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  1. Very sweet. I love to see these young men breaking stereotypes.
  2. I buy the Linkyo (?) ones that are the SuperMediaStore house brand and have never had a problem. I get the extended copy ones (4,000 vs 2,000 pages) and they last forever. I have no idea how many actual pages I get out of one but I probably only order once a year and we do a pretty good amount of printing.
  3. Lit2Go has some good ones. Our favorites for listening in the car are read by Lorraine Montgomery. http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/
  4. We have a garden sprayer (the kind you pump to spray fertilizer and such, though they've never been used for that) for each team for lax tournament season. We replenish them with the water from the ice that's melted in the coolers. Usually, one of the parents will also furnish a bench tent, so the kids can be in the shade a bit while they're rotated off the field. In extreme weather during regular season (we went from sideways snow to frying hot) we shorten playing time. Otherwise, we haul out everything we can to keep them warm/cool.
  5. Terrorists have a cause. McVeigh had a message. He was trying to cause change by force and fear. This guy decided to kill some people. What message is being conveyed? What change did he expect (in his crazy ass little brain)? Is there any coercion by fear implied in a one off mass murder? This was a bigot with a gun. (In case it's not obvious, I am not in favor of terrorism. But not every horrific act falls under that header.)
  6. I feel like "terrorist" unduly elevates him and his act of violence. It implies he has a larger point and support (of others) for his actions. Murderer works quite well for me.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Anti-government and white supremacy seem like close companions in my experience. Truck nuts. Lol. I almost drove into the truck wearing them the first time I saw them because I could NOT figure out what unfortunate looking thing that I took to be a wiring/tow hitch dongle was meant to be. All the other times, they've just been vulgar.
  8. And yet, we hear every year how offensive and "war on Christmas" the "happy holidays" wish is when authentically offered in a very casual atmosphere when, really, the cashier at the grocery store might mean to include Christmas and New Year, since they're a week apart. Or that there are many Christian observances that fall on either side of Christmas... My point being that it is not about the wisher, but about the recipient of the wish in that instance, so maybe we could respect the recipient of wishes when it is much more personal.
  9. Very good point. There was a case study in my nonprofit management text book about a longtime volunteer promoted to a paid volunteer coordinator position with a similar sort of interactive attitude. (Obviously, not in a positive way) The leadership should be made aware of the situation so they can do some remediation before they lose the volunteer base entirely.
  10. Murdoch Mysteries, Orphan Black... There are others I've watched occasionally but honestly can't remember the names until I see them. Which is not to say they're not good enough to remember, but I watch via AcornTV which is all BBC/CBC* so I might watch a season and not see anything until the next season is released. *not OB. That's on Netflix.
  11. This. And I usually ask myself how much that thing would really mean to me, and how much I would change my life to have it. The answer is usually shockingly little.
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