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  1. That is weird. It was $25. Maybe that seller sold out?
  2. Sorry I was away from my computer and can't seem to log in on my phone. The link is...
  3. I know I am not the only game hoarder around so I wanted to let you know that Amazon has a few games on their deal of the day. I am looking very strongly at Ticket to Ride, Kingdomino, and Gravity Maze. It isn't lots of games but maybe something you need to snag for Christmas.
  4. We don't usually play with two players only but there are a few that I think would work. Abalone and Hive are two player games. Shut the Box is a one player game that we love competing with one another to get a better score. It is educational though. These others are games that I think would work well.... Kerala, Quirkle, Blockus, Ubongo and Enchanted Forest.
  5. I have an obsession with games. As a family of 8, we love games especially my 6, 8, and 11 yr old, who are not too cool to play with mom and dad. For this reason some of our favorites are aimed more at the younger ages but still fun for adults. Some of the games are our go to games, a few we haven't even played yet, and some are duds that we are going to give one or two more tries before final judgement. Even so you can never have too many games, right? I would love to know what games you own or must own after playing. My two cabinets of games consist of.... Apples to Apples Jr Apples to Apples regular Abalone (not a go to game but still a pretty fun 2 player game...hate the lopsided box though) Dixit (love this- family fav) Cadoo Pictionary Taboo Sequence Flashlights and Fireflies Trinominoes Shut the Box (love this so daughter came home from her honeymoon and was telling me about this great game her and her dh played while inside on rainy day. I listened and informed her that it was on the second shelf in the red cabinet on the right in a blue box. She couldn't believe it.) Steam of Time (haven't played yet) Stratego (both sons, ages 8 and 18, and dad love this one) Munchkin Legends (didn't like at all. played once and hated it. dh doesn't care for this kind of game at all. it was so confusing. willing to give one more shot...someday.) Garden Dice (strangely enough this is a favorite of my 6, 8, and 11 yrs old. they were better at it than I. I do like it just not a must play.) Tally Ho (haven't played) Ghost Blitz (a must have game. It is so simple yet so difficult. Makes your mind really work. The kids tend to kill us older people at it. Its the first we pull out when there are newbies. Easy and Quick yet Fun and Aggravating) Hive ( Just played it this weekend and must have played at least 20 rounds between everyone. Everyone seemed to like it. Don't know yet if it will be a first choice of anybody but definitely up there.) Kerala (my younger kids said they enjoyed this but didn't love it. Myself and my 11 yr old really loved it. My nongamer husband liked it okay which is a plus because he is usually ho-hum about games. ) Sorry Rummikub (havne't played) Quip Qubes (haven't played) Scrabble (classic) Battleship (all of us like this one but never the first pull unless its the two boys choosing) Upwords (haven't played) King of New York (everyone in the family liked this one) Wits and Wagers Party Edition (older kids loved this and the youngers were jealous they couldn't join in. It is always lots of fun.) Minute to Win It Quirkle (we all like this except my 16 yr old daughter. She hates it for some reason but doesn't really know why.) Blockus (16 yr old's favorite game even though she doesn't usually like games. All of us enjoy it as well and its one of the first we choose.) Would You Rather Dr. Eureka (another must have game. Simple yet more fun than you would expect.) Battlesheep (one of our favorite games and first pulls.) Tsuro (played a couple of times but not a favorite by anyone but we don't hate it) Tumult Royale (haven't played) Yatzee Kings in the Corner (haven't played) Bonanza (haven't played) The Resistance (haven't played) Ubongo ( a favorite of ours. we have played this with guests who tend to love it as well. ) Safari Rush Hour (great single player game that teaches logic) Lattice (just ok. nobody loves it but doesn't hate it either) Guestures Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader Mad Gab Dominoes (family favorite especially by dh) Hoot Owl Hoot (good cooperative game for preschool....too young for us now) Rummy (enjoy this with my mom) Rook (dh's favorite card game) Lagoonies (cute kids game but one they usually play with young kids only as its not fun for adults) Operation Pop the Pig Pie Face Showdown Blurt Jenga Rumplestilskin (boring to me but kids liked it somewhat) Squarrels Bad Beets Rat a Tat Cat (one of our favorite kids games) Frog Juice (expected to like this more than we did...not bad just not great) Gubs Sleeping Queens (an all time favorite must have for kids but interesting for adults) Twelve Days of Christmas Card Game (really enjoyed this game but we only play it at Christmas) Minecraft Card Game (haven't played) Yeti in My Speghetti Dinosaurs Extinct Labrinth Enchanted Forest (one of the best memory games by far yet there is more to the game than just that. Definitely a must have. However we don't pull it out often cause it does take a while to play.) Bugs in the Kitchen (surprisingly fun) Spot It Frozen Checkers Tick Tac Toe Picture Charades Memory Game Pictionary Jr Slamwhich Shopkins (Trouble) Candyland (shoot me if I have to play this one) Stars Wars 6 in 1 games Headbandz Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Connect Four Fibber (kids love to play this) Go Fish Loteria Bejeweled I Spy Eagle Eye Goblet Gobblers The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game (another great young, preschool game but not fun for adults) Skipbo (a favorite of mine and my mother-in-law) Ratuki (my kids love this game) Linko (haven't played yet) Phase 10 (used to play with my sister-in-law....been a while but enjoyed it) Pit (haven't played) Blink (fast but fun game) Roll For It (know we have played but can't remember) Scrimish (we only played once and liked it but not a first pull) Coup (just bought...haven't played) Love Letter (just bought...haven't played) Sushi Go (surprisingly fun. we all choose this one frequently) Tenzi (just ok) Dutch Blitz (a must have for every age. does get a little hectic with large groups but so much fun.) Code Master (my daughter likes this one. She is really into learning coding.) Sequence States Dino Math Tracks Man Bites Dog Timeline Events Timeline American Banana Grams Speed (great math game...believe a homeschooler designed this)
  6. Not to my house but I would love a large waterproof box, maybe like a bench with a lifting top, that locked with amazon's ability to open it. Yes, people could steal the bench/box but it would be more difficult than a package and could be weighted so that it was more difficult. Just a thought.
  7. Having lived through a flood here in Louisiana a year ago there are some things that others may not realize. Unless you actually have your items on the garbage pile at the road, you will not be reimbursed with Fema or insurance. People didn't realize this at first and looters were stealing washers, dryers, etc from the pile of debris at the roads before they had been inspected and verified. This made it very difficult for some to prove they had these items and therefore get reimbursed. It was a huge problem here. Matter of fact, shortly after everyone started gutting their homes, we were asked to not pile stuff at the roads for garbage collection until it could be verified instead making a pile closer to your home only to move it later. This created more work than you can imagine but it was necessary. There is another side of this which I don't personally understand but I know that it is a feeling of many here. Even once everything was verified and placed on the road for garbage pick up, it was illegal to "pick through" garbage. Many people were so raw emotionally. When we drove up and saw piles of stuff piled higher than the house, it felt like another blow to have people raffle through to see what they deemed good enough for them. Many people stated that these are their memories and lives you are going through. It felt to them like someone digging up graves. This may not be connected to looting but its something that hit me like a ton of bricks. I went to a meeting at a person's home recently. Everything in her home was stunningly beautiful. She told us that she was able to choose everything just as she liked it thanks to the flood and starting over with only stud walls and a roof. Later when I was home, I told my dh that I loved her large buit-in bookcase covering one entire wall of the living room along with all the art but I couldn't understand why there were no personal items. Not a single photo to be seen. When we walked through the home, there were so few in the private spaces as well. Originally I thought it was due to her minimalist style but dh pointed out that she probably didn't have any photos having lost them in the floods. That just hit me like a ton of bricks. I know she lost a toddler grandchild to a horrible accident a few years ago and can't help but wonder if she even has a photo of her. So many flooded and lost all. Her children flooded as well. Last night when we went back to her home I overheard her thank someone for the compliments on the bookcase but that sadly most of the wicker boxes in the bottom were empty. She used them for decor because she has nothing to fill them. Its been 13 months now. Sometimes things are just things but many times they are more than that.
  8. As one of the few that didn't flood in our area last year in Louisiana, I remember how happy I was that we were spared, devastated for our friends, guilt ridden as to why them and not us, and just emotionally raw and spent. There is no person left unscathed by a disaster such as this. Sadly the weeks after the flood were just as difficult but in a different way. We worked nonstop trying to help those that flooded whether that meant by repairing the damage, housing, or feeding them. Yet in all of this disaster and hardship, I also look back at it as a time of great humanity. People didn't care whether you were poor or rich, your race, political views or education level. You were human and that is all that mattered. Everyone helped everyone. When you felt you could go on no more there was someone willing to step in in whatever capacity you needed. It truly was miraculous. I have typed this so many times and deleted because I just can't seem to write what my heart feels. Just know we are praying and many here in Louisiana are already starting to help in various ways. Edited to add... I quoted you because you seem to feel as we did then when we were one of the lucky ones. My post is truly meant for all Texans.
  9. We used a colander to show the crescent shapes on the driveway too. Then we used the colander to shine the light on my kid's faces (eyes closed and turned away from sun), arms and legs. We took great photos of it which I converted to black and white. These are some of my favorite shots of the kids. Definitely a day to remember.
  10. My son totally freaked out about the eclipse this week. He is going through a stage of being super afraid of things. We finally calmed him and today in school we discussed making pinhole camera boxes to view the eclipse. He watched the video and then in a very matter of fact tone stated, "I'm not going first. " Fast forward to building the pinhole boxes. Doesn't bode well for us that we are building a safer way to look at the eclipse so we don't go blind but have an accident doing so. LOL. My teen was taping her box and got the tape crinkled. Trying to fix the tape she somehow dislodged it causing it to shoot through the air skipping over her two other siblings and landing on the top of my son's head. He immediately reached up and tried to remove it but it became more tangled. My 11 yr old daughter proceeded to "help" with him screaming don't jerk it. She wasn't getting anywhere and I was tired of all the tomfoolery so I called him to my side so mom could help. Before my daughters could stop him, I reached over and with one swift jerk dislodged the tape along with just a wee bit of hair. Did I mention my daughters don't let me do their hair cause I am so impatient with it. In the end we have three beautifully made boxes, one sun phobic son with just a small patch of balding, and the high hopes that nobody goes blind. Yep, I am slaying this mommy and homeschooling day.
  11. When we lived in a small town in MS, we didn't lock our doors either. Matter of fact one night we stayed away from home last minute and we returned the next day finding our back door wide open. My dh remembered going out of it to go to the small country store at our back property before we left. Nothing was missing so it must have been him. I am not saying it is wise but we did that for years without any worry. Now we lock all doors and windows both when in MS and here in LA. Just not worth the risk.
  12. Well that would eliminate the idea of the alternate timeline. So we are again back at the mom doing something she probably shouldn't have and is paying the ultimate price for it. I will not judge her harshly for it because I have done things that could have went horribly wrong. Ultimately his death is on the ones that shot him, not her. The fact that they chose to shoot him rather than put him out just baffles me. Why? I cannot wrap my head around it which is part of the reason why I somewhat wanted to believe the shooting was accidental. Oh and ChocolateReign , can you check your messages?
  13. Edited because I don't want to be seen as unkind by posting the alternate idea of how this happened. Time will tell if the mom and child was in wrong place at wrong time or if those "family members" posting online were correct in how it happened.
  14. I haven't read all the replies but I did want to add that I read in a very detailed news article this morning that the mom reported the car stolen first but didn't mention that her son was in the car. It is unsure exactly when she finally reported the child in the car but it appears the police immediately issued an Amber Alert which was 2 hours later. From the article it definitely implied that the mom didn't report until hours later but they didn't quote the police as saying so. I cannot fathom that detail being left out when you make the original report. Why? It was 7 hours later the car was found with the boy dead. So those two hours could have been important. If you read some of the social media comments, which taken with a grain of salt, there are other suggestions as to how this happened. I hesitate to post them because they aren't verified but in a way they seem more plausible than not reporting your child missing with the car instantly.
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