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  1. My 4th grader is using teaching Textbooks she loves it and I feel she is breezing through it. Is this program enough to prepare a child for college? do you supplement with something else? are there any veterans who have graduated children from the program that can tell me if this program prepared them for SAT and college?
  2. Do you print out the lesson so they can do it on paper?
  3. For those who use teaching textbooks I need advice. I am trying it out this year with my fourth grader. Please help me with these questions How can I have the child show their work? I want to see her work since its multiple choice on the computer? Would you suggest printing out the lesson or keeping a notebook? Give me all your advice on the program. I am moving away from Saxon because we are a large family and I do not have time to do those long Saxon lessons with each child. I want something student led. How have your children done? Has it prepared them for college?
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