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  1. Thank you so much everyone.... I was looking at MCT but it seems like a lot of pieces especially considering that I will be using it for a 2nd and 3rd grader plis I have a rising 1st grader. And 9 month old twins. Is this an accurate assessment? I'm looking for something quick and efficient. I have been looking at easy grammmar, FLL and gwg. Or anything else that will fit my situation. Any thoughts considering my situation. Anyone used these long term with good results? Thank you.
  2. Thanks everyone. They do some writting in school and she is doing well with that. She does not like to write so I'm trying to get her into the habit of doing it. Pl us she needs some improvement in the LA area....
  3. I have searched almost every thread on the forum in order to help me decide on LA for my 1st grader. Does anyone use any of these to afterschool LA? If so which one and how do (or did ) you like them. Is CLE LA a good option for afterschooling or is it too time consuming? How does it compare to GWG and EG? Also, does anyone use WWW (winning with writing). Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Nkem
  4. Has anyone else finished all levels? Did it work? I'm struggling in deciding between AAS and LOE essentials (or keep trying to figure out how to make SWR work). I have a 5 year old and 6 year old who are very advanced readers. Thanks. (PS: I have SWR but I'm having a hard time with it, and my busy schedule doesn't help either). Thanks again.
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