'll echo the NIrV recommendation. This is what we used as a transitional bible for all of our kids - it's also what I pull out for my bible study when a passage is tough to understand. And as an added bonus, the NIrV Adventure Bible has really cute covers! 🙂
  6. We love AAR, but my son also struggled with the progression of some of the skills! We ended up setting AAR aside from time to time and using Progressive Phonics and Phonics Pathways. We also used the Abeka Readers.
  7. We're in the opposite boat. I find the grammar in BJU very heavy, but we love the writing portions. I love the samples they provide and the variety of writing projects. Also really like how they incorporate the proof reading marks and the writing process very early on. We've always found it to be a very solid program.
  8. We didn't have any earth shattering hits this year. Some things that we were previously using (TT, AAS, AAR) are still working wonderfully. Two oldest started Easy Grammar Plus and that's been a good fit. Younger two are loving Apologia Swimming Creatures... Misses: Apologia Physical Science. It was just too much reading. The books are so dense and there's just so much in them. I had hoped it would work, along with the audio, for oldest DD, but it was a complete fail. She retained very little. We sent them off to be loved by someone else. IEW...I have a love hate with it. When I watch the video I am always pleased with the concept taught, but it just seems to take forever to get to where it's going. The lessons and the flow of the program just seem incredibly slow. I often felt like they could have just gotten to the point and moved on weeks before it actually happened. After using it for the 1st semester we decided to try something else. I was having trouble seeing the big picture. I'm debating about trying a theme book to see if that moves at a quicker pace...
  9. This is excellent! I've added it to my cart. 🙂
  10. Thanks! I ended up googling the text we are planning to use with "lab manual" and found what I needed. I kept googling "template" and wasn't getting anywhere. LOL
  11. I've googled, but not having much success. Can anyone recommend a science lab template that walks the students through the written process of recording a lab? I'd like something that we can use with any science curriculum. This is for a grade 9 student.
  12. In the level I have, the Activities are: A- Oral Blending, B- Vowel Combinations, C - Vowel Conversions, D - Reading word parts, E- Underlining Vowel Sounds, F- Correcting Close Approximations, G- Suffixes/Prefixes, H- Circling Word Parts, I - Vocab, J-Spelling Dictation. A couple of the lessons change to include a strategy. After I got the hang of the flow of the program we seldom looked at the Teacher's Guide.
  13. I believe I have the Secondary. It's a blue cover. I think the Intermediate is orange? Mine is an old edition, but I can try to answer any questions you have. I haven't used both but can let you know table to contents/lesson info if that helps at all?
  14. We jumped in to Easy Grammar Plus with a 7th & 9th grader. It's gone well. There are a couple things we don't love, but it's a straight-forward, get it done, grammar and they don't complain about it. Win-win.
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