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  1. We are doing the Engine 2 diet here. We are on week 2. Dh has lost 7 lbs so far. Good luck in your weight loss journey.
  2. I would be prepared to catch my own baby or have my dh catch the little one. It sounds like you are lucky. Very few of us have midwives in hospital settings. It could have been the nurses didn't think you were as far as you were and told her she didn't need to rush. Since she is in a hospital setting she is more like a doctor in her practice. A homebirth midwife would have fewer clients and come out and probably stay till the baby came. But you had another provider check in on you and nurses so there was no reason to get the midwife there till delivery time.
  3. We use Altrua Healthshare. It has worked well for our family, we are healthy but it does cover things if needed. I have only used it for maternity. It is $206 for my boys and me. If they do apply please pm me for my name as I get a small bonus for referrals.
  4. Like somebody else asked are you taking progesterone? I took an OTC one that was natural on my last pregnancy, and will on future pregnancies as well. Maybe it was a placebo effect but it made me feel less scared I would love another little one as my track record and 50/50. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: Hang in there. Sticky baby dust.
  5. :grouphug::grouphug: If it helps would you like my story. I homeschooled in high school. I saw kids from church everyday. (early morning seminary), and my homeschool friends everyday (choir, basketball games, bowling, cheer practice, basketball games.) But I also spent lots of time with my little brother who was closest in age. Point was I was around kids on a daily basis but even then my best friends weren't in either group really. I had other friends that I related to better even though I didn't see them as often. At the end of my day my best friend was my little brother and I wouldn't trade that for the world. I really wouldn't. I am so glad I had that time with him and that we were close. Yes we socialize and make sure my kids have some friends, with scouts, church and play dates, but if at the end of my homeschooling career their best friends are siblings, I will be so happy. Yes it is hard going though it, I remember more than one crying episode, but really looking back I will be forever grateful to my parents for homeschooling in the 90's and giving me time with my brother.
  6. I have concrete stained floors can I weigh in my 2 cents? If you go with the concrete do not put a polyurethane coating on it. You want to wax it. Otherwise you get white streaks from chairs and then strip and wax it never being truly happy with it. We went dark...bad idea, white gravel and a light colored dog makes us have dirty looking floors 95% of the time. Have fund choosing a flooring option. My parents have tile in the living areas and I really like it. Truth be told I long for a carpeted room but with kids and pets won't be having carpet anytime soon.
  7. Avoiding the boards so I just saw this. Will be praying for you. My friend just gave birth to a baby that she had its of spotting with and was to lose. Hang in there.
  8. Ask her what she misses. Maybe she just wants a backpack and a lunch box packed with stuff. My kids wanted to ride on the bus. Make sure she sees the bus when it passes in the afternoon. My kids would be gone from 7 till 4. And by that time we have done school and are playing. ;)
  9. Y'all are a hoot. For the record, TN is southern. I moved from St. Louis to Memphis and went into culture shock as a teen. I had to relearn everything. Y'all not, you guys. Miss (first name of adult) Ma'am and Sir Coke not Soda I was called a Yankee. And yes Tennessee chose to fight for the Confederate states in the civil war and as far as some were concerned the civil war was still going strong. Now I am fixin' to go eat some breakfast.
  10. I can't vote till they announce the new kindles...
  11. Use Instead if she really wants some TeA on her wedding night, or try TeA in the shower. Stay away from herbs.
  12. Sonlight does have the markable map it folds up to 8 1/2 by 11 when not in use so there is a little bit of a gape between the sheets of just laminating.
  13. Enjoy it, before long she will driving herself there. As for me I have 4 years before it starts. If we are still here we are 30 minutes from the chapel and have the option of doing homestudy seminary. :)
  14. Cops were called on us a newlyweds too. Thankfully I answered the door and my husband was right there and they realized it wasn't us but that we had heard our neighbors. They were out walking and the cops instantly recognized them and went to chat with them instead.
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